You don’t know who you are – How to find yourself

Once you start to conquer and find yourself, you need a mission to follow. Something you deeply want to achieve or obtain. Not just quitting the 9-5. But chances are high, you don’t even know what that is, and who you are. So it is time to find yourself.

This is a key part in getting closer to the conqueror in you. You cannot improve if you don’t know in what direction.

If you’re a young guy, with no girlfriend, wife, kids, etc. I would recommend you save a bit of money and go out in the wilderness for a month. I am dead serious. Be alone with yourself. Absent from all the distractions of porn, social media, and fake news. Just you and yourself.

It might feel lonely. But this will truly show you, who you are.

The real-life version for people with responsibilities

The following might also be important if you already have been off for a month.

If you are like me, and you have or had responsibilities when you woke up and started to make something of yourself, you can’t just go out into the woods and chill for a month. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It just takes a little longer.

What you do is this: Start something that you think is your thing.

Along the path, you will realize, it truly isn’t what makes you go. What feeds your flame. What enlightens your passion. And then you switch it up and try something new. Too abstract? See my journey.

My path to myself

See, when I realized that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be, I started the first thing that came to mind. Back then, this was cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin. I didn’t really enjoy the financial markets at all. But I thought I could make a ton of money from it. (And I did).

Back then, I also thought that money is the most important thing to obtain. Well, we’ve all been there, right? If your current goal is to make a million bucks, fine. Go with it. It’s better to be unhappy in a Mercedes, than under a bridge.

So I tried to do trading Bitcoin and Altcoins. I tried to stake them (passive income). I was also on Twitter all the time, and everyone and their mother had an email list. So I did that as well. I made an info-product out of my half-arsed knowledge, etc.

I tried it all.


However, I realized, I didn’t really enjoy it. Due to my new-found mindset, I kept pushing it. Which is good. You should always go all the way, and don’t just stop after two weeks. Put in months, even years, before you see anything and decide.

Finding the right path isn’t easy. It’s a constant balancing act. Value your time.

But sometimes, you don’t need that long, you just realize, you don’t even like doing it. So I did something else.

I started a blog about cryptocurrencies. I started a Youtube Channel about that as well. And I wrote a full-fledged book. I deleted all of it, except the book, which I am still selling here because there’s a year of research in that, and it helped a ton of people make money with crypto, so why kick it?

Anyway, that didn’t cut it either.

find yourself by finding success. Learn how

Finding myself

While I was reading and watching more and more stuff about masculinity, mankind, relationships, and the meaning of life, I realized, that this financial markets thing is shallow as hell. I pretty much stopped caring about becoming a millionaire. I wanted my life to have meaning.

Your legacy is not how much currency you had in your bank while you died. It is how meaningful your name was to other people.

The conqueror

You probably feel the same about money. And if you don’t do so, yet, that feeling will eventually hit you. I realized that I always loved writing. Hence why I had that blog, and I was writing a book. I truly enjoyed being creative with words. I was just on the wrong topic.

That’s when I started writing my first ever novel about society and a loser beta male being forced to become a real man. That book is really just about me.

And I started this blog, and the Youtube channel to help you, and other people conquer themselves. Just like I did.

Other things I also did? Started a Webdesign company. Started drawing and designing logos. I was looking into dropshipping. All kinds of bullshit.

What to take from this?

Already realized what you have to do? SOMETHING. To find yourself you need to START. Anything. It doesn’t fucking matter. It took me over a year of doing shit I don’t care too much about to one day have that “duh” moment. The moment where I realized that what I truly enjoy is writing. Like this blog post. Writing words and moving people is what makes me happy. It keeps me going. I don’t need motivation to do it. I am passionate about it.

Even though I loved writing way too long comments on Facebook and Twitter, it never crossed my mind, that the process of writing is actually what I enjoy. This is the key: I didn’t even know what I liked.

I thought I loved Videogames. That’s where I spent most of my free time. Now? I haven’t touched a game in months. I much rather write my books. It flows out of me.

I embraced the Ascendant. You might have already realized, that the picture of the conqueror in my mind constantly changed. And still does.

The path to find yourself

And that’s what you have to do. Right now, you might be completely wrong about what you truly love. What just comes out of you naturally. Unless you have time to meditate for a month in the woods, I tell you, just start something.

Whatever comes to your mind right now. Writing books, or a blog. Making Youtube clips. Making Music. Become a professional trainer at a gym. Start your own business. It doesn’t fucking matter. Just. Start.

Finding yourself isn’t done in a week. It’s a process of years.

And along the way, you will adjust. Realize that some things don’t flow with you, and drop them, or outsource them. The best thing, along the lines you will obtain some other skills, that may or may not be helpful. And when you finally find your passion and start what you love, you already have a skill set that is worth something.

And then you will conquer the world.

–Alexander Reich

Did you find yourself already? Have any tips for the other Ascendants on how to do it? Let me know in the comments!

A little help

The best way to set your mind up properly is by challenging yourself for the next 90 days. If you can master this challenge, everything else will be easy. This challenge won’t be. Hence why you will come out as another person.

The live intentionally book cover. A 90 day self-project to become a masculine man and find yourself.
This is a tough one. Master this challenge and everything else will be easy.

I did it as well. Trust me, it won’t be easy. But very worth it. Make a proper man out of yourself.

Alexander Reich

Alexander Reich is an author, gym-nut, and entrepreneur. Now he is passionately seeking mastery of the mind and his marriage. He shares his secrets with other men, so they can learn from his mistakes.