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Welcome to SELFCONQUERING, where I hand you the keys to reality and teach you how to develop your masculinity, mindset, and how to deal with life.

I will teach you how to design the life of your dreams.

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The Best Articles On Masculinity

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How To Be An Alpha Male

How To Be An Alpha Male(Free Download)If you’re reading these words, you’re probably searching for more masculinity.How to be “more of a man.”But not the bullshit society has told you for years, which doesn’t work. You want to be a real warrior.An Alpha Male.Lucky you!Type in your email below and get an easy to implement

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WOMEN! Beautiful creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes breathtaking in a way that shuts down all circuitry in your brain so it only focuses on one thing: Sex. However, despite being beautiful, they are also mysterious. They act weird, even irritating. Worse, they can be really annoying. They make no sense at all, and never do what

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Weaponized Sex – Feminisms Assault on Women is a book by the great Jack Peach on our beloved self-improvement corner of Twitter. This book has the capacity to set the world right again. If it would be mandatory reading in schools, relationships would finally be happy again, marriages would last, divorce would be minimalized, and

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Live a traditional lifestyle if you want to have a traditional love-life. I get asked a lot about how to be more masculine. And if you think about it, this question is kind of weird. Men are literally asking other men how to be more manly. Back in the days, this question would’ve probably resulted

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If you follow me, you probably also follow PathToManliness on Twitter and read his blog. The man behind that account is called Ryan Felman and is a good friend of mine for some time now. And while we all know what his blog is trying to do, we don’t really know who is PathToManliness? Who

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David Deida’s The Way of the Superior man is over 20 years old but still considered up-to-date, and a classic. The way he connects the dots between male and female in a spiritual context, sex, submission, and dominance is something special, nobody has achieved so far. Hence why I decided to put some of the

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What is masculinity? The quick answer is to say a man. However, I believe it goes much deeper than that. Just because you are a male does not make you masculine. Females can be masculine also, especially when there is no masculine leader to keep the female in check. Think about that for a moment,

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The Best Articles On Mindset

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Free SUPERSPARTAN Mindset download

HATE YOUR CLUTTERED MIND? Use Proven Mindset Rules!Get access to 10 EASY rules to straighten your mind and focus it on success! Print it out, read it every day, and win. It’s that easy!✔️ Easy to implement, guaranteed success if you stick with it!✔️ Proven mindset rules which have helped hundreds of men!✔️ Declutter your

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“Whatever we plant into our subconscious and seed with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.” –Earl Nightingale Your subconscious has supreme power over you and your life. From the food you eat over the habits you engage in everyday, to where your life is heading. Every single action in your life is directed

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To develop discipline is very important if you want to achieve anything in life. Be it with your business, with women, or conquering yourself. Especially when conquering yourself. People don’t naturally have good or bad discipline. It is developed. Some grew up in an environment where this naturally was important to develop. But you can

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The famous Elon Musk said there are a few arguments for the fact that we are living in a simulation. So did Scott Adams in his book “Win Bigly” which I highly recommend to anyone. However, this intrigued me and had me asking this same question, “are we living in a simulation?” So I went

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When the China Virus hit the world, I saw this lady on Twitter who tweeted that the quarantine made her realize she has no hobbies other than partying and spending money.  And how it was pathetic (I agree).  400,000 likes on that tweet. And in the comments, people are saying they wish they could like

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If you imagine yourself like a videogame character you control, you can achieve anything in life. “How to find happiness despite the suffering of life?” “How to change your life to meet your expectations?” “How to develop a resilient mindset to the shit life is constantly throwing?” These are the questions I constantly get from

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A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your life. You wouldn’t be here, if you didn’t feel the need to get control over the mess your life currently is. Don’t worry, I am here to help. This checklist will bring order back into

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The Best Articles On Relationships

Society constantly makes fun of marriage. These days, living in this very fucked up culture means, that you hook up with multiple people, sometimes at once. You don’t truly commit to anyone. And even if you decide to go for a relationship, you might end up as a cuckold, watching your girl get shafted by

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Let me guess, you’re married for some years, you love your wife, but sex just isn’t as hot anymore as it was, right? You still want her, but she seems so distant. If sex happens, which it does rarely, it’s just missionary. You don’t even know how a blowjob feels like anymore. Did I picture

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Never ask a woman why she doesn’t want sex, she doesn’t know. You see, we’ve been told for decades now that the basis of any great relationship is communication. “You need to communicate with your wife.” But this is bullshit. I am not saying you should never talk to her, but some forms of communication

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Wherever you are in your journey of bettering yourself, the easiest way to have more sex with your woman is to just be better in bed. So it’s time to learn how to be a sex god. With the sex god method summary. It’s simple, right? If she really enjoys the experience, she’s eager for

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The red pill has a bad reputation. Not just among women for having their secrets shared and “how to get them to do what you want”, but also because it makes a lot of men literally hate women, or at least very angry towards them. I have been in the red pill anger phase myself,

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When guys finally wake up to reality and go about fixing themselves, they tend to announce all that shit to their wives and girlfriends. And then they wonder why this backfires. I am gonna shed some light on this with a visual boobs example. Shut your trap I know how you are because I’ve been

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