Rise from the Ashes of Your Old Self.

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Alexander Graves

Do you want to UNRAVEL the FIRE in your SOUL to BOLDLY and authentically be the HERO of your own Story with PURPOSE, Spirituality, and Relationships?

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Alexander Graves

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Latin for, "The Fortune Favors the Bold."

CONQUER yourself to gain the power to CONQUER the world.


The best way to get REALLY deep insight into the topics I cover on SELFCONQUERING is via the YouTube Channel.

On there, I explain in-depth, and with practical advice HOW to conquer yourself, traps to avoid, mistakes I made in the process of getting abundance in all things.

Powerful relationships, how the masculine and feminine operate, tools and techniques to build a STRONG Mind, and Divine Spirituality to MANIFEST things into your reality.

Success Stories

Let's hear what other men who successfully CONQUERED themselves have to say.

Gerardo about the Conqueror's Forge.

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Fateh about the DIVINE Purpose Course.

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Who is Alexander Graves?

My Name is Alexander Graves, and over the past three years I completely CONQUERED myself. My mind, my body, my masculinity, my life.

I was barely making enough money, was bad with women and my own relationship, and was ridden with social anxiety, although faking it outwardly.

Through Spirituality I found the keys to ALL these issues!

This blog already helped thousands of men achieve everything they want by ENLIGHTENING the FIRE in their soul. By conquering themselves first. I cover everything from how to (correctly) handle relationships, sex, creating an unbreakable mindset, personal growth, spirituality, and what it means to raise your consciousness.

Accelerate your success! Maximize your life. Conquer EVERYTHING!

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What Chains do you want to Burst First?

We have to start somewhere. Choose below:


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My best articles on Masculinity

UNCHAIN yourself, fill that void in your soul. Find your inner SPIRITUAL ALPHA!

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Can’t Stop Thinking About Her? Here’s Your Key to Freedom

You’ve been through a breakup or even a divorce and now you can’t stop thinking of her. It doesn’t matter

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My best articles on Mindset

INVICTA. Latin for unconquerable. Create a mindset that isn't phazed by anything or anyone.

My best articles on Relationships

True love, passionate sex, and deep bonds aren't found in a partner. They are built. Learn how.



The Attachment Abolisher

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A proven blueprint to viciously DESTROY all emotional attachments you have. They ARE the reason why you DON'T have

  • The Loving relationship you deserve
  • The passionate sex you NEED
  • The means to live a free life (Money, ok?)
  • The peace of mind to ENJOY life
  • The Confidence in your own abilities

Inside you will learn

  • how emotional attachments even come into place
  • why they are so dangerous and the source of all your misery
  • how to eradicate external validation and be FULLY validated internally
  • why everything you chase eludes you
  • how to develop an abundance mindset
  • how to heal wounds of the past and why THIS is the absolute baseline for success (weird, right?)
  • how nothing is your fault... yeah, I mean that
  • how to deal with emotional blockages
  • how to build unfettered confidence and self-esteem
  • mindset techniques and traps to avoid
  • And much more... including a bonus module with tools for success...
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