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The Dark Reality

The Dark Reality is a series I started on Youtube to show you the cold, harsh, and brutal nature of reality.

No sugarcoating. No political correctness.

In this series, you learn why your life sucks right now, and what you have to do to fix it.

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Success Stories

Let's hear what other men who successfully CONQUERED themselves have to say.

Gerardo about the League of Shadows.

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Gerardo about the IMPETUS Course.

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Who is Alexander Graves?

My Name is Alexander Graves, and over the past three years I completely CONQUERED myself. My mind, my body, my masculinity, my life.

I was barely making enough money, was shit with women, and was ridden with social anxiety, although faking it outwardly.

Now, it couldn't be more different! You WILL achieve the same!

This blog already helped thousands of men achieve everything they want. By conquering themselves first. I cover everything from how to (correctly) handle women, sex, making money online, creating an unbreakable mindset, personal growth, spirituality, and what it means to be a man in a feminized society.

Accelerate your success! Maximize your life. Conquer EVERYTHING!

Alexander Graves

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What Chains do you want to Burst First?

We have to start somewhere. Choose below:

My best articles on Masculinity

UNCHAIN yourself, fill that void in your soul. Find your inner primal beast.

7 harsh truths your father should've told you

7 Harsh Truths Your Father Should’ve Told You

Most men don’t get the necessary, life-saving treatment these days. We live in a feminized society (as I explain here).

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rome building

150+ Latin words and phrases a man should know

Latin is a dead language, they say. Much like the great Empires of the past, it’s art (which language is

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old man looking in camera evolve or die

Evolve or Die

Parental advisory warning. This post will be tough! It is not what you hear in society. That it is totally

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My best articles on Mindset

INVICTA. Latin for unconquerable. Create a mindset that isn't phazed by anything or anyone.

Boat on a silent lake in front of huge mountain

The ridiculously easy declutter your life checklist

A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your

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Tattooed old man with t rex head using smartphone

How to not need external validation?

These days we are so concerned with “winning” at life, so we can post our new Mercedes on Instagram. But

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The Brutally Honest Iron Mind Review

How to create the life of your dreams in mere months? Mindset! You guys always ask me how to develop

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My best articles on Women and Relationships

The feminine will punish your weakness with ferocious force. Discover how to get from them what you want.

Shipwreck on beach twilight

Why you’re a drunk, sexless captain

This is a story of my own marriage and life, which also is a great metaphor to set your mind

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Muscular man and beautiful woman sex god method

The Sex God Method Summary (How to have amazing sex)

Wherever you are in your journey of bettering yourself, the easiest way to have more sex with your woman is

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Beautiful young couple is having fun in kitchen at home.

The 10 keys of female sexuality: an honest guide

I already covered in the masculinity superguide how society constantly lied to you about what women want. But especially in

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The Newest Book

Bestseller on Day 1!

The Unchained Man - 14 Radical Traits to escape and Enslaved Society of sheep

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A radical and proven blueprint to escape the chains of a dark society.
If you want to live life as a free man, this is your guide. Be careful, the truth does not care about ideologies. It is a dark path to freedom.

Inside you will learn how to:

  • understand the dark fabrics of reality and especially the current society
  • use that information to your advantage by finally freeing your mind
  • make money online, run it from everywhere in the world, and why the traditional corporate job has no future for you
  • avoid beginner mistakes most are making when starting online
  • start a profitable blog, how to do affiliate marketing, how to do dropshipping, and more
  • scale your online business so it works almost on its own
  • develop an unbreakable resilient mind
  • remove mental blocks that stop you from achieving
  • be more confident
  • dramatically improve your dating and sex-life
  • design the life you always wanted.
  • And much more...
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Download my eBook "The King's Gambit" and discover how a KING rules his life and how you can BUILT your own life EASILY with these mindset techniques!

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