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How? It all lives under the mantra of SHE'LL START SUCKING WHEN YOU STOP SUCKING. This is not a pickup-artist blog, there are enough of these out there. Here we create (and re-create) great relationships and marriages, help you fix your mindset, spirituality, and generally help you enjoy and win at life.

Some call me a sexist pig, some call me a con-artist. Others say I've changed their life forever. Decide for yourself.


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A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your life. You wouldn’t be here, if you didn’t feel the need to get control over the mess your life currently is. Don’t worry, I am here to help. This checklist will bring order back into

I have talked about porn a lot and how it is bad for you, especially in this article here. However, whenever I say that not masturbating (NoFap) makes you successful, people look at me with weird eyes. What does not rubbing one out have to do with business? And how does NoFap make you successful?

Never ask a woman why she doesn’t want sex, she doesn’t know. You see, we’ve been told for decades now that the basis of any great relationship is communication. “You need to communicate with your wife.” But this is bullshit. Now, I am not saying you should never talk to her, but some forms of

Testosterone is the manliness hormone. And the math is true, the more Testosterone you have, the more manly you are. In your looks, physique, and behavior as well. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that men everywhere are searching for ways to increase their T levels. Especially, since it has been on the decline

Doesn’t matter if you start an online business or a personal transformation, most people will try to be perfect at what they set out to do. Some more, some less, but you try to get the best thing possible. And that’s a fallacy. Trying to be perfect is actually a drawback. Perfection is the enemy

On this blog, I am trying to teach you a lot of ways to better yourself. To become a better man. Some go into that covert contract of bettering themselves, so their wives start putting out again, some just want to be better and let happen, what happens (or not). But wherever you are in

You probably came across that term of “binaural beats” when scrolling Youtube while you’ve been procrastinating. Or if you were searching for meditative music. However, the term is often misused. Find out what binaural beats really are, and how I biohack my brain to be productive with the brain.fm app. Important note: At the end