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Some call me a sexist pig, some call me a con-artist. Others say I’ve changed their life forever. Decide for yourself.

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Do binaural beats really work?

You probably came across that term of “binaural beats” when scrolling Youtube while you’ve been procrastinating. Or if you were searching for meditative music. However, the term is often misused. Find out what binaural beats really are, and how I biohack my brain to be productive with the app.

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the matrix red pill blue pill morpheus

The Matrix is real – But not how you think it is

THE MATRIX ISRAEL. I like that joke, although it’s stupid. Anyway, depending on your age, you might not even know what I am on about. The Matrix is from 1999, but this movie set standards for movies to this very day. Not only was it the first-ever movie to use

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How to be verbally assertive (WISNIFG summary)

If you want to win in life, you need to be able to put your thoughts and your wishes out in a manner for people to understand, and most importantly, to be more likely to get you what you want. This is called being assertive. There are a ton of

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How to kill your ego the right way

We all are driven by our ego to do things. But if you truly want to be happy and successful in life, you need to kill your ego. Technically, you will never fully kill it, you need to kill the wrong part of it. Because that ego is the enemy

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How to love women while being redpilled

The red pill has a bad reputation. Not just among women for having their secrets shared and “how to get them to do what you want”, but also because it makes a lot of men literally hate women, or at least very angry towards them. I have been in the

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Become a real man – the 90 day self-project

You probably came across this book a bunch of times on my blog. Yes, I am an affiliate for it. Which means I get a commission when you buy it, no, this isn’t a sales pitch. This post will solely be a review of the book and my journey with

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The slutty beauty and the beast

Cinderella doesn’t swallow

This post will basically be the red pill for women. Because, just like men, women have been lied to their whole life. By the media, pop culture, and probably their parents as well. They all grew up with the image of just twirling their hair a little bit and prince

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