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The Best Articles On Masculinity

Hot young blonde woman in red lingerie lying on bed

How porn kills success – and how to quit it

As someone who was addicted to this shit for years, this is near and dear to my heart. Porn is your biggest issue. But you

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Huge muscular man loaded with testosterone in the gym

5 proven ways to naturally increase testosterone

Everyone wants to know how to naturally increase testosterone. It is the manliness hormone. And the math is true, the more Testosterone you have, the

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Succubus female sexy big boobs hot lingerie

The succubus female – the demon sucking out your life force

The succubus female is an archetype you may be familiar with from your porn addiction or video games. But they do exist in real life,

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Alpha male telling obese person his opinion is worthless

10 ways to gain Alpha male body language

Did you ever see this (great) meme? Made me laugh like crazy the first time, probably because I am an asshole. Or am I? Your

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An emperor on a horse with his servant

How we lie to our men – Part I, true masculinity

Over the years, this society became more and more feminine. Masculinity is on a mad drop. What are the results? Sexless marriages, communism on the

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A beautiful male lion confidence

How to command respect (and why)

“Respect is everything.” Remember this quote? It was the slogan for the old game Grand Theft Auto 2. I think it was the second iteration.

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The Best Articles On Women And Sex

Hot bride with big boobs in wedding lingerie waiting

Should you get married as a man in 2020?

Society constantly makes fun of marriage. These days, living in this very fucked up culture means, that you hook up with multiple people, sometimes at

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Hot blonde bride in sexy wedding lingerie hot ass

The ultimate guide to re-igniting your married sex-life – 6 easy stages

We’ve been told it’s normal for married sex-life to go down, right? If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, chances are high that sex

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The Rational Male book summary with a glenfiddich whiskey

Book summary: The Rational Male

Even though the “Manosphere” and the “red pill space” have made a joke of themselves in the last years, Rollo Tomassi’s The Rational Male is

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A woman with beautiful eyes looking into the camera

Why you have the woman you deserve

You probably don’t have as much sex as you want. And you have a bit of resentment towards the other person. Your annoyed more than

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Super hot blonde woman with angel wings

Are women human? On un-divining women

This might be the most important post on this blog. Because a whole lot of men (my older self included) do all kinds of shit

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The Best Articles On Mindset

A confident lion looking into the camera

Finding yourself in a degenerate world of simps?

Finding yourself has always been the goal for man. Who are you really? The person you display, is that who you really are? Or the

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Boat on a silent lake in front of huge mountain

The ridiculously easy declutter your life checklist

A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your life. You wouldn’t be here,

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Handsome man in a suit with glasses

How to kill your ego the right way

We all are driven by our ego to do things. But if you truly want to be happy and successful in life, you need to

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Handsome wealthy man on a boat

Living with intention – 4 easy steps to design a winner’s life!

Live intentionally – a 90-day self-project. Since one of my biggest goals is living with intention, this book hit home! It’s probably THE book that

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How you can build 3 pillars to gain unbreakable confidence

There is a lot of talk about confidence. How to gain it, what it really is, and quite frankly in this weak-ass society we talk

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Why you will never retire unless you find a winning way out

This blogs’ slogan is “Hardship is the key to your soul.” and in that short line lies a lot of information. But it’s not just

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