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Recommended self-improvement resources

On this page I recommend some other great blogs and websites which will help you on your journey to become a man, get jacked, get laid, or whatever your toxic masculinity is seeking.

Masculine development

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My good friend Jon Anthony’s very successful blog. He makes $15k/month with this blog, has laid 15 girls from Tinder in one week, and is fucking jacked.

So if you want to learn how to get laid, how to get truly jacked, or need some more info about masculinity or mindset, he has you covered.

A true red pill blog. Check it out.


The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

SelfGrowth.com is one of the biggest websites on Self Improvement out there. It has over 400,000 articles on any category about fixing yourself and winning at life you can imagine.

Doesn’t matter what issue you have, on SelfGrowth.com you will definitely find a solution. Definitely check it out! (Click here to open a new window on Self Growth)


PathToManliness Logo

The blog of my good friend Ryan. You may have come across one or more of his books I have promoted on my blog. Reclaim your Manhood for example.

His blogs focus lies on masculinity, and how to be a man in this soft society.

Head over here.


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I am sure you came across this guy before. I recommend his book Live Intentionally a lot on my blog. He also helped me a ton when growing my Twitter.

His blog is a general winning approach to life. What you need to know, how to make money, how to be successful, how to be enjoying this life. Over 150k followers strong on Twitter, he knows his trade.

Find his blog here.

Perfect Manifesto

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Perfect Manifesto is based on the belief everyone has the potential to be better than yesterday.

Sharing experiences on fatherhood, health and self-improvement, Perfect Manifesto drives to inspire a culture of lifelong development.

Find it here.

Birth of Clarity

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Birth of Clarity specialises in CARM (Clarity, Addiction, Recovery and Mindset) content. Offering advice, guidance and support across multiple platforms, based upon personal experiences of overcoming addictions and helping others with their struggles.

Look out for views on current events and modern trends & cultures that aim to usher in the Birth of Charity whilst putting Death to Chaos.

You can find links to all Birth of Clarity content here: birthofclarity.com

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