My website isn't the only source of greatness and success for men. There are many other great guys doing God's work in helping you to achieve what you want.

Below you find the websites I frequently use to further my own wisdom and success.

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Masculine Development

My good friend Jon Anthony’s very successful blog. He makes $15k/month with this blog, has laid 15 girls from Tinder in one week, and is fucking jacked.

So if you want to learn how to get laid, how to get truly jacked, or need some more info about masculinity or mindset, he has you covered.

A true success blog. Check it out.

PathToManliness Logo

Path To Manliness

The blog of my good friend Ryan. You may have come across one or more of his books I have promoted on my blog. Reclaim your Manhood for example.

His blogs focus lies on masculinity, and how to be a man in this soft society.

Head over here. logo png

SelfGrowth is one of the biggest websites on Self Improvement out there. It has over 400,000 articles on any category about fixing yourself and winning at life you can imagine.

Doesn't matter what issue you have, on you will definitely find a solution. Definitely check it out! (Click here to open a new window on Self Growth)

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