Why am I on this blog?

Why am I on this blog?

If you’ve surfed through SELFCONQUERING for a bit, you might have encountered our great leader a bunch of times. The conqueror. But who is he and what is all of this blog actually about? If you don’t care about any of this, then

Image of our great leader the conqueror.
The conqueror blesses us with his teachings on all posts.

The first (quite short) post you need to read if you want to understand this blog is this one: The three soldiers of yourself.

One of which is the conqueror himself. But I will share how this blog came about, and what its purpose is for you, and young men out there. Plus the best posts to start out.

A life of purpose

My Name is Alexander Reich and I was a Nice Guy. A loser, bullied in school, social anxiety, semi-successful in a lame corporate job, and shit with women.

But it didn’t seem like it. I had a bunch of friends, was going to clubs, was working in IT, making decent bucks, and I had a wife. So where was the loser part?

I wasn’t a man. A conqueror. A force to be reckoned with. Having a dick, and looking somewhat manly was the only indicator of masculinity. But there is so much more to it.

I probably pictured you right now. Or perhaps a former self that still haunts you. And that’s why you are here. I managed to turn my life around. Do what I truly enjoy, making money from it, having a great relationship with lots of sex that I like (key part), and best of all; I can help young men like you become the same.

genghis khan on his throne

You’ve lost yourself

Chances are, you lost your connection to your manliness. Your masculinity. Which is most likely the root cause for all the issues. But it’s not so easy to get back with yourself. To become an integrated man. It might also mean, burning off a good chunk of deadwood, and in the worst case, lose people around you.

Conqueror! Please enlighten us once more!

A man knows that no person will stand up for his needs, other than himself.

The conqueror

Thank you, great leader. This is a key lesson I had to learn. Nobody gives a damn about your needs unless you mouth them, and you act upon them. Be it simple things like your sexual fetishes, or a movie you want to watch but nobody else of your friends. If you don’t stand up for your needs, nobody else will.

You probably didn’t do that for quite a while. Hence why your soul left you. Your inner soldier turned his back against you because he was suppressed for so long.

Free him! He will fight along your side, while you conquer the walls of conditioning society put in your head. He will be with you if the enemy of porn struck you down once more. This man will stand with you when the evil monster of anxiety creeps up your troops and decimates your battle plans.

He will be with you when you conquer yourself.

And I’ll be with you, to set you two up properly. See me as a digital mentor.

And you’re best advised to have a workbook by your side.

How to conquer yourself

This blog contains a whole lot of posts about different topics. Life, the mind, women, sex, money, everything. But it’s not some cosmopolitan magazine sugarcoated bullshit. I put my own soul into this blog. Most of it is solely from my own experience! My own feelings, and how I overcame those issues. It goes pretty deep sometimes…

It is a real-life experience.

A true man knows all his strengths. And all his weaknesses.

The conqueror

Oh, holy conqueror! Thank you for your insight! I am still an ascendant. Which is the key part you need to realize. Even though I changed my life a whole lot for the better. I am still not where I can be. Learn more about this here.

But for now, let’s start with the training, my young mentee.

Below you find my personal collection of how to start conquering yourself. And this is how I would recommend it when I were to start out now. In that order. You can obviously read whichever post you like, but I think you need to set your mind straight first, hence why we start out with that.

If you want to have it all packed together, you can get the Own your shit, conquer life book I’ve written here.

A packed version of this blogs’ knowledge, plus more insight.

Also, you can find all the categories in the Navigation above or to the left.

If there are questions, or you need deeper information, feel free to contact me at any time. I am very active on Twitter, but I respond quicker via E-Mail (alex at selfconquering dot com).

Conquer the mind

Before you can conquer anything, you need to set up your mind properly. These are the first posts you need to read to win:

Conquer masculinity

This isn’t its own category on this blog, because each post is pretty much that. But I have a three-part essay that sums up what a real man is and how you’ve been lied to, your entire life.

Conquer the body

After you’ve set your mind straight, you need to conquer the physical. The body and the spirit are intertwined. Your flesh-vehicle needs to work properly, for your mind to win.

Conquer life

After you’ve set both things up, you now can attack life itself.

Conquer money

Money is just a tool. But an important one. You don’t need to be rich, but you need to be set up properly to not worry about it all the time. As the saying goes, “Lots of money doesn’t make you happy, but the lack of money can make you very unhappy.”

Conquer women

Now that you have yourself set up properly, you can try finding a woman to complement your life. Don’t go out hunting pussy, before you’ve set yourself up. Remember, you get someone else into your life, who has a bunch of issues themselves.

However, if you are already in a relationship, and need guidance, there are some articles as well.

Become the conqueror

Bear in mind, my young Ascendant, just reading all this stuff doesn’t cut it. You will need to put these things into action! Read through a bunch of the posts, and then apply some of the teachings. Don’t mentally masturbate over all the things you learned, this will only keep you literally masturbating. Put in the work!

And if you do, you will get better, learn more by your own experience. And then come back and check some other posts, and you will become a conqueror of your mind, life, money, and women.

You can find all the posts from this blog in the Archives.

If you want more daily info, check out my Twitter or my Youtube channel for moving pictures.

Conquer yourself actively

And the best way to do that is by fighting yourself for 90 days. Plus, this will help you find yourself in the process. But it really isn’t easy my friend, don’t kid yourself.

The live intentionally book cover. A 90 day self-project to become a masculine man.
Fight yourself for 90 days and truly discover who you are.

Get it here.

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