2021 Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic Review

If you want to have absolute focus, conquered brain fog, and brutal determination towards your goals, then you’re at the right spot.

In this Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic Review, I will precisely explain what is in the pills, and how it works when you take it. I have taken it for weeks to have a proper sample size, although the effects set in immediately.

There are many Nootropics out there. It’s the new thing to gain an edge. However, since I am a natural kind of guy, I was looking for one without Big Pharma involved. And here we are. The most natural, magnificently working mind-enhancement pill you can buy. And it’s very affordable on top!

What is the Mindseries Nootropic by TransparentLabs?

Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic review

The Mindseries Nootropic is a brain supplement recently released by TransparentLabs. They are mostly known for their fantastic Whey Protein and other workout- and preworkout supplements.

It’s a growing manufacturer based in the United States with an excellent reputation. All products on their website have tons of 5-star reviews and you rarely see anyone talk badly about it.

A testament to their natural ingredients and the quality of the products.

A Nootropic is a supplement for your brain. They are designed to increase focus, mental capacity, and overall wellbeing of your brain and what you do with it. It’s basically a supplement for workaholics like me.

However, if you have goals in your life, a divine purpose, things you want to achieve, then focus and determination are parts of the bridge that gets you there.

And Nootropics will help you achieve it.

The Mindseries Nootropic is designed to have your brain running at full capacity for longer periods of time. To get the maximum out of this thing you carry your consciousness around with.

Ingredients of the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic?

Transparentlabs mindseries nootropic ingredients

Due to modern-day marketing, many a men have been fooled to buy shitty products. The good thing about supplements is the fact that the ingredients have to be printed on the bottle. So you know exactly what you’re getting.

That is if you know what “L-Theanine” does. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what’s in the Nootropic. Here is the list.

L-Theanine – 200 mg

A pretty common amino acid in most nootropics. It is usually found in tea leaves and in small amounts in Bay Bolete mushrooms. Green or black tea also has this ingredient. It is used to prevent jitters, especially in combination with caffeine. And it is said it has a positive effect on alpha waves in the brain. These are designed to increase focus and attention.

SerinAid (20% Phosphatidylserine) – 400 mg

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance called phospholipid. It covers and protects brain cells and helps to carry the messages between them.

Humans build this naturally, but its amount decreases with age.

The SerinAid version is the purest and most potent one on the market today. It helps to reduce cortisol production (the stress hormone blocking connections) and it is said to improve the mood of the subjects.

This was discovered in this study by the University of Wales Swansea.

The Mindseries Nootropic uses 100 mg more than of this pure and very useful ingredient, so it really gets you going!

Cognizin Citicoline 300 mg

The modern human diet is lacking a ton of vital important ingredients. Citicoline is a Vitamin B that is severely lacking in said diets.

The Cognizin version is a patented form used by the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic. It’s a potent brain-health nutrient that’s been clinically tested to support attention and recall. On top of that, test-subjects have also experienced a two-fold increase in plasma levels of both choline and uridine for as long as 10 hours.

The Brain Institute in Utah also found that these two work together to synthesize the phospholipid I mentioned above which protects brain cells, increasing neuronal function and integrity. Plus working together in perfect synergy within the Mindseries Nootropic. Overall a fantastic addition.

Neurofactor Whole Coffee Fruit Extract 100mg

Neurofactor is an entirely pure whole coffee fruit concentrate and a peptide. It acts on neurons in the central nervous system to promote growth and myelination, thus supporting memory, focus, and mental acuity. Studies show that it increases the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) by over 140% in just an hour.

In other words, it helps to grow nerves and brain cells.

Lovely about this ingredient is that Transparentlabs used exactly the same amount as the study. 100mg. They didn’t just throw it into the pill so they can put it on the label. It is the correct dosage.

Huperzine A 100mg

Chinese medicine used this alkaloid for centuries as a mind enhancer. Modern-day medicine uses it to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Therefore, this ingredient improves memory and cognitive function.

What use is a focused brain if you can’t memorize important things? Therefore, this added ingredient works well in tandem with boosting your brain.

Other ingredients

The bottle states under other ingredients “Hypromellose capsule” which is just an easily digestible capsule and L-Leucine.

L-Leucine is an amino acid that helps with protein synthesis. It is basically necessary for the ingredients to work together, but has no other effect or side-effect outside of that.

Bioperine isn’t mentioned on the bottle but on the website. It is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit. This is used in many supplements, including the Ashwagandha pills I use. The only effect it has is to enhance the bioavailability of various supplements. In other words, it helps the body to absorb the ingredients properly.

The power-version of the nootropic

The Mindseries Nootropic comes in two variations. Stim and stim-free. The ingredients above are in both these versions. The following is only part of the stim version.

This variant is designed to not only give you focus, but also determination. Power and energy.

I had started with the stim-free version because I wanted to keep drinking coffee. Some people said they have issues drinking coffee and the stim version, becoming a bit jittery.

Personally, I cannot confirm this, but it’s important to keep in mind.

If you don’t drink much coffee, go with the stim version.

The only other ingredient seems to be Caffeine Anhydrous. It literally translates to “coffee without water.” It is basically coffee powder. In clean English, the stim version has coffee in it. This is exactly why if you drink a lot of coffee, the stim version might be too much.

Dosage of the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic

Recommended by Transparentlabs themselves is two capsules on an empty stomach once or twice a day. The capsules are quite large, so you definitely will need to swallow with water, or you’re just a machine.

Personally, I only take one a day. I have tried two a day once but didn’t really notice any considerable differences. This is, however, subjective. Test for yourself.

I also never took them twice a day. I only take a pill in the morning after getting up with coffee and water. This seems to do the trick well enough.

Price for the Mindseries Nootropic

transparentlabs mindseries nootropic website

One bottle is $44. Compared to other Nootropics, this is noticeable cheap.

Still, considering the dosage, one bottle lasts either for a month or two weeks. As mentioned, I only take one pill a day.

That said, if you go down the same route, that’s still $44 extra on your monthly expenses. Keep that in mind. If you don’t live in the states, consider shipping times and costs and buy in advance.

If you buy two bottles, you get a nice discount.

If you were to take two pills a day, simple math tells you it only lasts for two weeks. Order accordingly.

Get it here directly from the manufacturer.

My personal experience with the Mindseries Nootropic

transparentlabs mindseries nootropic container

I am usually pretty skeptical about these kind of mind-enhancing drugs. Solely because I think we just don’t understand the human brain well enough to create something like this.

The more I was surprised when I could notice immediate effects.

There is no flash or rush of cognition or any other Sci-Fi stuff. You feel as you always do. Just focused and determined. You have your tasks and you go about them. No jitter, no headaches, no delusional feeling.

Clarity. Focus. Calmness. Determination.

I always had trouble staying focused. This is one of my biggest issues. I always started too many things at once, was easily distracted. “Just checking Twitter for a second.” End up being on there for 20 minutes.

Not anymore. With the Mindseries Nootropic I get my task done. And then I do the next thing.

It was honestly surprising to me that a simple pill could have such an effect.

And the best part, I felt great while doing so.

You don’t become a bourgeois workaholic with this pill. You are laser-focused and powerfully determined, but you will feel great while doing so. Due to the SerinAid which improves the mood. You just enjoy doing what you are doing and that’s it.

Does the Mindseries Nootropic work immediately?

There are apparently Nootropics that take weeks before they unleash their power. You have to take it for a week before you notice something, and then it takes another weak to wear off.

Not the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic. This thing takes off immediately.

The first day you might not notice consciously what’s happening until the day is over and you accomplished a ton of your tasks with ease. The second day it clicks in your head. What’s exactly happening here.

So, yes. It does work right away. There is no easing-in phase, as well as no easing-out phase.

If you don’t take it in a day, you don’t have the positive effects. But also no negative effects.

You need to get something done that day? Take the pill in the morning and get it done. Give it up to an hour before it unleashes it’s force (drink enough water) and then WIN!

Does the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic have side-effects?


Considering that all ingredients are natural and not very intrusive, I would have been surprised if there were any side-effects. 

Personally, I was expecting some light headaches when getting off of it. But that didn’t happen. Also no jitter or feeling of “going crazy.”

You’re just calm and focused. That is all.

Prerequisites for taking the Nootropic

Except for the empty stomach mentioned on the container, there isn’t really any prerequisite.

However, if you really want to see the benefits of it, I need to make some discernments.

If your diet is complete shit, this won’t help. If you eat a ton of sugar, numbing your dopamine receptors and killing your cells, a natural Nootropic like this one will do nothing. And will most likely just be sucked up by the sugar.

If you still watch tons of porn, your brain fog will most likely not go away. This is not based on evidence or experience. This is my estimation. Porn numbs the dopamine receptors in your brain. The Mindseries Nootropic is supposed to enhance your brain cells and mental capacity.

This cannot work if the foundation isn’t set.

In conclusion, as with any Nootropic or peptide, get the basics set up first.

If you eat high-processed, sugary food, drink a ton of alcohol, and then try to improve your brain function with a Nootropic, that’s like putting a spoiler on a 50 horsepower Honda Civic. It doesn’t do shit.

It is a supplement. It even says it on the container. It is NOT a replacement for a healthy diet. It only adds to an already existing good lifestyle. Cement the foundation first.

Is it addictive?


At least not due to the ingredients. There is no addiction-inducing ingredient in the Nootropic.

You could technically get addicted to the ferociously awesome feeling of brutal determination. You might want to never give up that great feeling of being focused.

However, that is just a question of mindset and not really an addiction in the traditional sense.

The Nootropic is totally safe to take and it doesn’t damage your brain if you take it for a while or get off of it since it only has natural ingredients.

Should you take the Mindseries Nootropic?

transparentlabs mindseries nootropic container2

That depends.

Do you have a Divine Purpose

“Why is that important?”

A Nootropic only has an effect if you have something that requires brutal determination and laser-focus. Why would you need to be more focused on watching Netflix?

Therefore, here’s a list to see if you need this Nootropic:

  • Do you have a ton of tasks that you keep postponing?
  • Can you never finish a task without being distracted?
  • Do you have issues working on one specific thing for hours?
  • Do you want to be more productive without smoking crack?

Then the Transparentlabs Mindseries Nootropic is your supplement.

Not only because it is natural in its ingredients and thus easy on the body, but it also has zero side-effects. And you can jump on and off it on a daily basis.

Whenever you need laser-focus and ruthless momentum towards your Divine Purpose, pop a pill, and get it done.

This is why I give it 5 King Crowns! Fantastic Nootropic, which is also purely natural and has no side-effects. Can be started and stopped at any moment. Gives a King the right edge!

Men of the past have always used any sort of advantage they could’ve gotten. Are you trying to be “ethical” and win the game this way?

Loser mindset.

It is legal, it is natural, there are no side-effects, what exactly is unethical about it?

Get a boost for your mind and win!

Everyone else is using all kinds of supplements to succeed. Why not you? Especially without any side-effects?

Get it here and ruthlessly succeed towards your Divine Purpose!

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