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21 Things I Wish I Knew at 21

I’ll be turning 35 in about a month.

So I took time to reflect a bit on the lessons I learned over the last 10+ years.

21 was a deciding year as it is for many of us.

So I figured, I write down a list of 21 things I wished I knew at 21.

And I’ll give a bit of an insight why that is, but sometimes I leave it for you to figure out 😉

1. Nobody knows shit. Everyone is just winging life. Some just wing it better than others.

That’s a very liberating realization. Stop looking up to celebrities or envious to the Joneses.

Nobody knows what they’re doing.

And it’s usually MUCH worse than you think.

I mean, how much of your dirty laundry do YOU share with others?

2. You fare pretty well in life if you generally do the exact opposite of the majority.

3. Everyone is looking after themselves first and foremost. If you get the short-end, don’t fret. It wasn’t intentional.

It’s a survival mechanism.

We NEED to have our own needs met first, THEN we can look to others.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

4. Everything you learn in 13 years of school can be learned in 150 hours.

This is literally true.

The 13 years are not designed to educate.

They are designed to batter creativity out of you and make you a worker drone.

(Want to undo this programming, check this out)

5. You’re never done. There will never be a moment when everything is solved. Accept this and gain peace of life.

6. Nobody ever has time. People just take time according to their priorities.

7. How beneficial or detrimental social media is for you depends entirely on who you follow.

Curate your feeds.

Be very careful and ruthless with what you consume.

Unsubscribe most email letters, only keep a few (like mine 😉 )

Follow only positive and uplifting people.

What you consume, shapes your reality.

8. Stop building air castles by talking. Start building actual castles by doing.

I did this for the longest time.

Stop announcing your plans and goals.

Do them.

Work in silence.

Let results speak for themselves.

9. There is always someone ahead of you. You’re always ahead of someone. Learn from the former, teach the latter.

10. Sugar is as addictive as heroin. It’s in every food for a reason. Avoid like the plaque.

11. Go for a walk for at least 15 minutes every day. No exceptions.

I cannot overestimate how much of a difference this makes with your success.

The mind and body are a symbiont.

Get the mind going by getting the body going.

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12. 95% of your daily decisions are driven by the subconscious mind. Utilize that power.

I mean, I talk about  subliminal messaging  a lot, don’t I?

Finally start USING ALL the power you have within you.

13. Kill the God-Image of your parents. They have just as many flaws as you do and they acted to the best knowledge they had. Forgiveness is a sign of your love and maturity.

14. Men and women are different. Not better or worse. Just different.

15. Awareness alone is curative.

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16. Don’t make it about the teacher. Make it about the teaching.

17. Be wary of anyone who tries to shoehorn you into a certain being or behavior. Good teachers help you double down on your strengths.

As you know, I fell for this many times over.

Choose your gurus and mentors wisely.

If they try to change YOU, you lost.

If they try to change YOUR SUCCESS, you won.

18. “mortgage” is an old French term for “death pledge.”

19. How you start your morning decides what you receive all day.

Easy win: Set a reminder on your calendar/reminder app to smile for a minute each morning.


Big changes.

BIG changes await.

20. Slavery was never abolished, it just morphed from physical to mental.

21. Your loved ones don’t need presents. They need presence.

What are your biggest lessons from the past years and decades?

Let me know!

Let us all know and join the  Activated Life Community !


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