33 Rules for Freedom

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Freedom is based on understanding the brutal truths of reality.

In The Unchained Man, I take you on an adventure to break free from the shackles of a deceiving, corrupt, and power-hungry society. The source for becoming free is to really SEE reality for what it is.

As long as you blind yourself with comforting lies and how the world is unicorns and cake, you will never become free. This is why I compiled these 33 rules for freedom. They shall be a guide on your future path of unchaining yourself.

The real world is a dark place

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Since we are living in a feminized society, people are constantly told how everything is good and nice, and well. Except for toxic masculinity oppressing everyone and their mothers. Especially, single mothers.

However, the cold, harsh truth is this: reality does not care about your ideologies.

  • Arrogant and psychopathic men (yes, men) are usually the most successful in life. People who learned how to control others, trigger their emotions, and get them to do what they want, tend to come farther.
  • Men mostly look for sex and reproduction in a woman. Women mostly look for protection and provision (money) in men.
  • Men can totally have sex with a woman they otherwise despise.
  • Feminism has nothing to do with feminine rights, but with power.

And many other truths you keep denying.

Accept, none of this is really “dark.” It is just human nature. What is ethical, good, or correct is decided by other people who might exercise dark traits themselves.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Latin for: “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

Understand that these labels of good and bad were put on things by other humans. How did they decide what is good or bad? By God? Or maybe because one was beneficial to their goals and the other wasn’t?

Some of these things seem self-evident. Naturally, you wouldn’t want killing people to be a good or ethical trait, because this would end in utter chaos.

What is good or ethical then is usually what propels humanity forward as a whole. But let me ask you this, is the gender discussion really propelling us forward as humans?

Does the average human diet these days make us stronger and more powerful?

Is doing chores for your wife making your and her life better? Or has your marriage become worse ever since you started doing that?

Ignoring evidence through lies

In modern society, we developed this methodology of literally blinding ourselves to self-evident truths by veiling them with comforting lies.

In other words, we deny the reality we know to be true, because it makes us or others uncomfortable.

But that doesn’t make the truth less true.

For example, our body has a built-in feedback system for the food we eat. It is eloquently called the Biorhythm. If you eat something and you will then spend 30 minutes on the bowl, evidence suggests that this food was difficult to digest and/or not healthy.

If your diet makes you fat so you can hardly move and you’re low-energy all the time, evidence suggests this diet is bad for you. Yet, you drink that hopelessly overpriced Starbucks soy latte anyway.

The 33 Rules for Freedom

Kid holding the earth in his hands

I tell you this because the following 33 rules for freedom are based on brutal reality. There is no ideology or comforting lie above it. This is paramount to understand because otherwise, you will deny them.

Read those rules with an open mind and ask yourself with each one:

  • Am I denying this truth? If so, is there evidence in my own life that it might be true regardless?
  • Did I know this since the dawn of time, but people told me otherwise?

You will quickly realize that this will shatter your indoctrinations and false beliefs ruthlessly.

And once you read it and understood it, your life will never be the same.

I see you on the other side.

1. All rules are arbitrary

Accept that any rule is made-up. Even the laws of physics do not apply throughout the whole universe. Man-made rules are thus the weakest of them all.

2. Society is the enemy

Realize that the goals of “society” and what is being pushed do not have you in mind. They follow different goals than you do. Accept and act accordingly.

3. The feminine is not your mission

Never, under any circumstance, let a woman become the center of your universe. She will shatter this weakness with ruthless force.

4. The feminine is not your friend

Man and woman are polar opposites. A friendship between both cannot work. Period. There will always be tension. Remember this truth.

5. Nobody cares

Nobody cares about you. In the end, all men die alone. Anyone else is along for the ride. Take correct reaction out of this truth: All you do needs to have yourself in mind. You’re alone with yourself.

6. Money is energy

It is not money that you seek. It is freedom. Money is a store of energy to buy things. This is not what you seek. You seek to be free in your choices. Going through the menu at a restaurant without looking at prices.

7. You have the burden of performance

When a man has a new girlfriend, everyone asks, “What does she look like?”

If a woman has a new boyfriend, everyone asks, “What does he do?”

8. Memento Mori.

If you could live forever, what would you live for? Death is what gives life meaning. Do not wither away at 30. Make every day count.

9. Do not blame

If you blame others, you give them power over your emotions. And thus over you. Never blame anyone but yourself. With this, you yield the power of the universe.

10. The judge

Everyone judges anyone. At all times. Over shallow things. Don’t be fooled by weaklings who tell you that you must look deeper. This takes away your power over strangers.

11. Toxic masculinity

The people who think that masculinity is toxic are the ones who would need to experience it the most.

12. Meet your needs

Nobody except you is going to take care of your needs. If they aren’t met, you won’t vibe on full capacity. Make your needs met. It is your duty.

13. Watch actions, not words

Don’t be fooled by words. Watch what people do over what they say. This will reveal their true intentions.

14. Silence

There is eternal power in silence. Talk slow, be scarce with words. Be direct, concise, and powerful. Let others talk first so they anticipate your response.

15. Purpose over everything

Since you’re alone in this world, the only meaningful thing in your life is your purpose. Your mission. Your goals. These differ for each man. But they are the pillars of your existence. Do not compromise them.

16. Fleeting pleasure

Fleeting pleasure is designed to keep you enslaved. It does not make you feel better. It puts a blur of lies over the real issue. Avoid with ruthless determination.

17. The dark and the light

A complete man has control over the light and the dark side of life and his masculinity. Do not be afraid of your dark side. Learn to control it.

18. Jealousy is a female trait

Men are not jealous. We congratulate brothers for winning. We celebrate with them.

19. Incomplete action over perfect inaction

Stop overthinking. Jump into cold waters and figure it out along the way. Nothing replaces experiences. Overthinking paralyzes.

20. Move.

The basic need of any man is to move his body. Every day you need to train your body. 15 minutes at least. If you’re not moving, you’re falling.

21. Don’t think for others

Do not try to guess what other people think and make judgments upon it. You never know what they think. Ask and react, or act beforehand. Never guess.

22. Financial literacy

When you cannot sustain yourself in life, you cannot be of help to anyone. Fix your finances first, then go out and add to your life.

23. You cannot save yourself to riches

The only way to become financially free is by making more money. Scalable, in big numbers. Not having that Starbucks latte on a Tuesday will not change the trajectory of your life.

24. Accept cold hard truths

Accept reality for what it is. Contemplating, rationalizing leads to misery. Accept what happens, grow from the experience, and be better prepared next time.

25. Forgive

Do not forgive because you have to. Forgive because you want to. A weak man forgives because he has no choice. A strong man forgives because he realizes humans are faulty.

26. Make your word count

Mean what you say or don’t say it at all. Whatever you say needs to be done. Live by it. Revel in the vicious power of your word.

27. Parse emotions, don’t suppress them

A man has feelings. It is not helpful to suppress them. Feel them, understand where they come from, and choose not to act on them if it doesn’t serve your purpose.

28. Welcome evolution

Nature is constantly changing. Day to night. Summer to Winter. Change is natural. Do not be afraid of fights because you don’t want to rock the boat. Momentum is the result of forced transformation.

29. Motivation is a false god

Motivation is like sugar. It lasts for five minutes, and then you feel worse than before. Discipline, doing your deeds in the face of adversity and unwillingness is what propels you forward.

30. Own your failures

Mistakes are good. They help you grow. Do not mourn making mistakes. Seek them! Dissecting blunders is what makes a Grandmaster.

31. Look back to see forward

If you want to understand people, look at how humans lived for millions of years. A new society does not change humans in mere years. Old truths are still true today. Don’t be fooled by veils of deception.

32. Don’t fight nature

Now that you understand nature, do not fight it. Do not fight your masculine nature, do not fight the feminine nature. Use the knowledge to your advantage.

33. Actions compound

Small positive actions you do now will have a big impact in the future. Slow progress now will accelerate over time. Trust in the process.

All of these rules are taken from my bestselling, life-changing book The Unchained Man – 14 Radical Traits to Escape an Enslaved Society of Sheep.

If you want to truly understand the dark fabrics of the world and how you can use these powers to your own benefit, then this is your book.

Create the life you always wanted. Money, women, sex, fame. All it needs is the mindset of an Unchained Man.

alexander graves with the unchained man book

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