What is Subliminal Messaging? – Your Cheat code to Success!

With (positive) subliminal messaging you can reshape your whole life, personality, and even the people in your life within months. Unlimited sex, wealth, confidence, and power.

It is the closest we ever had to a cheat code for life.

And I, personally, believe that this technology will reshape humanity on a large scale.

What is Subliminal Messaging?

Wikipedia puts it that way:

(of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.

To put bluntly, subliminal messaging goes right into your subconscious without your conscious mind (you reading this) noticing it.

Why is this important?

Around 85% (or more) of our daily decisions are driven by our subconscious mind and our conscious mind then makes up a rationalization as for why we did it.

If you are trying to lose weight but you fail to stick to your plan, it was your subconscious craving dopamine, and you telling yourself “this one chocolate won’t change much” is your conscious mind making up a reason to feel better about your decision.

Yes, most decisions we make every day are actually not logical or consciously thought through. They are driven by our emotions (the subconscious runs 100% on emotions and feelings). And the subconscious has been influenced, indoctrinated, and manipulated over all the years you are on this planet.

That’s why habits are so hard to stick to. Consciously you know it’s right, but your subconscious programming actively fights it. 

With Subliminal Messaging, we bypass the conscious mind directly and go into your subconscious mind to reshape it. All subliminal messaging cannot be heard or seen. This is intentional.

There are different methods for this, but the premise is always the same: You don’t know consciously what you are hearing/seeing. 

The Subconscious and Subliminal Messaging

The human eye with the image of the brain in the pupil. Concept of artificial intelligence
The Mind’s Eye sees everything at all times. Even if you don’t notice it consciously.

Your subconscious picks everything up at all times.

If you have ever meditated, you will realize that there are noises around you, you never hear. The humming of your computer, the birds chirping, the cars on the street.

Your brain actively blinds that out so you can consciously focus on other things.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

But that doesn’t mean these things don’t go into your brain. Subconsciously you pick it all up. This is, for example, why it’s unhealthy to live next to a crowded place or busy street. You might forget about the noise outside, but it’s constantly blaring in your subconscious.

This is technically already subliminal messaging. So in a sense, we are always exposed to subliminal messaging one way or another.

How does Subliminal Messaging work?

ascension subliminal program banner

There are two methods to do it, visual and via audio.

Visual is more noticeable because you usually see at least the flickering of the image consciously. On audio, you don’t notice anything, because it uses Ultrasonic sound (for example).

How does Visual Subliminal Messaging work?

This is done with images being displayed for a second or less. You see a flickering, but you can’t consciously see what the image showed.

Your subconscious mind, however, picks it up. While your mind filters the images you see consciously, your eyes always see everything at all times. And it goes right into your subconscious.

Also things in your peripheral view you otherwise would need to look at directly.

Subliminal Messaging is often used in videogames or movies. One would be Outlast (a horror game) where in the end, you see humans in glass balls being exposed to visual subliminal messaging:

subliminal messaging gif

If you search on Youtube, you will also find a ton of such subliminal messaging videos (they are ALL SHIT by the way, don’t watch em. I did in the past, they do almost nothing).

How does Audio Subliminal Messaging work?

The basic idea of this has been around ever since the Radio became popular. And it is technically done in it’s (very basic) roots today. If you think of the Coca Cola Christmas Song (with the red trucks and all that) you know the tune in your mind and you know it is Coca Cola.

The audio tune is connected to the brand. This, however, is a more conscious approach to connecting your subconscious with a brand.

Real subliminal messaging cannot be heard by you consciously.

It either uses Ultrasonic sound which cannot be heard (the track is virtually silent) but tiny hairs in your ear pick up the vibrations of the Ultrasonic, so your subconscious DOES hear it. (Crazy, right?)

Or there are masked tracks, where you hear a trickling water sound which overlays the spoken messages for your conscious mind. But again, the subconscious still hears the subliminal messages.

This is the more potent method, simply because you can listen to it virtually everywhere and do other things, whereas the visual stimulation still needs your attention to look at it.

Again, DO NOT listen to any of these on Youtube, they are SHIT. For example, this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFyg-9fLYDI 

Not only can you consciously hear what is said, “My middle name is money???” it’s way too slow and the messages are bad.

This does really nothing.

What you need is a PROPER company that does this. Luckily for you, we have that. THE ONLY company I personally vouch for with my whole brand. But more on that later.

The Ultrasonic can only be seen by an App (for example) that picks up lower frequencies.

But I don’t recommend this for people starting out since there is too much to be taken care of. Go with the masked file and you’re good!

Is there negative subliminal messaging out there?

Of course.

But it’s not that easy.

I dove into this whole topic (especially because I have been running subliminal stimuli for years now) pretty deep, and one thing is clear:

If the subconscious mind doesn’t like something, or it deems it dangerous, it will be discarded.

This is, again, why these Youtube things don’t work. “I am rich” repeatedly and your subconscious will just be like, “Yeah, no, we’re not.” And throws it away.

You need a better approach to get in tune with the subconscious (more on that in a second).

So, you can put the tinfoil hat away. Yes, propaganda certainly is played and done everywhere. But it’s not that you are THAT easily mind controlled. It is generally done voluntarily.

Nobody forces you to watch porn. Nobody forces you to eat shitty food. It’s just readily available everywhere, that’s why you do it 😉

How to Make Subliminal Messaging TRULY work?

subliminal messaging helps you find spirituality
Subliminal Messaging helps you get a better connection between your conscious and subconscious mind.

I can only speak for subliminalclub.com and their products because I listen to them myself (for months) and they’re the only ones that TRULY work REAL quick.

We don’t know the EXACT script they use due to legal issues and competitors, but the general idea is this:

There are two speakers. They are basically asking your subconscious rhetorical questions about something. For example, “why am I so powerful?” and then your subconscious can make up the answer yourself.

Meanwhile a second voice is lifting you up and telling you how good you are, because we respond better to positive messaging and uplifting talk.

All of this is done VERY FAST with A LOT of information.

As you can see, it’s not so much about “I am rich” which the subconscious denies, it’s more a powerful, uplifting guide, asking it “why not try to do things this way?”

The best part about this is that a) this doesn’t put anything in your mind you might not like, and b) the thoughts are coming from YOU on HOW to actually get the desired results. Everything you create out of these subs is YOUR doing.

I love that.

Their audio files are 15 minutes long, and some of them contain 70+ pages of info packed into this short timeframe.

Which is also why they are so taxing on the mind sometimes (depends a lot), but also why they work so well and so fast.

This is an excerpt from their information file:

“Imagine it like having a powerful healer and a beautiful cheerleader in your life at the same time. The healer discusses your limiting beliefs with you, goes deeper and deeper into your issues until your thinking patterns change, and the problem doesn’t exist anymore, but only in the ways that are right for you.

The cheerleader is a very hot person who looks at you with loving eyes, and constantly tells you that “you’re awesome”, “you’re amazing,” and “what you did there, you should be so proud of that!” Also, the cheerleader endlessly tries to get you more and more in tune with what you truly want in life.”

With the newest technology, you get results within DAYS, massive results within months. Complete overhaul of your personality. Wealth, women, sex, confidence, whatever you want.

SubliminalClub’s products really bring you back to YOUR source. What YOU want, fully aligned with your deepest core.

The scripts by subliminalclub.com only guide you to the deepest desires YOU HAVE. This makes it much easier for the subconscious to accept it and change towards your deepest desired outcomes.

And they have a ton of results showing on subliminalresults.com where customers post their journals and experiences with it. So these things truly work.

Regardless of that, subliminal messaging really tries to set up your subconscious to believe what you consciously know about reality (that you can become wealthy, that you can be confident and powerful, etc) by undoing faulty beliefs which have been instilled in you over decades.

When does Subliminal Messaging not work?

man looking into space spirituality
Regardless of your subconscious setup. You always need to take action in the real world.

If you don’t take action towards it.

These are not magic pills.

If you run subliminal messaging for wealth, but all you do is sitting at home watching Netflix and masturbating to porn, this won’t work. All you will get is a headache because your reality doesn’t align with what is put in your subconscious.

Now, the cheerleader will push you to take action.

Whenever I run wealth subs like Ecstacy of Gold, I get a massive push to work on my business. Still, the action still needs to be taken consciously.

The simple method is this:

Listen to the subliminals + journaling your progress + taking conscious action towards it = massive success within weeks.

Journaling is important to help you see your own differences in thoughts and beliefs. This reinforces that they do work for you and thus helps you to accept the script better.

Action is the master key. If you run a sub like Emperor and you’re not trying to build an Empire, naturally it won’t work.

Pretty simple, right?

What’s the future of subliminal messaging?

the future of humanity
Humanity as a whole will reach new heights with Subliminal Messaging.

In my opinion, this will lift the collective unconscious of humanity (and thus us as people) to new heights.

It is cutting edge technology that helps people maximize their intelligence, success, happiness, and lives.

Imagine the majority of people reshaping their subconscious to be more intelligent and creating businesses that help people, instead of solely consuming Netflix.

Imagine where humanity could be in a few years!

The technology keeps getting more powerful, so you have less reconciliation (when you feel a bit overloaded from the script) and results are getting better and better.

It is also very affordable (just $34 for the entry subs) and things like physical changes are also being worked on (because the DNA and your subconscious shape your physical exterior, and we also know for a fact that the food you eat also changes your genes).

So if you don’t want to miss that train and finally get everything you always wanted from life, spend a few bucks and get going!

How do I start with subliminal messaging?

subliminalclub.com product ascension
Absolutely ONLY use subliminals by subliminalclub.com. They are the best and most powerful!

Definitely ONLY go with subliminalclub.com. They are the best, most affordable, and most powerful with a VERY helpful community.

DO NOT MIX with other subs, because it will diminish results.

What sub to start with depends on your goals, so here’s a list:

Personally, I recommend starting with Ascended Mogul for 3-6 months for 99% of people. It gives you a great feeling and sort of builds the FOUNDATION for going into tougher and more powerful subs.

ADHERE to the listening instructions! Do NOT overexpose yourself. It slows your progress!


Much like you shouldn’t skip rest days in the gym, for this it is MUCH MORE important.

Caps lock intentionally.

You will RUIN your results if you don’t take rest days. Your mind needs time to process all the information and implement it!

If you feel a headache, if you’re easily triggered, lethargic or sad, then stop listening to the sub for a day and then get back on it. Judge for yourself how it feels and how it works.

Do not STRICTLY stick to the routine. Rest days are much more important than full exposure all the time!

Next Steps

  1. Get my FREE UNSTUCK Your Autopilot Notion Template that helps with subs and a conscious plan
  2. Get ASCENDED MOGUL as a beginner sub
  3. Join my SubliminalClub Mastery Group to get DIRECT Coaching for your subs and join like minded people

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