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Have You Ever Asked Yourself…

“How can I become more masculine?”
“How can I build true confidence in myself?”
“How can I stop giving a fuck what other people think?”
“How can I get over my fears and break out of my shell?”
“How can I become a leader that other men look up to?”

If you have, then you’re in the right place.

The Mission statement of SELFCONQUERING

When you begin down the journey of becoming a masculine man, you must first learn to unlearn. Unlearning all the bad habits, limiting beliefs, and negative self talk that you don't even notice you're doing.

I believe every man is born to conquer but didn't have the right men to guide him to becoming the best version of himself.

When you begin self improving and unraveling who you are, you will notice how easy it is to become masculine because my methods are very simple, yet extremely effective.

The Mission of SELFCONQUERING thus is creating CONQUERORS. Men taking ACTION towards their goals. Yet, before you can go out and conquer lands and women, you need to conquer yourself. 

Your deepest self.
Your Purpose.
Your Mind.
Your Dark Side.

Which are exactly the first 3 Pillars within the Conqueror's Forge, of which you will learn more on this blog.

I will guide you on the path to FORGING your new self.

Below you will find my written knowledge and my video/audio knowledge. Choose whatever fits you best.

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What if SUCCESS was easy?

UNCHAIN yourself from the lies of society.
Start with these FREE resources.

The Dark Reality

The Dark Reality is a series I started on Youtube to show you the cold, harsh, and brutal nature of reality.

No sugarcoating. No political correctness.

In this series, you learn why your life sucks right now, and what you have to do to fix it.

The Red Smoke Podcast

Get the Podcast virtually everywhere you want:

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This Podcast was the genius idea of my good friend David Grund. A podcast about movies. Masculine movies. Or is it?

Sexist. Empathic. Unscripted. Our podcast pulverizes the Red Pill into RED SMOKE. We will show you how movies & stories can lead you to a REALITY with STYLE. Choose a Life of MASCULINITY with PLEASURE.

Stop swallowing pills. Join the cigar lounge!

Brought to you from the heart of Germany, every Thursday, from 11pm/10c. Hosted by: Alexander Graves (Mindset Mogul, CEO, Royal Descendant)
David Grund (Author, Photographer, Film Music Composer)

We are: Unscripted, Unfiltered. At least, we pretend to be polite. Sometimes.

Say goodbye to the RedPill community.Join the cigar lounge.

"I don't have the time!"

On the following Playlist on Youtube, you will find short 5-10 minute Snippets of the Red Smoke Podcast Episodes. To get a first glimpse of MASCULINITY WITH PLEASURE.

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The Conqueror's Forge

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About Alex

Founder of SelfConquering and here to help men like you achieve the mind, spirit, and discipline so you can begin to get what you deserve in life.

I’ve always struggled in life not financially, but through experience. I felt like a feather in the wind being blown in all directionsnot having control in what I wanted to do.

Just hoping that I naturally landed where I wanted to be. Sometimes spending thousands of dollars and eventually many years until it lead me to the life I have today.

  • A life where I have developed my skill stacks to never need another dollar again.
  • A life where I learned how to become masculine in the sense of the ferocity, determination, willpower, and drive to take all and everything.
  • A life where everything seems to go my way because I am able to continue to tread forward no matter the circumstances.

And all of this began when I learned the power of having a purpose and meaning.

You can find out the exact system that I used to make the life that I always wanted to here.

Check out these programs as well to start re-programming your mindset and masculinity.

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