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"You can only cherish the upsides of your life, if you soldier through the downsides." --Alexander Graves

Alexander is the single child, who also grew up without his father around in a complete "standard" middle-class somewhat small city in Southern Germany.

He grew up surrounded by women, and thus never learned how to properly interact with the feminine energy, pedestalizing them in the process. He became the classic "Nice Guy."

Rock-Bottom is Necessary

He worked 10 years as a programmer, thinking being the "cog in the system" is just how life unfolds. Spending his free time playing videogames to get "achievements" and watching porn for the "dopamine kick" and filling his existence.

Once he found his rock-bottom a few years into his marriage, he set out to finally give his life meaning.
More than just escaping it on weekends with alcohol.

He became obsessed with self-improvement. First found on Twitter, he quickly resorted to famous books, courses, and mentors. He failed 12 businesses (and business ideas) in the process, bought too many courses, read 100+ books, before he finally realized what his purpose in life is:

To help other people raise their consciousness, develop passionate relationships, find their POWERFUL, FIERY SOUL as men, and create indomitable mindsets to withstand all trials and tribulations of life.

This process took him over 4 years of back and forth, failing, progressing, and finally succeeding.


While SELFCONQUERING started as a relationship blog for men to realize they need to conquer themselves first before they can ask their girls to be more interested, it quickly became much bigger than that.

Now it is a knowledge hub for all topics that improve your life. Always starting with the same thing first: Rediscovering your Masculinity.

The best starting point for any man is to emotionally detach yourself. The Masculine Foundation. For this, he created a 100% FREE Course which you can find here:

The SELFCONQUERING Journey never ends. Thus, nobody knows which endeavour Alexander will conquer next.

If you want to see him live and in action, check out his Youtube Channel for in-depth knowledge!

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Latin for, "The Fortune Favors the Bold."

CONQUER yourself to gain the power to CONQUER the world.


The best way to get REALLY deep insight into the topics I cover on SELFCONQUERING is via the YouTube Channel.

On there, I explain in-depth, and with practical advice HOW to conquer yourself, traps to avoid, mistakes I made in the process of getting abundance in all things.

Powerful relationships, how the masculine and feminine operate, tools and techniques to build a STRONG Mind, and Divine Spirituality to MANIFEST things into your reality.

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About Alex

Founder of SelfConquering and here to help men like you achieve the mind, spirit, and discipline so you can begin to get what you deserve in life.

I’ve always struggled in life not financially, but through experience. I felt like a feather in the wind being blown in all directionsnot having control in what I wanted to do.

Just hoping that I naturally landed where I wanted to be. Sometimes spending thousands of dollars and eventually many years until it lead me to the life I have today.

  • A life where I have developed my skill stacks to never need another dollar again.
  • A life where I learned how to become masculine in the sense of the ferocity, determination, willpower, and spirituality.
  • A life where everything seems to go my way because I am able to continue to tread forward no matter the circumstances.

And all of this began when I learned the power of having a purpose and meaning.

You can find out the exact system that I used to make the life that I always wanted to here.

Check out these programs as well to start re-programming your mindset and masculinity, and find your higher self.

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