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Activated Life Community Letter #007 – How to Start an Online Business, Money and Spirituality, Why I removed Dark Stuff

This months’ letter is a bit different.

I’ll talk less, if at all, about Subliminal Messaging this time, and we really only focus on what to actually DO, once you set up your mind properly.

But before we start, reminder that I recently moved the entire ALC Library (Called The Revealer) to the edApp, so you have a great (mobile) experience, unravelling the true nature of… nature.

Find that here: (Become a member to see the Revealer here)

On the topic of the Revealer.

A thought occurred to me recently when Tej Dosa was talking about how what you expose yourself to, will eventually manifest in your reality.

Now, the New Age has the problem of then thinking they should never expose themselves to anything bad/dark/etc or they will bring exactly this into their life.

As you know, I don’t believe in this.

I think this is toxic positivity.

You need to look at the bad and dark things in your life to solve them.

Or in case of the Shadow, to integrate and accept it, otherwise it will end up controlling you (which explains the Nice Guy phenomenon, which are the most evil guys out there (almost))

However, I also realized that when you just start to learn about how dark the world truly is, and what is REALLY going on behind the scenes, many a man will end up in this rabbit hole of darkness, unable to crawl out.

Now I could position myself and say that this is not my issue and everyone needs to figure this out themselves.

But the reality is that I don’t want ALC to be a springboard to create conspiracy theorists, hating everyone and their mother.

I know this myself, because after going through the last step in the Dark Phase of the Soul Lesson, with teachings from Mr. Last, I turned somewhat dark and negative energy in my life.

Even at my stage, where I consider myself somewhat integrated.

And the problem really is, that I don’t have a solution to this yet, so I just leave everyone hanging with the darkness.

This is not how I want to do this.

This community is, after all, designed to create great people ESCAPING from the darkness and slavery we call the corporate world and modern society.

Can’t fight darkness with more darkness.

So these 20 hours of (truly dark stuff) are now moved into a special page that can only be gained access to via direct contact with me and if you already have a business/purpose running, so it doesn’t send you into hell.

Still, the Dark Phase of the Soul contains enough dark topics to truly be REVEALED of what happens around you all day.

This is enough to deal with, I think 😀

Why Build an Online Business at all?

After realizing that EVERYTHING follows AFTER you escaped the slavery:

  • Spirituality
  • Love and Sex
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Whatever you wanna do in your life

I decided to add a bigger section about launching your own business in the Lessons as well.

For now it’s mostly external resources, but I will be building my own course(s) on how to do this. With my own lessons.

See, I made that mistake for the longest time.

Going into spirituality while I don’t even make enough each month to survive.

Focusing on sex and dominance while we have to worry about paying the bills.

It’s all escapism.

Lies you tell yourself to not focus on the REAL issue.

To avoid responsibility.

I know, because I’ve been there.

Yes, the online business itself might take years to truly lift off.

I talked about this extensively.

But this doesn’t stop you from solving your financial issues RIGHT NOW.

Unless you have $10k in your bank account, don’t even think about going on retreats to discover your soul.

It’s pointless.

Because your soul-searching will be tainted and poisoned by the nagging voice in your head that you can’t even afford food.

Or, if it’s not that severe, that you still slave away in the corporate world.

So here’s the correct order of things:

  1. Escape slavery of your body (bad food, no exercise, porn, etc)
  2. Escape slavery of your mind (9-5 hell, commute, not having time to think/meditate/contemplate)
  3. Escape slavery of your soul (letting go of the ego, earthly things, etc)

Basically, before you can let go of your ego, you gotta build it up first.

Weird, I know.

But this was a TOUGH realization I had recently.

This is why I talk so much about online business now and bring this into the brand on a grand scale.

It’s the foundation of truly being one with yourself.

Don’t skip steps.

It’ll bite you in the ass.

How to Build an Online Business?

Before we do anything, we should figure out our purpose.

If you haven’t already, what the f*ck have you been doing in this group? 👋

Get your GROUNDED Course (free for ALC members) here

and discover your Life Purpose.

Now, here’s an important thing.

You might realize that you need capital to truly live your purpose.

Totally possible.

Much like Elon Musk, who probably always wanted to do SpaceX and Tesla, but needed capital (by making PayPal) first.

It doesn’t matter if your real purpose only ever STARTS in 10 years, if you use the 10 years to get there to build an income to escape wage slavery.

Or you are like me, and you want to build an education business.


is what I would recommend for ANYONE.

You have SOMETHING within you.

You have problems you solved.

Or you still face problems that need solving.

Do that and then teach other people how you did it.

That is ALL.

Really, I don’t do anything else.

Nobody successful does anything else.

Just sharing your own issues, how you overcame them, preferably in an entertaining way → profit.

It’s never been easier.

And if you know Dan Koe, great guy, you know that this is the future.

There are 7b people in the world, I hope at some point we have 7b businesses. —Naval Ravikant

The creator economy is the future.

This is how everyone in the 1% will live.

Teaching their own self improvement and success online to people, will working 2-4 hours a day whenever they want.

(2-4 hours a day is totally possible. 4 hours a week is kinda BS, as Tim Ferriss said himself 😀 )

Now, does this mean all regular business will go out of business?

Of course not.

We still need manual labor to an extent.

HOWEVER, AI will replace A LOT of that.

I currently work as a programmer, and I tested chatGPT and other AI to write code for me. It takes away a lot of my work.

Does it make me entirely obsolete? No. But it gets hard to argue your own salary of 80k/year in a Western world, when some guy in India can do it for half the price, supported by AI.

CREATION can never be substituted by AI.

It will never replace consciousness, even if that’s the main goal of the transhumanists.

It recognizes patterns. Lots and lots of patterns, but that’s about it.

I recently asked chatGPT to write a landing page copy for me.

Snake oil salesman levels, I tell you.

Might work tbh. Maybe the AI knows more than I do. I will test it 😀

But it shows how true human, conscious genius cannot be replaced.

It just can’t.

So back on the topic of running your own business,

I highly recommend watching this video:

Or read the online version on my website here

On top, always use my Vision Visualizer to structure and plan your day to escape the slavery.

Money and Spirituality

I mentioned earlier that you need to escape the slavery first, before going on higher realms.

But I want to dive a little deeper here.

Many, including my former self, think that money and spirituality can’t go together.

Simply, because anything spiritual is

  • not bound to earthly things
  • not driven by the ego (which is where money comes from)
  • based around being content with what you have, instead of always chasing more

While this is true, this doesn’t rule out money when you understand what it is.

It’s not the devil.

Or made by the devil.

Or anything like that.

Granted, it has been heavily misused, and still gets too much weight in people’s minds,


it is, after all, just a tool for trade.

Yes, on a green field, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need it because everyone would live his purpose in local communities, so you would have everything you need to survive in close proximity.

However, this, of course, rules out any extravagant things like Smartphones.

Which is, yeah, debatable, if you need this to survive as a human.

But we would basically be back to old tribe life, when all you do is hunt or gather local food, survive the cold, and fight other tribes.

Honestly, we’re way past that lifestyle.

Personally, I don’t see how humanity can exist, globally connected, without something like money.

We could exist without something like the banks we have today.

That’s a different topic.

But a means to easily make payments in exchange for goods is a luxury we developed that helped us progress as humans.

(We also regressed in many ways, but what is truly perfect?)

Additionally, I think a big part of going the spiritual path is being less judgmental of things and finding peace with what exists.

As long as you vilify money, you certainly haven’t found peace within yourself.

And honestly, if you make enough to live comfortably, escape the wage slavery, and live life on your own terms, why would you vilify it in the first place?

When IT is the thing that made that freedom possible.

(Granted, it was you. Your skills, your value. But you get my point).

You can look at money like being part of your Shadow. Your Ego.

You want more of it so you can be free of the slavery.

Isn’t freedom of body, mind, and soul the highest spiritual achievement?

To be free of anything that pulls you down?

In that sense, money is the NECESSITY to get you there 😀

Alternatively, you can live on a Mountain in Tibet.

You won’t need money.

And that’s up to you.

But I, personally, enjoy some of the luxuries the Western world offers.

I write all these lines to make you aware of a certain thing:

Money is just another domain in human life at this point.

It’s not evil, or good, or to be loved.

It just IS.

Neutrality towards it is what will help you succeed with it.

Which in turn will help you succeed with the freedom you desire.

If you vilify it, you ended up like many new age gurus in a vicious cycle of hating money, but needing it.

That’s not healthy.

Nor does it ever yield what you seek.

Let go.

And make more money.

If you want a “spiritual” goal for your money endeavors, then use the one I use:

I plan to make so much fucking money so I can pay off each family members’ house and debt no problem, so I can make them experience the freedom I will gain.

Ain’t that a goal?

And you’ll need millions for that.

Under the banner of spirituality.

You’re welcome 😉

See you in the Telegram Group,

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