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Activated Life Community Letter #005 – The New Direction/Group, The Dark Phase of the Soul, Revelation of Spirit, Sub FAQ

I recently completely reshaped my private community, and I thought, why not share an entire letter I write monthly this time with all my email buddies?

So what follows is a monthly letter you get from me within the group. Unedited.

But you can also download the PDF here if you wish.

Activated Life Community Letter #005 – The New Direction/Group, The Dark Phase of the Soul, Revelation of Spirit, Sub FAQ

It took only 5 letters and we’re already at new shores.

Initially started at solely focusing on Subliminal Messaging by the great company SubliminalClub, I decided to merch both my existing groups into one.

But not just this, the goal is clear.


Logo ALC 1

By going through the darkness.

Driven by Revelation of Mind, one of their newest subs, I underwent a deep, dark phase of my soul and reality. Which might only be overshadowed (get it?) by the coming phase once I run Revelation of Spirit. More on that, later.

For now, let’s talk a bit about the new direction.

You got access to the Gumroad library by joining, in which you find A LOT of content and documents/videos. Including good beginner stacks for the Subliminal Programs.

It is my personal best guess of how you should start with this material.

I am saying best guess because I cannot know where you are on your journey. Some things might look stupid, others are already way behind you.

So this library does have a step-by-step guidance, but you might not have to start at 1.

This is for you to judge and I am doing this intentionally.

Because the whole “give me the keys to success” notion that everyone has these days is childish and weak. You have to understand that here ARE NO correct answers SOMEONE ELSE can give to you. YOU have all the answers already within.

Yes, this includes, money and wealth, sex and relationships, fitness, whatever.

Due to decades of indoctrination, lies, deceit, and misdirection, you have absolutely LOST the connection to your deeper self and all the knowledge within. Don’t worry, you share that place with 98% of the populace.

As it turns out, only 2% of humans ever reach mature adulthood, which includes knowing your emotions, being able to handle them, your dark side, the shadow integrated, all of these things.

But it gets worse, there is a so-called “genius test” which is the ability of creativity measured. ANY success is the product of creativity, which reigns deep within you. Any creativitiy is a deeply SPIRITual endeavour.

Within this genius test, you basically are asked to give applications for an object. Like “how many different ways are there to use a shoe?”

Simple question, right? Just come up with a bunch. Most adults can name an average of 10-15.

A genius can name 200.

Divergent thinking is the mark of the genius.

They conducted a study with over 1,500 5-year-olds

(Source: George Land and Beth Jarman, Breakpoint and Beyond: Mastering the Future Today, 1998.)

98% of those kids scored the genius level.


Most kids are geniuses.

In other words, being a genius is a human birthright. Since most have it at birth.

Then, where do we lose it?

The researchers tested THE SAME KIDS 5 years later. Now, only 32% scored the genius level.

Another five years later at 15 years old, only 10 percent were scoring the genius level.

Around 200,000 adults took the same test. 2% scored the genius level.

Between 5 and 15 years old, we lose our capability of creative genius. Why is that?

Simple. School.

In which you are groomed to become a worker drone/slave.

And I already know some of you will shrug it off as conspiracy and all that.

And it’s fine, you can leave and ignore at your own peril.

For anyone who always knew that something in this world is just SEVERLY off, the ACTIVATED LIFE Group and the new direction is for you.

What this group NOT is

  • This is NOT a group of flat-earthers
  • This is NOT to hate and talk shit on everyone outside that group
  • This is NOT to convert you to some belief
  • This is NOT just mental masturbation without actual advice

Once you dive deeper into the material (at your own pace), you will discover that ANY group is a bad thing. Because, by definition, your are IN or OUT. And you are IN and everyone else is OUT, thus creating duality and separation.

When the solution to all everything is Non-Duality.

But I am skipping ahead.

Understand, I am by no means, trying to create zealots that spread my belief.

I only made it as a group so it has STRUCTURE for you to follow and chit-chat back with other like-minded individuals on the same path.

The $5/month are really only for me to keep this running and set up. Plus, people generally act more on something they pay for.

All the material I give you is for your own digestion. Take what works for you and/or come back later for more, or not at all.

I DO NOT CARE if you belief in it or not. This is entirely within your jurisdiction.

I do, however, KNOW, that you WILL want to dive way deeper once you started.

Truth can be an addiction, so be careful.

Once you unravel a bit of the lies, it is hard to not WANT to know more.

So anyway, go back to the Gumroad Library and open the library for the ACTIVATED Life Community and go through it at your own pace.

The Dark Phase of the Soul

It is said in spirituality circles, and even by the great Carl Jung who experienced the same, that once you ascend yourself and higher on the self improvement path, you will eventually have a “Dark Phase of the Soul.”

It is the feeling of loneliness.

Carl Jung was literally asking his Soul, “where are you? I am calling. I am waiting.”

It is a tough feeling, and I am currently in that phase. Maybe not even fully, or a tougher version will come at some point, I don’t know.

In my case, it was induced by material you can also find within the group that sends you into Chaos. You will end up questioning EVERYTHING you were ever taught. As did I. The realization that everything in society is lie. And I mean, everything.

Even the existence of the moon itself.

Sounds weird, I know.

But this is the idea of the group, to share your deepest and weirdest feelings and emotions and find people who’ve been through the same and give support.

This is not an easy phase to go through for anyone. If you thought the “anger phase” of the Red Pill was tough, you have no idea what awaits.

Now, you might be asking. Why would anyone go through this?

Well, the Truth.

The Truth will set you free, it is said.

And I believe so, too. But the Truth can sometimes be a truly TOUGH thing to accept and grasp. Hence why nobody does it:

IMG 1494

But once you are on the other side, done the tough work, you will see life differently. And this IS where you will FINALLY find happiness. TRUE happiness.

Not the shallow “happiness” that is bought via new, fancy stuff.

No, ACTUAL happiness.


With yourself.

And society, regardless of how fucked up it is.

This means facing death, understanding it, loving it. Facing your demons, your own lies, etc.

And the ones of society.

This IS Shadow Work.

And this is one of the major steps within the Library of Activated Life.

At the time of writing this, I am pretty deep in that rabbit hole, but who knows how deep it actually goes.

Rest assured, we’re there to support you along that rough climb.

The Revelation of Spirit

Long awaited, but it finally is there.

Image 01.03.23 at 10.21

The Revelation of Spirit Subliminal Messaging program.

Now, I will run this in two weeks after my current Healing Retreat, but the Revelation of MIND, which I have been running extensively also has a little bit of Revelation of Spirit scripting, so I’ve been slightly exposed to this already.

And THIS IS what brought me to the Dark Phase of the Soul.

This IS what brought to unravelling the lies of society.

A spirit must be free.

Your spirit must be free.

It cannot be caged in lies and be joyful about it. Hence it’ll send you on a (potentially tough) discovery of YOUR reality.

This sub is different for everyone. The description of the sub is 4,000 words long, read it for yourself here.

I am looking VERY MUCH forward to what it will do, and I will report on it in the next letter, but for now this is all I can say.

A DEEP introspective realization of who and what you are and what your place is on here.

Apparently it is also SUPERB for stacking with sexual titles like Diamond. Because if the spirit is involved in sex, you can imagine it to be MINDblowing. Literally.

I’ll be stacking it with wealth titles, specifically EOG4, because Sex is no concern of mine right now. Which is also part of the Dark Awakening. It might ruin your libido for once, but only to recharge it from a positive standpoint. A healthy, divine sexual experience which overshadows EVERYTHING you ever did or see in porn.

Words can’t describe it.

When you just fully let go. No judgement, no thoughts. Just BEing.

Imagine that.

Try it for yourself, it just got released.

Old Subs Refined

They are also currently redoing a bunch of old subs, especially former Ultima-Titles, which now don’t have a real place anymore.

One of them is The Elixir, which got an update to also apply parts of Sanguine to make the Healing easier.

The other one is the Legacy, which will be updated to the Legacy of the Spartan, which will almost exclusively focus on the physical shifting to look like Leonidas in 300. FULL focus on that alone. It’s not updated yet, you can read more about it here.

This helps to choose the subs better. Narrower focus is helpful to decide. I like that change, even though I won’t run any of those 😉

Subliminal FAQ

Now the part most of you wait for every month. The subliminal FAQ.

This is basically a summary and conglumeration of all the questions I receive within the group or people ask me in DMs. Read through it carefully, it’ll help you A LOT on your subliminal journey!

Can you run 2 subs at the same time to save time?

The idea is to run 2 subs simultaneously with 2 media players to basically save the 15 min of the second sub.

Personally, I don’t even know how you come up with such an idea or how to do this technically, but glad you asked, because it helps other people in the future.


Not only will this fry your brain, you won’t get any fucking results.

I am serious. DO NOT DO THIS.

Subs are meant to be run back to back. If you want to run 2 at the same time to save time, you need to build a custom.

How to Avoid Subliminal Fruit Punch?

This means switching subs left and right all the time. You listen to Emperor once, and then you switch to Primal Seduction or something.

Now this is a difficult question to answer.

When you’re just starting out with subs, it is better to NOT switch. Stick to your stack.

The reason is, these subs are SO powerful it’ll likely pull you in all directions. Sex, wealth, confidence, fitness, relationships, whatever. So you get the feeling of running it all. But this is, of course, not helpful.

As I mentioned in an older letter, you get deep, lasting results by running a title longer.

And sometimes it can even be recon, that keeps you to play the fruit punch. Because your mind doesn’t want to deal with what the sub has to offer, so it tries to get you off of it.

Solution: reduce exposure, wait a few days, and see if the urge to switch vanishes. If it does -> recon. If it stays -> it might be guidance.

Which brings me to this:

Once you have, I’d say at least a year of subliminal exposure under your belt, (or your supercharged that progress with 3 months of RoM), THEN most likely your subconscious mind is guiding you to the next sub which will breach through a plateau, or help you work on the next necessary thing first.

See, I am now at this point where I notice the guidance very clearly. RoM helped a lot with getting a better communication path between my subconscious and my conscious mind.

So when I get the urge to run a different sub, it is likely to solve something that the current sub won’t do.

For example, I recently was REALLY urged to go on the healing retreat with Regeneration and Rebirth, which I am still on.

And it had HUGE effects on the effectiveness of the subs I ran before, namely EOG and Wanted.

Plus, of course, healing anxieties etc might be necessary to proceed to higher realms.

Now, after the healing, my mind is pulling me towards Renaissance Man and Revelation of Spirit. EOG stays, since I made that commitment.

This is generally a good way to go about this. Choose ONE sub you will be running, no matter what. Better 2. And the other spots in your stack of a maximum of 3 can be exchanged.

I stick with EOG, the other ones are up to decide each month.

But again, you need a good connection to your subconscious mind, already pretty freed from indoctrination and society, to know when it is guidance, and when you are just overloaded.

In short: Avoid fruit punch as a newbie, listen to your mind later on the path.

How to Notice Changes from the Subs?

Great question that ties into what we were talking about just a second ago.

In the beginning, it is tough to notice changes, especially from healing titles. And especially if you do have to heal a lot of stuff around the goal of the sub, you might not notice many external changes.

Let’s say you run Wanted, because you want to become a Wanted man, who has lots of sex, and isn’t phazed by the feminine game.

Well, if you are ridden with anxieties, can’t talk to women, or express yourself around them, then there is a lot of heavy lifting to be done FIRST, before you get any women to swoon over you.

Wanted will do this and/or guide you to healing subs, but it might seem like not much is happening externally.

THIS IS, where you need to LEARN to introspect, contemplate, take action, and journal.

Journalling is the easiest one. Each evening you sit down for 5 minutes and write down your feelings from the day. What happened, insights you gained from your mind, how you reacted and felt, etc. If it’s a sub with external goals like Wanted, you can also journal how other people (women) reacted to you.

This is GENERALLY a healthy habit to develop for ANY person.

Because after months, you can look back and see how MASSIVELY you changed.

Introspection and contemplation is the second but very important, part.

You will learn this along the path anyway. You could also call it awareness. Being aware of your thoughts, knowing that not ALL thoughts must be adhered to and can be discarded. That the mind shouldn’t even always be in control.

You will also get a better understanding of your emotions and how to deal with those, etc.

I highly recommend reading Awareness by Anthony DeMello to get a first idea of what this means.

But again, subs themselves will help you along that path.

Taking action is THE most crucial step of them all.

Let’s say you run a wealth sub but you just sit at home, waiting for money to randomly manifest. That won’t do jackshit.

You need to take action towards those goals of the sub. For example, with EOG, you should build a business. With Wanted, you should talk about issues with your girl, and just initiate sex without a second thought, etc.

Trust the sub, it will help you to take the right actions and say the right things. But just sitting around waiting does NOTHING.

What Stacks well with what?

This is simple to answer: Make your stack as narrow as possible.

I know, especially when you start out, you want to cover everything, because you likely have deficits everywhere. Sex, love, money, confidence, fitness.

But not only does this slow down results MASSIVELY if you run it all, you also are more likely to face recon.

Keep it narrow. Work on your confidence for 3 months or more. Then go to Diamond/Wanted for Sexual stuff for 3 months, etc.

You can keep coming back of course. After you solved a bunch of sexual issues, coming back to a confidence sub like Ascension probably hits different.

Think of your mind as a conveyor belt. When you put too much on it, a lot will fall off on the side. If it is full, but not too full, it will get a lot of things worked through.

Everyone has a differently sized conveyor belt, so you need to figure out what works for you, how long you need to run a sub, etc.

After all, the subs help THROUGH this very thing how to get a better contact with yourself.

Why do subs sometimes not do anything (seemingly?)

For this, I am just gonna quote Malkuth from the SubliminalResults forum, who put this better than I could ever do:

“Today, I’ve found myself thinking in terms of three phases:

Adaptation Phase

Working Phase

Integration Phase

In the adaptation phase, my mindbody system is making the structural changes that are necessary in order to process and handle the growth stimulated by the subliminals. If you’ve got a reservoir of water and you want to send that water out to everyone in a village or city, then you need to build a structure of pipes, etc., and those pipes need to be sturdy and strong enough to accommodate the pressure of the water that will flow inside of them. In this phase, results may be slower but we’ll notice a lot of internal features like dreams and thoughts.

As the system makes more and more of those changes, at some point we pass a threshold. The system has adapted well enough to handle a whole lot of that stimulation. Adaptation will keep going on in the background, but we’re now moving into the Working Phase. My mindbody system can receive and respond to the messages and possibilities in the program. Results and external manifestations start picking up steam and increasing in speed and power.

Over time, with that continued flow of stimulation and effective responses to stimulation, we get used to a new way of being. We have stabilized our relationship to these new resources and options and can explore them, play around with them, and make them a part of our life. This is the Integration Phase.”

So, whenever you feel like nothing is happening, it could just be that your mind is restructuring itself, opening pathways to manifestation for future use.

Keep pushing. Also think about what I said above, maybe you hit a plateau and need a different sub.

As you can tell, it’s not always easy.

All this stuff is to MAXIMIZE subliminal use. If you just stick to Ascension for 6 months as a beginner, you will already make HUGE progress. So don’t worry to much. Learn to listen to your own mind and how it operates.

This is most of the knowledge you need.

This was it for today.

Remember to join the Telegram Group, the link is also found within the Library here.

And if you have more questions, tell me!

This was the letter, if you want to join, click here.

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