Become a real man – the 90 day self-project

Become a real man – the 90 day self-project

You probably came across this book a bunch of times on my blog. Yes, I am an affiliate for it. Which means I get a commission when you buy it, no, this isn’t a sales pitch. This post will solely be a review of the book and my journey with it. Hence why I attached my workbook. Fix your life with Live Intentionally by Harsh Strongman.

As always I am going to start with a quick overview of what the book contains, and in the end, you will find my personal opinion on it.

Book overview

Who are you? What is your life?

The book starts right with the tough questions. Who are you even? And why? And where do you want to go? You probably never asked yourself these questions, and that’s why they are so hard. That’s why Live intentionally – A 90-day self-project starts with your mission. “Men are builders,” he says, and men “work best when we are creating something or working towards a goal”. This is your basis and it couldn’t be truer. Lucky for you, the book comes with a great goal attached. Fighting yourself for 90 days.

The book worked best for me like this: You read through it once, suck up all the important information, all the clearing up of misguidance you had all your life, and at the end, you get a workbook attached, with which you will fight yourself for 90 days. But before that, you read it a second time and do the exercises which are outlined in the book, like writing down the things you want in life.

So the first task is to design your life. Before you can live any life intentionally, you need to know what that life should look like. This is 100% your choice. Don’t care what anyone says, just design the life you want. I had a ton of fun doing this exercise. Obviously.

The junk of life

The next Chapter is literally called throwing the junk out, where Harsh gives you a ton of valuable information on what exactly is hindering you currently from achieving the life you desire. For example porn. Amongst other things, this is a big issue (and was for me) that keeps men these days from achieving. It kills your energy, and masculine power to pursue things. This part of the book is a tough one because you will need to really look at your life. And yourself. The bad habits you are currently engaging in. You know exactly which ones they are, but you won’t admit it. Trust me, I know. I did the challenge!

There are a bunch of bad habits we do each day, some of which you probably don’t realize yet. Don’t worry, Harsh has you covered. This chapter opened my eyes in many ways. He will give you guidance on how to quit it, plus, you will log your progress in your workbook.

Tools for success

The following chapters then contain a ton of very valuable tools on how to fix your life. From Meditation to your inner monologue. I particularly liked this part of the book, because he very deeply and with actionable advice tells you what you are doing wrong, and most importantly, how to correct it. There are a ton of books out there who just tell you what’s wrong, but don’t give help on how to fix it. This book is not one of them.

There are tons of examples on how you talk negatively to yourself, a topic which I touched as well before, and how to turn this into a self-talk that actually propels you forward, instead of holding you back. There is way more in there, this part alone covers most of the book, but I don’t want to spoil too much, especially how easily digestible, and readable he put it, you need to read it yourself. It’s a blast to read.

The body of life

Pretty much any book on selfconquering (get it?) has a plan for the gym and or diet in it, including mine. And rightly so, because as he states himself, the body is a vital part of your mental transformation. But Live Intentionally doesn’t only have general advice on how to diet, it also comes with a Fat Loss guide, if you happen to be one of the people who really have too much of it.

He ends the book with other habits you can add to your daily actions which might help you get from life what you always wanted, and, well, as the title suggests, live intentionally.

My opinion

Harsh’s book actually was a big reason why I started and kept working on my blog, and all my other endeavors. I knew I wanted to fix myself, but other than “get your shit together” almost nobody ever had proper advice on HOW to do it. Everyone can mourn people and their bad habits, but actually giving advice on the how is the vital part.

Therefore, I actually own Harsh a ton of my success throughout this book, and his second book The Art of Twitter.

The book isn’t dragged out, it’s cut to the core, vital and actionable advice to get you going immediately. It is NOT easy. 90 days of fighting yourself will be tough, but trust me, you come out a different person at the end. This is no LARPing around, this will transform yourself. Which is exactly what you want, right?

On failure

A picture of the 90 day self project workbook I did
My workbook, as you can see, I didn’t fully manage it all the time. But I did notice how I got better over the course of the 90 days.

I, personally didn’t check every single box in the workbook as you can see on the image. If anyone managed to do that, I’d be impressed. I probably will do the challenge again at some point to really see if I can do it. It’s almost like an addiction to get all boxes checked. That said, when you first start out with the workbook, do not expect miracles. This is not a cop-out to half-arse it, my weak friend. I am just saying, you will eventually have some bad thoughts throughout the 90 days, or not compliment someone that day. It’s fine, as long as the overwhelming part of it is checked.

Maybe Harsh utterly disagrees with me on this 😉

On length

Some people might say the book is quite short with 55 pages, but I disagree. If you spend 200 pages reading on how to fix yourself, you will probably be overwhelmed. This book is for starters. If you are a complete fuck-up right now, then this is your book. If you already fixed a ton of your issues, and you need deeper advice, then it isn’t for you.

The 90-day self-project attacks the biggest core issues you have or might have and aims to fix them. It is the groundwork you need to build before you can build a proper statue of yourself on top of it. That’s why I like the shortness of it, it doesn’t overwhelm you. It gets the point across and has enough food for thought to get things going. This book IS your baseline. Want to fix your life? Don’t know where to start? Get the book here and start winning.

Also, follow the Author, better known as LifeMathMoney on Twitter.

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