Book recommendations

Book recommendations

(Last updated: April 1st, 2020)

A man who does not read the teachings of other great man, is lost.

The conqueror

Thank you, great conqueror of worlds! He is right. If you want to conquer yourself, and the world, you need to be wise about it. Read the experiences of other great men to have guidance.

I don’t recommend books that I haven’t read or think are pointless. All the books you find below are on my bookshelf. Digital or analog.

OWN YOUR SHIT, Conquer life!

This one will transform your life.

the own your shit, conquer life book cover

With this book I wrote down my experiences and my journey when getting my shit together. But this isn’t just another self-help guru eBook. This one has a plan. A plan to conquer yourself.

Because there is only ONE way to get from life what you want. By owning your shit, and getting it done.

This book sets you up right. It is tough locker room language. No chit-chat. Just straight to the point, getting your mindset right. I want to make a great man out of you, who gets the sex-life he wants (married or not), money, and success!

eBook on Gumroad, or Paperback on Amazon.

My novel: Social Wars (Amazon)

I wrote a novel about how it could play out if we don’t do anything about this feminist society. It’s placed in the future chicago, where genders are weird, people have lots of sex, but no connection, and how it all might be steered by one person. Or not. And how one weak loser porn and videogame-addicted guy will have to become a real man to save his family.

Currently only available in German, but I am in the process of translating it.

Books by categories

To make it easier to choose for you, the following are books I’ve read, and would highly recommend, according to the categories they belong in.

Conquer the mind

Live intentionally! A 90-day self-project (Gumroad)

the live intentionally 90 day self project book cover

This book is tough. You will fight yourself for 90 days to see what you’re really made of. I did it myself, and it truly helps! Along with other books, this one made it possible to start this blog, fix myself, and get my own products out.
You definitely can’t miss this one. It won’t be easy, but very worth it! Only through struggle can we really know what we’re made of. Remember, hardship is the key to your soul.

If you’re not sure about buying it or not, read my review here.

Reclaim your Manhood (Gumroad eBook, Amazon US)

reclaim your manhood book cover

This is the book of my good friend Ryan from PathToManliness. This book will set the baseline for your journey. He wrote this book after his divorce and realizing a lot of the mistakes he made so far in his life.

He basically wrote this book for his younger self. Which is why it is perfect for guys in their twenties. If you are such a guy, you can’t miss this one. Well, generally, you shouldn’t miss this one.

It covers everything, your masculinity, friends, women, marriage, sex, money, purpose. Everything you been neglecting for so long.

No more Mister Nice Guy (Amazon US)

The no more mister nice guy book cover by dr. robert glover.

This is the bible. The book of setting your mind straight. The book of becoming a true man. It has the reasons why you are a loser. Why you don’t have the sex you want, the success you want, and the life you want. And actionable advice on how to set it all right!

This also ties heavily into Conquer women, but I put it here because this is the baseline of setting your mind right in general. That it works with women is just a byproduct. And it was THE book that got me on the healthiest journey to myself so far.

Ordinary men (Amazon US)

Ordinary Men book cover by christopher browning.

This is a very rough book. It outlines how ordinary men could become serial killers in World War II. You might be asking, “What does this have to do with anything?” Well, it teaches you an important lesson on how slow changes creeping in your life can have a huge effect. Be it bad habits you slowly accumulate, your girl slowly stopping to do things for you, and you slowly becoming addicted to bad stuff.

Tough read, some said, they had to put the book away because it was too heavy. Christopher Browning doesn’t cover anything up, this is direct language of genocide from the Nazis. But there is a lot to learn from it.

The way of men (Amazon US)

Book cover of the book The way of men by Jack Donovan

Another must-read if you have a dick. This book will set your mind right. What biology tells you since you were born. How you should act and behave like a man. What makes a real man. And why you feel wrong in this feminized society you so desperately try to appeal to.

No fluff, just clean, direct language on what men are like and why we are like that. This will change your mind about a lot of things in this current society. And if you don’t know who you are as a man, this will help you realize your masculinity.

Conquer money

The Bitcoin Saga (Gumroad)

This short 100-page book clears the fog around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s not solely used by criminals and to buy drugs you can’t trace. While I don’t know if it will ever be a full-fledged currency like the Dollar, it is an asset you can make money with.

Hence why I wrote the book. Because I made a bunch of money with it. Check out the book, and create another income stream.

The richest man in Babylon (Amazon US)

This book is literally about the richest man that ever lived in Babylon, and how he got rich. It has step by step instructions on how to set up your finances to make a ton of money over time. Can’t miss out on this one.

This is no bullshit book. You don’t make a million dollars in 2 weeks with this book. This sets up your finances properly and for the long-term plus a lot of important financial literacy, everyone should have.

Think and grow rich (Amazon US)

Think and grow rich by napoleon hill book cover.

This almost fits into the conquer your mind category as well, but it’s mostly about money, so I’ll keep it here. This is a short and small book, with much-needed info down to the core.

It tells you how money truly works. How your mindset is the key why you’re not rich yet, and how to set it up to become rich in the future. Must read for anybody, really.

Unless you don’t care much about money. I mean, sure, it’s just a store of energy. But it’s better to cry in a Mercedes, than under a bridge, am I right?

Conquer women

The rational male (Amazon US)

The rational male book cover

This is a gamechanger. You absolutely NEED to read this book at least once. It will hurt your soul. And change your life forever. About what women really want, how to get the sex you want, and how to control your life in your favor. But it is also a dangerous book, and has some footnotes, especially if you’re in a relationship. So I would recommend reading my summary first.

Also, be aware, this book is just a starting point. Do not be consumed by the anger you will develop. It is necessary, but you need to overcome it!

The mindful attraction plan (MAP) (Amazon US)

The mindful attraction plan book cover.

If you’ve been to the marriedredpill subreddit, you might have heard of the “MAP” a lot. The MAP (male action plan, or mindful attraction plan) is the plan you need to make to set your life straight. This book teaches you how to do it, what you’ve been doing wrong so far with women, and most importantly, yourself. It talks a lot about energy and how to cultivate it, which is the best way to get a woman.

However, this book is not just about women. The MAP will make you a great man overall. It is similar to the treasure map I have in my book, but this one is more deeply explained.

The married man sex life primer (Amazon US)

The married man sex life primer 2011 book cover by athol kay.

Even though this book is from 2011, it is still up-to-date as ever. The basics never change. Women still want to be submissive and want a proper masculine male. This book sets yourself up to navigate sex-life when you’re married for a while. How to keep it up (literally) if you decided to stick with one woman.

It’s basically how to apply “Game” in marriage, mixed with No more Mr. Nice Guy teachings and “The mystery method” all in one!

The Sex-God-Method (Free PDF Download)

the sex god method book cover

This book was sold once but is now free to download. If you’ve heard of the “DEVI-Method” it is from this book. It is from a man who was once a porn-addicted loser, turned his life around and now lives in a relationship with one woman, who gladly brings other girls to spice up the sex-life.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but this book outlines how you get women to want your dick. But be careful, not everyone can handle a woman who constantly wants you. If you’re single, in an LTR, or married, it doesn’t matter. You absolutely need to read this book. And, well, it’s free.

When I say No, I feel guilty (Amazon)

If you want to achieve literally anything in life, you need to be assertive. Which means, you need to be able to voice what you want in a manner that makes people more likely to give it to you.

So if you don’t get what you want. From your wife (sex), from your boss (money), from your friends (whatever), then this book is necessary for you.

You will unlearn arbitrary rules of guilt if you don’t behave as others want, so you are less likely to be manipulated. And then you will learn a bunch of tools on how to get what you want. Without manipulation. Just clear statements without falling in the traps of others. Truly a great book!

Those are the books I recommend reading. At least! This is your baseline. Along with my blog, that will set your mind straight.

But they are all useless.

If you don’t apply them. Reading them, and learning the teachings is necessary. But even more important is actually applying the knowledge. You will need to get out of your comfort zone and do these things mentioned in the books. Won’t be easy. But definitely worth it.

Read, think, apply, win.

That is the only order of things that works.

–Alexander Reich

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