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Parental advisory warning. This post will be tough!

It is not what you hear in society. That it is totally fine to cry as a man. That you need to be in tune with your emotions. You see the changes unfolding in current society with COVID and a huge power-grab? Evolve or die is the method for any man.

This post will show you the brutal, cold, savage nature of reality. You know all of this deep down, but you keep denying it. I will lace you with a wake-up call. 

Should men be allowed to cry?

In recent years and decades, it has become normal for men to cry. Even online. One of my idols of the past, Jordan B. Peterson is known for crying in public.

Initially, I thought this is coming from a strong man, and I still think he is a good man and you should listen to what he says. But no man is without fault.

And him crying in public is a wrong signal to men.

Because no man has a reason to cry.

Read that again, I am not saying you are not allowed to do it because who am I to tell you what to do? I am saying, you have no reason.

What are men crying about these days?

  • Mean Tweets
  • Being called names by strangers
  • Being pressured at work
  • Having to work a job they don’t like
  • A woman leaving them

This is a generation of utterly weak men. Because if you think about your grandfathers, you will quickly realize they had way more reasons to cry, but didn’t.

When they were 10 years old, they had the great depression in the USA. A ruined economy, no way to provide for their family. Then, World War II. At 15-18 years old, these men sat in boats landing on the beach of Normandy, bullets flying past their heads, hitting their best friend right in the heart.

A lot of these boats never made it to the beach. And once they dropped the front gate, many of them got blasted with huge caliber bullets from the enemy. The ones who made it, had to fight battle-seasoned Nazi’s in close combat.

When they succeeded they saw the evil of man by cleaning the concentration camps. Virtually seeing other humans brutally and ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis.

After World War II, if they survived, they came home to build a house with their bare hands, have a family, and raise their kids. Without lashing out at their kids out of resentment because they don’t listen.

These men had all the reasons to cry. But they didn’t. Why?

They were real men. They had to overcome struggle. Evolve or Die was the only way for success. And this is truer than ever.

Evolve or Die in a new society

alexander graves cigar world
The world is about to be lit once again. Are you prepared?

People talk a lot about Q. That movement that supposedly shall fix the United States again. It is hope porn and when Trump got kicked off the president’s chair, they became sad and depressed, because they rested all their hope on another man. Instead of themselves.

While great leaders are definitely necessary, nobody will come home to you and fix your life.

This is this new-age phenomenon of weak men, built in a corrupt society. Asking for other men to fix their life. Throwing tantrums so other men do what they want.

This is not how it works.

Evolve or Die.

The biggest hope porn for me is that people think we will go back to normal after COVID. It might even look like everything will be the same once Cafes open again. But behind the scenes, there were huge shifts.

The United States will fall. You just need to look at history.

It all works in cycles. The 200 year democracy cycle is overdue. The 80 year war cycle as well. Democracy will die soon. It was blindingly obvious with Biden winning and the Trillion-Dollar stimulus package he is planning.

Where is this money coming from?

They will print it. This will increase inflation and ruin the USD compared to other currencies worldwide. When people vote themselves into money by voting for the guy who promises them the most of the Kingdom’s treasure, this is when democracy dies.

I am not blackpilling or being cynic, even though I get accused of this all the time. I am telling you the cold, harsh reality. Look at history and decide for yourself what will be happening.

The US will fall. And with it big parts of Europe.

The last time an Empire this big fell was with Rome. After that, Europe dove into a 1,000 year depression. The dark ages.

Are you prepared? Will you evolve or die?

The mark of a man: adaptability

fiery masculinity banner

Real men were always able to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Any environment he finds himself in, he will thrive. He has to.

This is the difference between the manchild throwing a tantrum that the government doesn’t fix his issues and a real man. He makes it work through his unlimited willpower. No matter what.

This is the way of nature.

Nature is utterly brutal, immoral, and relentless in how it operates.

We forgot this harsh fact because we live in our sanitized bubbles we call cities. Outside the city walls, there is the brutal reality: survival of the fittest.

Evolution comes with pain. Brutality.

Growth is painful. A child cries in pain if its body is growing.

A larva has to go through a lot of pain to become a butterfly.

Pain is what makes a man.

Evolve or die.

The men from World War II weren’t dead logs emotionally. They learned to control their emotions, because they had to. Through heavy mental, emotional, and physical pain in war they had to learn to control themselves, their feelings, and their life.

This is what made them great men. They had to evolve or they would be killed. And thus the greatest generation of men (so far) is currently dying out. Left is a society of weaklings.

The cycles of nature. Of Evolution.

marble statue fighting
Which one of the two will you be?

Nature operates in cycles.

The Earth moves around the Sun. We have Seasons every year. The Sun comes up every morning, goes down every evening.

Clean cycles.

Women have monthly cycles. Humans have daily cycles of sleeping and being awake.

Through repetition (cycles) we learn things.

Cycles are the basic modus operandi of nature.

Human history works the same. Every 80 years we have a huge war because the newest generation wasn’t forged in pain. They didn’t have to evolve and grow, so they are weak. This weak generation will make for hard times. And those hard times will bring forth another bunch of great men. Thus the cycle repeats.

You know the poem:

  • Hard times create strong men.
  • Strong men create good times.
  • Good times create weak men.
  • Weak men create hard times.

This is the cycle of nature.

Currently, we are at “Weak men create hard times.” The baby boomer generation was living in the good times, when one man could provide for his whole family, buy a house and car with the standard factory job.

This created the weak men. Millennials. My generation.

I am disgusted by my peers who are led by women, controlled by the government, and easy pleasures. They ask for stimulus checks. Men of the past would have been offended by being offered free money. (Because they knew it isn’t free). 

No drive, no grit, no purpose.

They have nothing, they are nothing.

This is why hard times are created. They ruin the government by voting for leftist losers like Biden who give them everything they want. Especially all the countries’ money. Which will inevitably mean its ruin.

They don’t believe in a strong leading hand because they never had a father, a patriarch, or a strong masculine leader in their life. I know that, because I didn’t have that.

This strong leading hand telling them to get their shit fixed. To evolve or die. 

This hand that throws them in the cold water, so they learn themselves how to survive, how to succeed, instead of asking about every little detail.

A Feminized Society of weak men

I made a short 5-minute clip about this topic. We currently live in a feminized society. This is inevitable in the current cycle.

With the absence of strong men, women are forced to take manly roles, which generally lowers femininity in society and women, and raises it in men.

This imbalance of the genders is what ruins the effectiveness of men and women.

Yesterday I was watching Mad Men with my wife. A show based in the 50s. Good times. Creating weak men. Good show, displaying a bunch of strong characters. Confident, successful men. However, there are also a lot of weaklings.

The first wave of weak men. Don Draper cried because his wife found out about his fake persona and who he really is.

I said he has no reason to cry there. My wife said, “I think man can cry, but maybe not in that situation.”

I said, “I don’t think a man has any reason to cry, ever.”

“No, that’s not the case.”

If a man hears this from a woman, that it’s totally fine to cry, he will do it. Because there is no father figure to teach him the opposite.

I stand by this. There is absolutely no reason to cry in your life. If you were storming the beaches in World War II, maybe you had a reason. But you had no time to do so. Evolve or die. You had to fight, or sit there, cry, and be killed.

Man only cries when he has time to do so.

I work all day, every day. I virtually don’t have time for diving this heavy into emotions. I feel them. I accept them, and I decide to work anyway. It is a conscious decision.

This IS what makes us men. Rational Males. Women are emotional. Driven by their impulses and it’s fine. Man is the counterpart. We are as rational as a human being can be. Thus great empires and civilizations were built.

By deciding to go for the rational, unempathetic, brutal, but correct decision. Instead of crying about the unfairness of life.

Fairness is a luxury.

There is no luxury in war times.

You’ll be tested soon. Evolve or Die.

marble statue emperor
Will you be the emperor in a new world? A strong man out of hard times?

Now that we are creating hard times (which I think is inevitable, even if most humans would be aware of it), you will be tested soon.

This is why I, for example, created the League of Shadows.

I wanted to build men who can survive anything in the upcoming times.

We all will be tested, and maybe I won’t even make it. Who knows?

But at least I am anticipating what might be happening, and I am prepared for most of it. The cultural war is already happening. Maybe there will be a physical war. Like a new civil war because the West will dive into a depression.

It is very likely at this point because FIAT currency will virtually be worthless soon.

You think you can keep your house which is owned by the bank via mortgage? Think again.

You think that stimulus check will help you when the currency is worthless? I am from Germany. After WW2, people had to roll wheelbarrows full of money to the bakery for a slice of bread. This is inflation.

Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies. And feminine democracies give way to tyranny.


After democracy, you usually end up in a dictatorship. Because the strong men from another country just take yours and rule with an iron fist. Check history again. True throughout any empire.

Biden himself is already displaying dictator traits. It is hard to say if he will be the dictator, or if he is part of the feminine democracy that gets brutally eradicated. I can’t predict the future. I am just aligning patterns.

Either way, the question is if you are prepared?

Are you making money online?

Are you physically able to defend yourself and your loved ones?

Do you have a brotherhood of men you can call and/or ask when shit hits the fan?

Or are you, like most people, living on hope and let fate decide for you?

Evolve or Die.

Will you Evolve to live in the new (online) world? Or will you go down in the old world?

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