The Dark Reality of a Feminized Society

This might be the most important post on this blog. Because a whole lot of men do all kinds of pointless acting to get the acceptance of their women. And what do you get? No sex. No admiration, and a ton of nagging.

You have been lied to all your life. Covered in lies by a deceiving and corrupt society. Don’t fret. It is not your fault, but it is time that you wake up to the cold harsh reality and understand why jerks get all the women, and why you should never listen to anything the Media or society tells you about women. If you want to have any success with them.

That’s the dark reality of the feminized society. Which is their first lie we will dive into. The Patriarchy is long dead. We live in a society totally geared towards women.

Female chimps

There is a reason we call it “Mother Nature.” Nature is female.

Here is a dark reality. Lots of men have no kids. Their genes just die out. However, there is almost no woman who doesn’t have one child or more. Why is that? She is the gatekeeper to reproductive success. And the woman chooses who gets to further his genetic material.

Now, this is one of the lies of this society, but let’s discover a quick reality about female humans compared to females from other species.

Female humans are the only ones of 5,000 mammal species where the woman actually chooses who to mate with.

A conqueror of women knows that a mother and a wife are worlds apart.

In any other mammal species, for example, chimps, the females go into heat, and then they mate with whoever comes by. Natural selection is then done by the Alpha Males chasing away the betas. This then is where the males choose who gets to further their genetic material. Not the females.

In female humans, however, they choose their mating partner. There is no alpha coming in interfering with sexual manifestations to chasing the betas away. The female has a big say in who gets to further their genetic material.

This is also the reason why being rejected is so hard on men. It’s not just that the woman doesn’t want to have sex with you, it is nature itself who tells you that you are not fit to survive. Nature itself rejects you.

What a woman actually says, if she rejects you, is, “I don’t mind your physical presence, but your genes should definitely not survive another generation.”

Which is generally translated into, “I think we should just be friends.”
–Freely quoted from Jordan Peterson.

So we men grow up with this picture of divinity. You come out of your mother. A woman.

She literally brought you to life (although she didn’t actually make you. That is the man’s part. Women get fertilized, men create; food for thought).

And then she takes care of you forever. Showers you with love. So you grow up with this image of the female in your mind. A god-like creature that literally keeps you alive. And all the other women reign over the gates to reproductive success. Or do they?

Do women really choose who they mate with?

nice guy gets laid free info

One thing I have discovered is that if you change yourself to become a prolific, successful, and powerful man, women are attracted to you.

Much like you are attracted to a woman with “fertile features” in her physical display.

We also know, that all women compete for the top 3% of men. And in that realm, the men absolutely choose who gets to be queen. I ask you then, do women really choose who to mate with? Or do they settle for less if they cannot compete higher and “be picked?”

Is it still the Alpha Men chasing the betas away? Just not directly, but indirectly through their status?

I am here to shatter the divine image of the female you have in your mind. It was instilled in you by a corrupt society, yearning for control of masculinity. It is the high-value, unchained men that choose who gets to further his genetic material. Not the women.

A society of goddesses

Super hot blonde woman with angel wings asking the question are women human?
Somen women are so beautiful and breathtaking, they must be divine beings, right?

If you grew up like I did, then you didn’t have a father or any masculine figure, growing up.

You’re not the exception, more than 20 million children live in homes without a father (in America), many million more grow up with a physically present father, and that’s it.

So your mother does most of the heavy lifting. Emotionally, as well as raising you with values. Your grandmother is probably still around, another female imprinting on you.

Then you get thrown into kindergarten. Overwhelmingly female caretakers. A man doing that job is very rare.

School comes by. Mostly female teachers. In the United States alone, 94% of teachers in preliminary schools were female.

You get the picture. You grow up in a feminized society surrounded by females who are “above you” in virtues, morals, and how you should behave. Ask yourself when you grew up. When was there ever a male authority figure?

Very rarely, right?

So you grow up with all females being authority and sources of knowledge. On top of that, they are undeniable beautiful. They make your dick go crazy, and sex feels like heaven itself.

Naturally, you would ask yourself, “Are women human?”

This is by design.

The implications of the divine

Portrait of a very beautiful black haired woman
Some women are so gorgeous, they look like they’re not from this earth. Don’t be fooled.

The problem with any god-like creature, or let’s call it an “idol” is that it is also a judge. Jordan Peterson famously said that to tribute him.

An idol always judges you. Either if you are not enough of a person to be on the same stage as the idol, or you’re not worthy enough to be with the idol. In this case, the female at large.

A wise man knows if you shall make the feminine into a god, you erase her out of reality.

Just like a god who always judges people for their shortcomings. For they are never enough to aspire to his holiness.

This is precisely what has been instilled in you over decades in this feminized society. That you need to set yourself on fire to provide for your woman. That you as a man are expendable and worthless. And through making your wife happy, your life gets meaning.

If you put women on this pedestal, make them this divine in your head, you will never have a functioning relationship with any woman, ever.

Further display of a feminized society

Once I finally understand how society is geared against me, I noticed all the setups for this surfacing. Blindingly obvious once you truly see reality.

You might not see it yet, so let me give you a quick list of things in our feminized society that are geared towards women.

  • Quotas favor women virtually by design
  • The school system is set up for how women learn and operate, not men
  • Marriage and Divorce favor the woman in all regards. It is always a losing bet for a man
  • The law for child custody is heavily in favor of the woman
  • A woman gets to abort a child without your consent because it’s her body. Doesn’t matter that it’s also your child
  • A woman has inherent value, a man needs to prove it
  • The American Dream is the female dream. An Unchained Man has no interest in paying all his life for a house and one woman
  • The female sexual strategy (hypergamy) is considered the correct way to live, as opposed to the male one (polygamy)
  • You’re a “good man” if you take a single mom that has been whoring around for decades as your wife. If you don’t, you’re an asshole
  • If you don’t want to rail a fat chick, you’re an asshole. But it’s normal for women to only go for tall men

The important part you have to understand about what I am telling you right now is this: This is not to hate on women.

This post is designed to wake you up to a brutal reality. To finally accept the dark reality of a feminized society. To finally understand where you truly live and stop blinding yourself with comforting lies.

In today’s society, being an average man is a total loss. The female virtually rules over everything and you don’t have the law on your side in the slightest bit. There is no point in hating women or society for this. You need to take correct assessment of your situation and act accordingly.

Look at your life. Where do you truly have control? And where do the women rule?

Real women and divine women

female goddess with hawk

Women are humans, just like men. That means they have issues, they act stupid sometimes, and while many men try to erase it out of reality, they do the same nasty stuff on the toilet as we do.

They can be dirty, ugly, and even irritating as fuck. This means, if you portray the divine picture onto any woman, she can never achieve it.

No woman can ever be like the divine picture you have of her.

They know that themselves very well. The majority of women has no interest in being treated like a goddess. They might mouth these words, but this is only to test your grit. If you willingly become her servant or not. While it might look that this feminized society serves women quite well, it actually doesn’t.

A woman’s nature is to be submissive to a great man. This is her purpose. Family. This is what makes her feel whole and happy.

However, due to a total lack of great men, they settle for less. And they don’t like submitting to a loser. Understandable. This is where they exert the power that was given to them by society.

Being a man in a feminized society

50 shades of grey official trailer screenshot
There is a reason the 50 Shades of Grey novels were the fastest selling novels of all time. Women don’t want to be goddesses, they want to submit.

The most crucial part is killing the evil queen. Remember sleeping beauty? The Disney movie? The guy has to kill the evil queen before he can wake up sleeping beauty with a kiss.

That is a metaphor for real life.

Especially in a feminized society like ours.

You need to slay that divine image of the female you have before you can actually have a proper relationship with ANY woman.

The boy turns into a man once the image of the feminine in his mind is killed and replaced with reality.

You probably haven’t seen 50 Shades of Grey (it’s not a good movie anyway), but the novels for it are about an average woman who meets a billionaire successful man with a BDSM fetish.

She is hesitant at first, but will then happily submit to him.

This is her fantasy.

This is ANY woman’s fantasy! There is a reason they sold these books so damn quick. It’s what half of the population wants!

The high-value man going for the average woman. She doesn’t have to compete with other women, she gets the rich, strong man who brings her a lot of crazy and heavy experiences. A woman’s dream. And a feminized society perfectly set up for this.

Stop sacrificing yourself and your traits for the goddess

The feminized society tells lots of weak men, the infamous Nice Guys, they must bring lots and lots of sacrifices to their girls. Maybe you do that, too.

You give up your hobbies, you do everything she says, pick up all the chores at home. But she still doesn’t romp you.

Because in that relationship, she isn’t a woman. She is a god, and you are a servant. A peasant.

And god’s never fuck with peasants.

It’s beneath their worth. You are not worthy of penetrating her. Physically as well as mentally. But this isn’t her fault. Most women don’t think of themselves as goddesses (some do, but they’re trash anyway).

It is in YOUR mind. You are the one projecting that image onto her.

Whenever she acts weird, you blame yourself. You didn’t honor the goddess enough. Or not right. When in reality, she was just acting stupidly, and you should call her out for that. But due to years of indoctrination, you are afraid. She is infallible, right? It is you who just “doesn’t understand her.” It is you who is getting that behavior out of her.

Do you not see where you are being deceived here?

Divine Image versus reality

When you get together with a woman, and you don’t have feelings yet, you are usually yourself. A man. You do what you like. An Unchained Man.

This is the man she falls in love with. But over time, lots of men tend to succumb to the goddess. Their image of her.

Which is false. Not rooted in reality.

And then what happens? She starts to notice that her fantasy of you, the ‘you’ she has in her head isn’t reality. She’d like to be submissive and suck this guys’ brains out for days.

But this man isn’t there. It’s an image. A fantasy. He’s gone.

He changed into that simp. You’ve changed into that cuck.

This is also referred to as “losing frame.”

Becoming one with your dick

own your sht make her submit

What you need to do then is accept yourself. And your woman. You both are humans. None of you is some form of god.

You have issues. She has issues. Kill that goddess – servant image. You are not there to serve her.

A wise man values his time. The feminine has to be worthy of it as much as anyone else.

She acts out? Irritating as fuck? Don’t try to do more chores to make her happy. Tell her she’s annoying as hell right now. Show her, that if she doesn’t earn your time, there are enough women out there who are willing to earn it.

Embrace who you are as a man. You’re 50% of a relationship. Not 20%. Don’t just be the provider guy, working all day to make money she spends on bullshit while she sucks the post mate.

Stand up for your goddamn self!

You have as much right to have your needs met as she does!

The conqueror does not succumb his needs for avoiding battles, for then he will lose the battle against himself.

You might think you will lose her in the process. Unlikely. Most women actually want you to be a man. This is also how you get her to fuck you again.

But even if you lose her. Congratulations. You got out of a manipulating relationship. And trust me, you will be at peace with yourself. For you have stood up for yourself. For being a man. Caged in a feminized society.

–Alexander Graves

Did that open your eyes? Have you been in a servant relationship to the female goddess? Do you now understand the dark reality of our feminized society, and how it’s deluded you into giving up your status as the conqueror and king? Let me know your story in the comments!

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