If you actually, truly want to have a proper body, a masculine Adonis body, you need a gym routine. A real program. Stop LARPing around at the gym, moving some weights about, not achieving anything. I am affiliated with Alexander Cortes, famously known as “AJAC”. He has been training people for over ten years, and has created a ton of great bodies. His knowledge is one of the best you can get.

And he has a ton of great programs. Links will get you to his Gumroad store.

Note: All the programs do contain nutrition and diet plans and guidelines, not just which exercises to do. Most of them are also set plans as to how often you need to hit the gym. Images are courtesy of Alexander Cortes’ website.

Bodyweight Bedrock

the bodyweight bedrock program by alexander cortes

The cheapest program, but that doesn’t mean anything. This program is designed to only use your bodyweight. This program helps for military fitness training, as well as general athleticism by only using your bodyweight and still gaining strength and muscle.

You need a little bit of equipment at home or at the gym for doing this. But it is explained after you click the link.

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The Achilles program

brad pitt as achilles in the movie troy

If you ever came across my Youtube channel or found this post, you know how the movie Troy is a great display of masculinity. And especially Achilles, played by Brad Pitt has a mad good physique. Also the one, women enjoy the most. It’s no crazy buff physique, it’s muscular, lean, and forceful. My personal favorite program.

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The achilles program by alexander cortes.
Achilles program by Alexander Cortes.

The Wolverine program

The wolverine physique program by Alexander Cortes

Hugh Jackman molded his body over the 17 years he played Wolverine. Alexander Cortes basically wrote a case-study with this program how he did it, and how you can achieve that physique as well. As any of his programs, this is not easy. But easy is for quitters.

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The wolverine program by alexander cortes.
The Wolverine program by Alexander Cortes.

Fight Club Physique Program

fight club physique program by Alexander Cortes

This is more than just a body building program. This does not only set your body right, it also sets your mind in place. Alexander Cortes wrote a Manifesto on how thrive in the modern world. Physically as well as mentally. The movie Fight Club is still well known for its mindset hints, well, the whole movie is a metaphor for a masculine mindset. Get this program, set your mind right, and build a proper body alongside.

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The Fight club physique program by Alexander Cortes.
The Fight Club Physique program is not just for your body. Also for your soul.

The Ultimate fat burning program

This is actually five programs in one. Alexander Cortes put five of his best selling programs about fat loss into this one. I was about to write “If you can’t lose bodyfat with this one, you can’t with anyone” but this is bullshit. You will, 100% lose stubborn, and annoying bodyfat if you follow this program. Muscles are one thing, but you actually need to see them!

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The ultimate fat burning program by alexander cortes.
Have some annoying bodyfat that just doesn’t get lost? This program is yours.

The Tall man training (6ft+)

If you’re a huge dude, you need a different approach. Most tall guys are usually also skinny. Is that you? Then this is your program. Being big you already have a nice advantage, but how about also being buff? Muscular? And sexy? Tall man training is your program developed by Alexander Cortes which will set you up.

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The tall man training by alexander cortes.
The tall man training for dudes over 6ft who just are a bit too skinny.

The Tor program

Image result for thor physique

This is a mass gaining program if you really want to BULK. It uses Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in the Marvel movies as a case study. This is not a “lean and fit” program, this is “big and muscular”. If that is your thing, get this shit going. As with any of Alexander Cortes’ programs, this also includes nutrition and diet.

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The tor program by alexander cortes.
The tor program if you want to be big and muscular. This is NOT for being lean!