How we lie to our men – Part I, true masculinity

Over the years, this society became more and more feminine. Masculinity is on a mad drop.

What are the results? Sexless marriages, communism on the rise, genderfluid people, and guys twerking for climate change.

This society is in desperate need of true men. But what makes a true man? What is true masculinity? And why is it being suppressed?

Feminized society

Also, I made a Youtube Video about the movie Troy where this is greatly displayed, as well.

A clip from my Youtube channel where I used the movie Troy to show what true masculinity is.

Over the years, society has told you and other young men, that you should be “in tune with your feminine” side. Which means, being more sensible, display your feelings, and whatnot.

Because the aggressiveness of a man is bad.

So we raise little boys like they are broken girls. Try to make them more feminine, don’t fight with others in the mud (if you happen to be one of the lucky kids who gets to fight outside, instead of on your console).

We tell guys “Happy wife, happy life” which is by my accord the most atrocious bullshit this weird-ass society has ever pulled.

Really? If she is happy, everything’s fine? Your happiness? “Nah, who cares? Make the goddess happy.

What did we get out of this?

Where did this come from?

From a lack of great men, really. We let the women run rampant.

It was disguised under the “equality” curtain, but in reality, nobody kept the women in check. The majority of women don’t care about power, because they are in tune with their femininity.

But the social justice warriors and feminazis only want one thing: power.

Mostly because they can’t be who they truly want to be: women.

Most SJW’s aren’t mad at you or society. They are mad that they can’t be who they want to be. Because they are too lazy to put in the work to be a woman.

So they try to change everyone else to fit into their view and do as they please.

It’s always easier to blame others than to change yourself.

True masculinity

A display of true masculinity

Men have always ruled the world. This hasn’t changed in thousands of years. We have built everything you see, everything you work with, everything you spend time with. And in the process, we also burned everything to the ground and built it up again.

We do what we like.

That is true masculinity: A man does things.

He creates. Builds. Destroys. Rebuilds. Destroys again.

A man cannot sit still his whole life. He has to do, build, create, destroy. For his worth is only a mirror of what he achieved.

The conqueror

It is the way of things. Just like nature (although it is feminine) destroys itself each winter, and builds itself up again each spring, so do men with civilizations and societies.

It’s like buying a new phone. Burn off the deadwood, start off anew.

Biology and true masculinity

a sexy muscular warrior displaying true masculinity

Let’s talk about sex (even though I go deeper into this here). Even in our deepest desire, the most basic human thing; in sex, the man creates.

We create life. The sperm is already a living being when it leaves your dick. They already waddle around and try to get to the egg.

The man creates, the women receives.

This is equally displayed in the most classic position. Missionary. The man thrusts, the woman receives.

Sperm moves and tries to fertilize whatever comes by. The egg is stationary and is to be fertilized.

Our basic biology tells us, what men do and should do, and what women do and should do. Men are here to do. Create and build.

We make the decisions.

The egg is stationary, it can’t move. It can’t decide where to go or who to be fertilized by. The man chooses where to put his sperm. And the sperm then fight each other, as men do, win over the others to get the reward.

A man who denies his basic biology is not a man; by definition.

The conqueror

Modern masculinity

Yet, modern men suppress their deepest biology. They’ve lost touch with their own manliness.

What they should do and why they are on this earth. Hence it is not a surprise that women don’t want to fuck you. You’re not really a man, why would she have a desire for you?

Why should colleagues and peers respect you? If you don’t conquer the world?

Why should you respect yourself, if you can’t even control your own desires?

So we end up with this weak, useless, whiny slob that is reading this article right now. Did I hurt your feelings? Man the fuck up!

I’m a random dude writing on a blog. How could I ever hurt your feelings? Because you let me! You give away power. Anyone who can make you mad with shit like that has control over you. Not a good feeling, is it?

If you’re a young man, congratulations, you found this very important information much sooner than I – and most men – did.

Make use of it! Be a real man. And check this post out from my good friend from LifeMathMoney with 19 lessons for teenagers and young men.

Listen to reality

Lots of you guys have been conditioned by society. But those are the wrong “women” to listen to. You should listen to the actual girls out there. And check back with the man within you, if it applies.

Most women tell you straight up what they want. A truly masculine man. Who has charge. Is in tune with himself. Stands up for what is right. Follows his passions.

And whenever you read one of these news stories about how manspreading is wrong, and how you should ask for consent, before you approach a woman, listen to your inner self. Does this feel right? Does this feel like something a conqueror would do?


You don’t need permission from anyone.

A great man does not ask for permission. If anything, he asks for forgiveness afterward.

The conqueror

The weirdest thing when guys need to ask their wives if they can do XYZ. Who is in charge in this scenario? You or her?

You can ask for her opinion, but ultimately it is YOUR decision what you do with YOUR time. No one else has a say in that.

Masculine traits

An emperor on a horse with his servant
Are you a conqueror? Or just a shell of what your ancestors were?

So what then makes a true man? A man who is desired by women, people, friends, and family, and can change the world for good?

  • Vision
  • Strength
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Decisiveness


A true man has a vision for his life. He wants to achieve something. It doesn’t matter what it is, everyone has their own goals. But you know exactly what you want, and most importantly, you go after it.

This is a big part of the male frame, which is the basis for interacting with women as well.

You don’t sit around, thinking all the time on how to do it. You go out and do.

And while you do, you learn from mistakes, adjust your course, and keep failing forward.

A man without a vision for his life is lost.

The conqueror


This is physically as well as mentally.

You need physical strength to protect your loved ones. You never know what happens in this world.

A man needs to be able to protect himself and others. At any given time. Plus, the respect you gain for yourself by molding a proper masculine body can’t be faked. The iron never lies.

Mental strength is dealing with the curveballs of life as well as with the feminine chaos. Women are emotional.

They throw tantrums, shit-tests, and whatnot. A proper man is a pillar in this room. He stands the tests with ease and does not kneel to any shit thrown towards him.

Leonidas from 300 holding his shield against a storm.

If you follow a mission, you will encounter a ton of issues, problems, and drawbacks.

You need the mental strength to not fall down crying at every small issue. You face them full-frontal. That’s why men are aggressive. They attack problems.

A man’s true strength comes from being tested a thousand times.

The conqueror


Your armor will be tested from all sides. Women, bosses, kids, friends, family, colleagues.

Everyone will intentionally or unintentionally test if your virtues are true. If you really stand for what you believe in. This is integrity. You live by your virtues at all times.

This also means you stand up for other people. If a man is bashed in a conversation, although you know he is right, you stand up for him and fight on his side. You don’t let him drown in bullshit. You fight for what is right!

A true man can never let his values be undermined. He fights for them against all odds.

The conqueror


True confidence is built. By what you already achieved, and all the hardship you went through. You can only fake so much confidence.

At some point, it will shine through. A truly confident man knows what he is capable of.

He attacks life with full confidence since he knows he can handle it. And if he can’t, he knows he will learn from it to fight it again.

A man’s confidence is like a metal shield. Through hourless beating on its material, it becomes impenetrable.

The conqueror

Confidence is not second-guessing everything you do. Overthinking. You believe in who you are. You are comfortable with that person. Your true masculinity.

A man knows, he has flaws. He doesn’t hide them. Real confidence is knowing everything you’re bad at, but not hiding it. If you accept all your flaws, nobody can harm you. There is nothing someone can attack you with. The result of this is pure, uncovered confidence in yourself.

lambo successpost


There is nothing more annoying than a man who doesn’t lead. Who doesn’t take charge. Women tell you they hate it. And so does everybody else.

A conqueror needs to lead himself and other people. You can’t lead if you can’t make decisions.

For yourself, as well as for other people. Especially our own family.

It is on you to decide. This has the burden of responsibility, but also the reward of being responsible for a positive outcome.

The nature of man makes him a leader. A man who does not lead, is denying his deepest self.

The conqueror

As I told you before. The female egg doesn’t decide anything, it is stationary. It is on the man to decide where to go, what to do, who to fertilize. It is your deepest biology to make decisions. Do not suppress it!

Take the lead!

The counterculture

Handsome bearded man in front of motorcycle
Being a masculine man these days makes you the counterculture. Embrace it. Feed off of it.

Those are only five traits of masculinity. There is obviously way more to being a man.

I would highly recommend reading the following two articles on true masculinity, and, The way of Men. A great book by Jack Donovan, every man should have read. It’s the manliness-bible.

It details what man is actually about. How he came to be who he is. And why you should get back to being a real man.

This society fights true masculinity like crazy. Multiple reasons for that which would make this article too long. Just realize that being a classic man is now the counterculture.

The majority of people are depressed, lazy, non-achieving, tired, useless. So, your best bet is to just not be like the majority of people, right? It’s not that hard.

Get back with your biology. Become a real man.

As nature designed you.

Trust me, as someone who been on both sides, the masculine side is much, much better.

In all regards. And one very important factor is how it will affect your going with women and sex. Which is the next article. If you want to get the sex you always wanted, you just need to be a real man. Find out in part II.

–Alexander Reich

Have you been lied to what true masculinity is? Positive masculinity? Probably your whole life? Let me know in the comments what you experienced!

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