Gym Programs By a 10 Year Professional

No, I am NOT that professional. I want the best for you, so I got someone else that is.

Who is the Trainer?

alexander cortes

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes, also known as AJAC is a personal fitness trainer for over 10 years.

He amassed over 150,000 followers on Twitter and made over $1m with his products. 

He offers over 100 products, but I boiled it down to my favorite 4 to make it easier for you.

More about him here: AJAC on Twitter.

Most Affordable, From Home

Bodyweight 20Bedrock 20Gumroad

This program is designed to only use your bodyweight. This program helps for military fitness training, as well as general athleticism by only using your bodyweight and still gaining strength and muscle.

You need a little bit of equipment at home or at the gym for doing this. But it is explained after you click the link.

The Best, The Strongest

Achilles Mockup 1

If you ever came across my Youtube channel or found this post, you know how the movie Troy is a great display of masculinity. And especially Achilles, played by Brad Pitt has a mad good physique. Also the one, women enjoy the most. It’s no crazy buff physique, it’s muscular, lean, and forceful. My personal favorite program. Been using it for ages!

The Body Mind Symbiont

fight club physique mockup 300x300 1

This program is not just a gym routine. It is a body and mind symbiont development program. If you don’t know the Fight Club movie, you should definitely watch it.

But either way, Alexander is making not only your body more resilient with this program, your mind as well. This will set you up like no other program. Highly recommended!

Fat Burning Focus

ajac fat loss guide

This is actually five programs in one. Alexander Cortes put five of his best selling programs about fat loss into this one. I was about to write “If you can’t lose bodyfat with this one, you can’t with anyone” but this is bullshit.

You will, 100% lose, stubborn, and annoying bodyfat if you follow this program. Muscles are one thing, but you actually need to see them!

THE Only Nutrition Program

The AJAC Diet book cover

This is not a gym program. It is literally just how AJAC himself eats, what and why he does it, including a ton of scientific evidence as to what we should be eating, why it is important, and why the mainstream advice is bullshit.

He goes really deep into diet, and since they say, the best bodies are built in the kitchen, you absolutely need this one.