How COVID will end and pull you into Slavery

a society of sheep

The world is now talking about COVID passports to move around freely as it is something completely normal.

Nobody ever asks questions. They just want this virus gone (which a vaccine won’t do… the flu is still around right?) and they are driven by fear. Nobody really questions how COVID will end and reshape our whole of society.

So I thought it is time for a post about COVID, the mistakes virtually everyone is making, how people are so hopelessly dependent on this corrupt system that they fight to protect it, and, most importantly, in what kind of a slavery we are heading.

A Society of Sheep

This is a chapter in my book The Unchained Man. I open the chapter with a dark reality that will help you to understand why we are heading into slavery.

This has happened many times in the past, and because “history is doomed to repeat itself” I see the same patterns emerging again.

Understand and accept the harsh reality: we live in a feminized society (click for more detail, too much for this post). 

With that being the case, it makes total sense why people push others (!) to wear masks for example. It is rooted in empathy.

“It is to protect others, not yourself.”

Ironic, isn’t it?

A truly feminine trait to mostly look at others. It is also a great machiavellian manipulation tactic. Because the establishment doesn’t need to do anything. The citizens will push each other to wear these (as we know) useless masks. By guilt-tripping (another female trait).

A free man doesn’t care what others think of him. He would ask, “Why do you want to muzzle me for a Virus with a 99.8% survival rate?”

But since we are very feminized, we do as the other people tell us, despite the fact we know better. I heard many people already question everything about COVID and especially the effectiveness of masks, but they still do it because they fear external scolding from strangers.

It is then when I realized last year that we live in a society of sheep.

Someone I know said, “Don’t question it too much, just do what they say.”

If that isn’t exactly how a sheep (slave) would behave, I don’t know what is. Don’t question the masters, live your miserable life.

The key thing to understand is that these people are so inured, so heavily dependent on the system, it is not that they don’t see reality. It is that they don’t want to see it. 

They will fight to protect it because they would have no other means of living if the establishment would be gone.

This is why COVID will be used to push Universal Basic Income. It is THE best method to control the population.

Think about it. People already have no other way to make money (or so they think) then working for corporate jobs. Most people I talk to don’t even realize they CAN make money online, outside the grid.

It isn’t even on their mind that this could set them free.

And if they get their money directly from the government, they have to do what they say, otherwise, their survival is at stake.

The Power of Fear used with COVID

fearful man eyes
Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It overrides everything.

You have to understand one clear thing: If you experience fear, your higher brain functions are turned off. You only want the source of the fear to be gone. No matter what.

It overrides common sense and logical thinking.

This then naturally explains why people want a vaccine and truly think this will end COVID. How so?

We have a flu vaccine for decades now. The flu is still around. The COVID vaccine is not going to eradicate the virus.

It will never be gone. And frankly, with a survival rate close to 100% why would we care about it?

However, the Media tells us that this is the solution to all our problems. Once the vaccine is there and everybody has it, we can finally open up again.

Or so people thought.

Men of the Dark immediately saw the reality happening here. 

If you think about it, the numbers being mentioned in the media cannot be true, right? I know of ZERO people who actually had COVID, and if someone mentions they had it, nobody ever died from it.

Or if they died, they also had other severe health issues.

Someone I know said they know someone who died of COVID. Right after it, they added, “He also had a cancerous tumor, but COVID gave him the rest.”

Do you see what is happening here? People are already so indoctrinated, they truly think COVID is the killer here when someone has a fucking cancerous tumor.

A light cold could’ve given him the rest.

The Media did a good job at indoctrinating people.

This whole thing is a push for power.

Naturally, at this point, you would want to put a tinfoil hat on my head. So let me explain what already happened and where we will be going.

How COVID is used to control the population (so far)

Man being controlled like a puppet
  • You cannot move around freely. Your basic right has been taken away
  • While lockdown, you weren’t even allowed to leave your house. For example, in Germany, we have a literal curtain after 8 pm. Nobody thought about the fact that this is virtually against human rights.
  • The government literally tells you what you have to wear on your face
  • You are being told how to behave with other people (distancing, no hand-shaking etc)
  • You cannot indulge in personal fun activities (for example eating out), but it’s totally fine to meet other people at your irrelevant job
  • You are forced to have a stick shoved up your brain (COVID test) to go somewhere you want
  • You are more concerned about being fined for not adhering to the rules than catching the actual virus

Just a few examples where the government literally tells you what to do with your life.

Is this the mark of a free man? Or of a slave?

Again, the method of control here is fear. Or the positive version used in the media, “safety.”

This is all to get rid of the virus. For this, we need to give up certain rights. That would make sense if this virus would even be half as dangerous as it is promoted. And even then, I argue grown adults could protect themselves well enough.

You don’t need to government to know you don’t go outside when there is a raging virus killing millions of people.

They cannot sell you freedom anymore, because people realized massive mortgages and slaving away your best years in a meaningless job is not freedom.

So now they use “safety” to control you.

Every time they take away more of your freedom, it is disguised as safety. Safety for others. For you. For your children.

See the dark reality. They use your emotions of fear and caring for your loved ones to control your behavior. You deny it, I know. Because if you accepted it, it would mean your current reality would shatter.

I might push you into an existential crisis with this post. Sorry, not sorry. It is important to not be fooled.

COVID is a virus for the middle-class

It’s funny to me that people (maybe you) truly think the government has the best for you in mind. They never wear masks in their meetings. They get constantly caught not following their own rules.

They go on vacations. They meet with tons of people all the time.

Nobody bats an eye.

This blind trust in the government has been established over decades. Plus, again, realizing that the government is not your friend is tough for many to comprehend. Denying it is definitely easier.

Here are a few interesting facts:

  • There are no mask mandates on private planes (at least in the beginning there weren’t)
  • The rich can freely move around the world, a two-week quarantine is not an issue for them. IF they adhere to it
  • Any sort of fine for not wearing masks can just be paid
  • We have video evidence of people getting vaccinated, but the syringe never entered their body
  • The poor don’t care about the virus, they have nothing to lose anyway
  • Nobody checks them because they cannot fine them anyway. There is no money to be made or people controlled.

If you don’t have money, you don’t care about this virus. If you do have money, you just pay for any sort of “issues.”

Only you, as a middle-class wage-slave you have to adhere to these rules.

Your mortgage and debt are so tough, you cannot afford to pay a few thousand bucks for being fined. But you also have too much to lose to not care.

This virus and the rules around it were designed for you.

And now we get the vaccine.

Why the COVID vaccine is pointless

I mentioned already that a vaccine does not eradicate the virus. They even say themself that you can still get COVID. Apparently, it just isn’t “as severe.”

You mean to tell me, I should inject a neurotoxin into my body, which I don’t know what’s in there, this hasn’t been tested at all, was rushed onto the market, for a virus that ALREADY doesn’t kill me in 99.8% of cases only to reduce that likelihood even more?

No, thanks.

“But think about the others!”

Void argument. If I can still get COVID despite the vaccine, it just is less severe for ME, then why am I allowed to do everything vaccinated? I am still a danger to others, right?

Nothing changed for the other people there.

So either the vaccine is bullshit and the “opening up” of society aligned with it, or the initial reason to “care about the others” was fake. Or both.

Either way, we come back to the same thing. Nobody asks questions if any of this makes sense.

My friend, let’s assume for a second that the government DOES have the best for you in mind. They really want to get rid of that virus, all the numbers are correct.

Does it not irk you how utterly INCAPABLE all governments around the world are in containing this virus?

How COVID will end in the future

how covid will end the beauty of free cities
There won’t be nuclear fallout. But it won’t be nice for people.

Let me pull my crystal ball and see into the future.

Look, these are predictions, but it is very obvious what will happen. Mostly because stuff like this has happened hundreds of times in the past. It wasn’t always in the disguise of a global pandemic.

But democracy died many times with the same signs. Here’s why:

Democracy usually dies after around 250 years (the US is 245 years old). This always happens. The reason being that the citizens at some point lose so much buying power (because the currency becomes worthless) that they just vote for the party that gives them direct access to the treasury.

Which inevitably bankrupts the country which is then overtaken. Either by force or culturally.

In other words, the government keeps printing so much money (hint, Biden’s stimuli checks, where is this money coming from?) that the people get desperate.

They stop caring about real political movements, they just want money.

Paired with the numbing of your brain via Media, Netflix, Videogames, and Porn, you also don’t want to work for your money. You want the government to take care of it.

Since most men are also children these days because they don’t have a reason to grow up in a sanitized society, they lean left because leftism is immaturity which gives you everything like mommy.

The result of this is naturally Universal Basic Income. And once this is achieved, we live in a new dictatorship.

So here is how I see how the pandemic will proceed (End of April, 2021 by the time of writing this).

  1. Mandatory testing will be established for you to go to restaurants or generally do anything in cities
  2. Magically numbers will go down because of it (although increased testing should actually increase numbers, right?), this is used by the Media as reasoning for vaccines
  3. The next step will be mandatory vaccines to move between countries (at least in the West)
  4. After that, vaccination passes will be a common thing. They will naturally be digital so it’s easier to check you at the “checkpoints.”
  5. With these digital passes, they can virtually track your every movement (they can already with phones but w/e)
  6. The passes will now be used in cities. If you want to get into the inner part of a city, you will have to pass a checkpoint. Think about a curtain around the city where you need to “check in.”
  7. Since the economy has been brutally killed and most middle-class companies already died out, many people need money. First calls for UBI are coming.
  8. Society is now split into two casts. The vaccinated and the scolded anti-vaxxers.
  9. Vaccinated people can do everything again as regular, but obviously, they still don’t have money. Universal Basic Income is established.
  10. Now, the government has complete control over your life. Where you go with the passes, what you do with your money, etc.

Think about UBI for a second. All payments are already digital. The government can see what you spend your money on. If you spend money on something that doesn’t make sense to the government, they can always dry out your money stream.

They have FULL CONTROL over your life. 

Money is the means of your survival. It is the baseline of what keeps you alive.

Why would you give that power into the hands of someone else?

UBI is the real slavery nobody seems to grasp.

This is the end goal.

Now, I don’t care who it is that is pushing this. Bill Gates? Maybe. An evil corporation. Lizards? Who knows. Doesn’t matter to me, the reality is that this is how COVID will unfold if we do nothing.

Then we have 1984. You should watch the movie V for Vendetta and especially look at the society they live in. You will quickly notice a ton of parallels. And also this great quote:

V for Vendetta government

What to do to avoid this?

Good question.

Personally, I don’t think a bunch of us will stop this.

If the whole of people would achieve a higher consciousness, this would be great. Then we would see the lies and could just stop with this slavery.

Realize that the government could do jackshit if everyone just would ignore the rules they set. This isn’t a call for anarchy. This is not the (stupid) Joker Movie.

Pure Anarchy is Chaos and Chaos is for losers.

But blindly adhering to any rule that is given when there is clearly a push for power is dumb to a massive extent.

The first thing you have to do is question everything.

Finally, start asking questions about the things you’re told. Does it really make sense? Does all of this make sense?

Naturally, the next question will be: who benefits from this?

This is always what you have to ask yourself. Who is the beneficiary of such laws? Does it really help the citizens or people in power?

After that, the best thing you can do is get off the grid. Make money online. Become antifragile. Put most of it in crypto, so they can’t steal your money.

Then, if you live in a shitty country as I do, then you will probably have to think about leaving it. Moving towards the East where there are more masculine societies. I don’t think anyone in the Middle East gives a damn about COVID.

South East Asia apparently is also a great destination for anyone who makes his income online.

Try to be off the grid as much as possible. Create income streams that cannot be taken away and make yourself free enough so you don’t need to live off of the government and its shackles.

Become an Unchained Man.

Escape this society of slavery.

All the best.


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