The Brutally Honest Iron Mind Review

How to create the life of your dreams in mere months?


You guys always ask me how to develop a resilient mindset.

By testing it! Building it! Molding it!

An Iron Mind is forged. Steel sharpens steel.

People don’t just have an Iron Mind, it is created through ruthless force and adversity. Relentless beating on steel forges it into a sharp sword.

I was pleasantly surprised when I bought the Iron Mind course months ago. Not knowing that it would change my life forever. In ways, I couldn’t even imagine. Hence why I decided to write an Iron Mind review.

Watch this quick clip to see what I am on about.

What is the Iron Mind course?

As you can see it is a course by 4x Kickboxing World Champion, multi-millionaire Playboy Andrew Tate.

He has proven that he has the mindset for success.

Multiple times, over and over.

And since I am part of his War Room (review here), I know that his mindset is still intact. He never settles for anything.

Everything has to be done immediately.

There is no overthinking.

Ruthless, relentless action towards the desired goal.

Always more money to be made. More things to be discovered. More women to be had.

It’s truly a beauty to see this man in action. And the Iron Mind course he created is so essential that it will soon be a mandatory course when joining the War Room.

With the Iron Mind, you will engage in a six-week program to develop your mind.

Six videos with different tools to set your mind up for success.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You will also join a group of men who have the Iron Mind course. And in it, there is a very important part. If not THE most important part of this course.

Does the Iron Mind course really work?

A big part of it is not being driven by your emotions.

Watch the clip above to see Tate explain this fantastically.

Regardless of how you feel, you will do what you have to do anyway.

You know I am a big fan of this. I have taught you guys many times how to parse your emotions and how to not be controlled by them.

It is the foundation of any successful man.

But the Iron Mind course goes a step further. Because it isn’t just “don’t be controlled by emotions” flabby talk. It has tools, and specific tests to see if your Iron Mind forging is yielding any results.

There are 300 men in the Iron Mind group and what they achieve is mindblowing. Literally bending reality to their will. All through a mindset which cannot be destroyed. Cannot be bent, and cannot be broken.

Iron Mind Review, what did it do for me?

gumroad money earned
Money I made online once I started the Iron Mind course, not counting the sales via Amazon (adds up to over $10k).

Since I joined the Iron Mind course 6 months ago, I made the initial payment back big time.

  • I have made over $10,000 online (profit)
  • I have written three full books
  • Created two new courses and a coaching program
  • I restructured my entire life
  • I created the best body I ever had due to training every single day

My life is a testament to how well this course works. But there are many others who say the same.

What is the Iron Mind Villain?

The senior man as detective or boss of mafia on gray studio background

Tate says in the video that there is always a hero and a bad guy.

You are the hero of your own story.

You know the saying, “Your life is like a book, you get to write the future pages.”

Personally, I think life is like a videogame. And you get to decide what your character is doing for the rest of your life. You ARE in control.

I know society taught you otherwise, but you have 100% control over your life, what you do, and where you go.

You can be the hero of your own story.

And a hero always has to go through adversity. A whole ton of shit he has to encounter before he emerges as the hero.

Think of Iron Man. He is thrown into a cave, threatened to be killed if he doesn’t build a bomb for the capturer. He then develops the Iron Man suit in a fucking cave in the middle of nowhere.

This is how the Iron Man hero was created.

The Hulk has to face his own anger, learn how to control it so he doesn’t randomly kill people, and smash cities to pieces.

Once he learned to control it, he became the hero to save New York City.

Any hero has to go through adversity before he becomes the hero.

And this is where the villain of the Iron Mind course comes in.

He is the better version of you.

He is not fazed by feelings, he does as he said, he puts in the effort that is needed.

He will be the character you will be fighting against.

He will be your adversary. He will be the person who makes it possible that you turn into the hero you want to be.

The person you should’ve been long ago.

And within the Iron Mind course and the group, you will learn how to create that villain yourself. How to define him so it actually works and gets you to do what is necessary.

Here is an image of my villain iron mind folder. I read through it every day.
The changes it did to my mindset I cannot put in words.

alexander graves villain mindset folder

And the best thing, this is only week one of the six-week program.

There is so much more within that course.

“It’s pretty expensive though?”

Stunning european girl with glamorous make-up looking away touching her red scarf. Close-up portrait of beautiful fair-haired woman with blue eyes relaxing on blur background..
Most men can only dream of getting such a woman. With the Iron Mind course, everything is possible.

Is it?

It is a one-time payment of (currently) $600, but you get unlimited lifetime access to the course material and the group. The value of the group I cannot put in words or numbers.

You get direct help with your villain, your Iron Mind development, and you can see the other guys’ trials. How they overcome their issues, their problems, where they’re stuck with their Iron Mind.

On top of that, people post success due to their Iron Mind which keeps you pushing forward. The energy is insane.

I check the group every single day, and that on its own already gets me going.

All of that for paying a one-time fee.

A few hundred bucks for achieving absolutely ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Getting blindingly beautiful women, massive wealth, multiple supercars, networking with high-quality individuals.

Rich man stands in expensive room
This could be you. A man at the top of the world. Successful, rich, a King. It all starts in your mind.

The life of your dreams at your doorstep.

All you need to do is join a simple course. Once.

You spent the same amount of money on shit that doesn’t propel you forward. A new phone, a new TV, hitting the club for two weekends.

Imagine you could raise yourself to higher levels. To become rich, to go to a club in Monaco and spend $5,000. To buy a Lamborghini and get that hottie in the club.

You only need to postpone your spending once in your life to change it forever.

You don’t want to look back on your deathbed, seeing that rich dude on TV in his supercar. This dude isn’t you, because you didn’t take action when it was necessary.

He did.

I keep preaching everything starts in your mind.

Here is your key to the mindset to achieve anything.

Act now or keep failing the rest of your life.

–Alexander Graves

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