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Here you find a good starting point for these subs. If you want deeper knowledge, get SubClub Mastery.

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Godlike Masculinity: Heal Your Masculine Wounds, Become A Real Man

Definitely the best starter sub for Men out there.

Heal your manly pain and masculine wounds. Solve issues and become a strong, powerful, and dominant man WITHOUT being an asshole. One of my all-time favorite subs!

Love Bomb For Humanity: Self-Love, Impenetrable Confidence. All based in Love.

This one is 100% FREE!

Self-Love is THE most powerful change you can do. All the bad habits, wrong beliefs, etc. stem from you not loving yourself. Confidence is built upon this.

Plus, this has a powerful love aura, so women will be flocking to you like metal to a magnet.

And it’s FREE! Nothing built my self confidence like this sub!

EMPEROR: Wealth, Sex, Dominance

The name says it all. Become an EMPEROR.

This is a Archtype sub (to learn more about how these work and what to do, click here) that covers wealth, sex, romance, fitness, confidence, power, dominance, well, all of it.

It is their beststelling product and the most comprehensive sub for men to run.

I HIGHLY recommend to have ran foundational subs first like, Ascension, Godlike Masculinity, or LBFH.

But if you think you’re ready to carry the crown, become the Emperor by clicking below.

R.I.C.H. - Manifest Tons of Money, Remove Limiting Beliefs

LITERALLY become RICH by listening to an MP3 File.

Ridiculous Income, Can’t Hate.
That’s the program with this subliminal programming program 😉 I’ve been running this for quite a while and it manifested thousands of Dollars, but most importantly, removed bad programming about money, so more of it comes in naturally.

Diamond - Be Rock-Hard, Last Forever, Increase Her Pleasure

Last forever, be super hard, be REALLY in the moment. Just by listening to an MP3 File!

Diamond covers everything about sexuality. It makes you rock hard, resolves your sexual issues and traumas, and the best thing: it attracts your woman to you. Has scripting to resolve dead bedroom issues!

And it makes your member bigger. Just covers EVERYTHING!

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But run the subliminal programs. It’s just too powerful!