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Just 2 years ago, I achieved nothing in my life.

Granted, I had a decently paying job, was married, and had free time to play video games.

But there was either no sex, or not the sex I liked.

I wasn’t really rich, I didn’t have the freedom to do what I wanted.

Does that sound familiar?

It sure does.

What was the reason for this lame persona?

Not owning my shit!


I remember one evening laying on the couch, putting on one of the 1,000 exchangeable Netflix shows, and scrolling through Facebook.

When my wife asked me, “Do you even watch the show, since you’re on your phone all the time?”

At first, like any addict, I was defensive. But something clicked that evening.

Was that really all there is to life?

Working a boring 9-5 job all day, coming home, wasting hours on meaningless online games.

Trying to initiate with the wife, and getting rejected.

Eating high processed, shitty food, and then wasting even more time mindlessly scrolling Facebook.

Is that a life worth living?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself the same questions, or at least, you’re doing it right now. Good.

Because it isn’t! And it doesn’t have to be!


Good question. I had the same.

When you finally set out to make more out of your life, you might be overwhelmed. There are thousands of self-help guru’s out there. And they all preach the same, don’t they?

I felt like that, too.

“What’s the best book to start out? What is a good blog to set you up right in the beginning?”

I tried a ton of things, bought a bunch of books, scrambled together blogs, accounts on Twitter, and whatnot.

Until it dawned on me.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you START.

So many guys end up mentally masturbating about what they could or should do, so they end up doing exactly nothing.

This is where OWN YOUR SHIT, CONQUER LIFE! is different. Because it gives you a plan.


I don’t even claim to have written the best book to start out.

This book is what worked for me, how I started out, the obstacles I came across, and how I overcame them.

I put it all into a package of how I would approach it now, if I were in your shoes, and had the knowledge I have.

If you follow the knowledge in the book, I guarantee you, your life will get better. Sex-life (even after years of dead bedrooms), money, success, mental strength, physical strength. Whatever you want, the approach is always to OWN YOUR SHIT!

I cannot guarantee numbers, obviously, but you will notice a huge difference IF you implement these things, and go after them.

In the end, it is just a book, and it comes down to you. IF you put the effort in, the results will speak for itself.


You need to start somewhere. That is gospel. Why not start with a proper plan?

Things you will discover in OWN YOUR SHIT:

  • Why hardship and struggle are actually good for your life
  • What your purpose as a man is. What your masculinity tells you about yourself and how it helps you to achieve at life
  • How to set your mind up properly, how to find purpose, a proper self-talk, and how to invite success into your world
  • How to own your body, the basics on how to start out with becoming a force to be reckoned with
  • Key basics about making money you don’t learn in school. Why the classic 9-5 won’t cut it in the long run
  • What is “Frame”? Why is it important, not just with women?
  • How to be a leader. In leading yourself, your wife, your kids, your friends, your life.
  • How to set your marriage / relationship up for success. Why it all starts with yourself
  • Mindset traps to be aware of
  • An actual plan and workbook on how to design your life (The Treasure Map)
  • A quitting porn manifesto which helps you to quit the evil

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