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Here I only post stuff that I personally tested, reviewed, or played around with, and deemed good.

You will find things that changed my life and can change yours as well, be it supplements to support your diet and fitness, courses to make thousands of Dollars online, other websites, or crazy stuff like Subliminal Messaging Programs to FULLY reshape your subconscious mind.

Yes, some of these are affiliate links. By buying via the links below you help me to keep this blog up and ad-free. Thanks, friend!

Self-Enhancement Supplements

ashwagandha multivitamin mix

Ashwagandha Multivitamin Mix (Men's BASELINE!)

  • Raise your Testosterone and Vitamin levels with ease!
  • Contains KSM-66® organic Ashwagandha 
  • Maximize your manliness, T-levels, libido, and muscles!

All TransparentLabs Supplements are always Non-GMO, without artifical sweeteners, without artificial coloring and preservatives. That's why I love it so much. Truly organic.

whey protein powder concentrate

WHEY Protein Powder (Needed every day!)

  • Increase muscle easily!
  • Every day before going to sleep for maximum effects!
  • 100% Grass-Fed concentrate! No artificial crap!

Studies show you need to consume at least 0.8 grams of protein (per pound of bodyweight) to maximize your muscle growth.

Plus, whey protein in particular has been proven to assist in building lean muscle and gaining strength

transparentlabs mindseries nootropic container2

MindSeries Nootropic Focus Booster

  • Increase Mental Clarity and Focus!
  • Reduce brain-fog! Become a mental powerhouse!
  • 100% organic!

Other Nootropics make you jittery and last for 16 hours, so you'll have a tough time falling asleep. Not this one. It is an essential stack to give you an edge for your success.

brain fm focus logo

BrainFM (Deep Focus in Minutes!)

Hack your brain! Set the neural frequency yourself so you can CHOOSE between meditative states, full focused productivity, or relaxation.

  • Works very FAST! Notice the difference after a few minutes!
  • Massive productivity guaranteed!
  • Start or maximize meditating with ease!

Tates War Room cover image

The War Room - Direct Access to Millionaires

As a regular person, you usually don't have direct access to millionaires and successful men winning in all realm of their life. Andrew Tate (Multimillioniare himself) made it possible. By joining the War Room you get direct access to change your life SUPERFAST

  • Direct access to over 30 millionaires
  • Tons of ways to make money online
  • Improve ANY area of your life! Network with winners!

Subliminal Messaging

Human brain blue background both hemispheres

Reshape your Subconscious for manifesting wealth, sex, success with Subliminal Messaging Programs!

This is cutting-edge technology!

You may have come across some of these products, or even Videos on YouTube. They do more harm than good. There is ONE company who does these which I can recommend, and which' products I use every day of my life.

Success Courses

blog money blueprint bundle

Blog Money Blueprint Success Bundle

The most concise, complete, and powerful course about making money online QUICK out there!

Blog Money Blueprint is the course by my good friend Jon Anthony, running the very successful blog I used and use the exact system from this course for my own blog.
With this special bundle, you will also get my bestselling courses on top! More if you click below.

  • Discover how to make thousands $$$ online in no time!
  • Generate daily unique traffic to your offers!
  • Learn how to build an empire online and quit your damn 9-5!

Success Books

how to fail at almost everything and still win big book


How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

You want to be successful, right? There is a truth you need to accept: Fail forward.

Every successful person failed a million times before they were successful. Scott Adams teaches you what's important on that journey and how to come out successful in the end. That's also where I first learned about affirmations.

One of my favorite books of all time. Gets the basics of life and success across!

ivan throne's the nine laws book


The Nine Laws

A truly dark book.

This book and its Nine Laws were a COMPLETE gamechanger for me. It teaches you valuable lessons about the dark side of life. Why people behave in certain dark manners and what you, as a man, has to understand about this dark realm.

This will help you understand your dark side and how to make use of the immense power within you.

Ivan Throne had a rough upbringing which makes this book even more interesting to read.

anthony de mello awareness book



Read my blog post about DEFINITE DETACHMENT that was inspired by this book.

I came up with this rule for my Unchained Man book after reading Awareness by Anthony DeMello. This book is an eye-opener into a different non-physical realm of life.

It will help you to detach yourself from virtually everything. It is a tour-guide to enlightenment and spirituality. A guided approach on how to free your mind from any restrictions.

To be fully immersed in the Universe and how to bend reality to your will.

An all-time classic. Loved by people who understand it, hated by those who don't.

Handsome bearded caucasian businessman in suit and eyeglasses sitting in cafe, using laptop and drinking water.

Websites and Blogs

My Website isn't the only one that will help achieve you greatness!

There are many others out there creating great people and changing the course of time. Here is a list of my personal favorites, the one I read myself and/or I am friends with.

Plus, websites that can generally help you.

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