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"I bought Ascended Mogul 2 1/2 months ago as your recommendation. I find myself more powerful every week. Losing weight steadily, I almost don't have a need for porn, no sugar, no smoking, I started a business and feel much better overall! These audios are legit!"
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For anyone. If you’re a veteran with subs (and SubClub) or if you’re completely new to the whole space, you’re welcome. We will guide you!

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No. While I am affiliated with SubliminalClub, this group is NOT to share or pirate their subs.

Anyone who ever ran them can report, it clearly isn’t. Superfast, powerful reshaping of your beliefs. Find more info on it here: Subliminal Messaging, does it work?

This is a classic objection people have to the subs, but no. It mostly is based around ASKING YOUR subconscious mind how to go about things. Your mind already has all the answers.

However, what is in there is a lot of positivity scripting, so if you’re a negative nancy, you will have a tough time working through it (but it’s worth it, isn’t it?)