The Concealed Family Patriarch

the concealed patriarch

There is one very simple mindset shift that helps you be a great man in the traditional sense. I write traditional sense, although screeping harpies would likely agree with the basic premise of it as well.

We just have different ideas about the execution.

Either way, the method of the concealed family patriarch will help you live a great life, help your daughters and sisters, and society as a whole.

Tough look into the mirror

Look into your mirror. Look at the man staring back from the glass.

And then ask yourself one simple question.

“If I had a daughter? Would I want this man to have kids with her?”

At this point, I could end this post since this simple mindset shift shall already change the trajectory of your life and your decisions for the future.

However, depth is in the details.

This way of thinking makes you a patriarch in a matriarchal society. To invoke this power, you need to conceal it.

We live in a matriarchy

The word Patriarch means “male head of the family or tribe” (and matriarch respectively means female head of the family or tribe). Thus the family patriarch.

Considering this, there is no real good or bad notion on the word patriarch, right? Just the male head of a family.

Yet, you immediately had underlying thoughts and indoctrinations surface in your brain when you read that word.

Images of purple-haired, overweight, smelling “women” screaming “The Patriarchy!” as a form of explanation for everything bad that happened in their life.

victimize me meme

At SELFCONQUERING, we know that this is not only a weak victim position, it’s also a display of the mental age of a six-year-old. It severely lacks any resemblance of responsibility and is thus nothing more than a tantrum. Like a child.

And much like you would deal with a child, the best bet is usually to ignore it or send the child to its room.

However, in a society set up as a matriarchy, you cannot discipline these lost souls. But you can still make the patriarchy great again. You need to apply concealment.

Before we get into this, let us quickly explore why the patriarchy is the correct way to have in any society.

Nature’s way of success

If you look at nature and how most animal societies are set up, 99% of them live in patriarchies. This is easily observed when it comes to mating. When in the human enclave, the woman gets to choose who to mate with and thus selects the genetic material, in most patriarchies, this is not the case.

The females go into heat and would mate with whoever comes by. The natural selection is then done by the alpha males chasing the subordinate males away by interfering with any sexual encounters.

(This, by the way, is also why females make “sex noises,” I.e. moaning. It is to signal any close alpha males that they should do their job and interfere because she gets impregnated with lesser genes).

Quick excourse: Some articles have mentioned that lions live in a matriarchy. This is comical and indoctrination. Lions live in so-called “Prides” with about 40-ish females and 10-15 males. The females go hunting while the males stay at home. But when the feast is brought to the group, the males are the first to eat.

Four females for each male, the males protect the group, send the females to work, and they eat first. Does this look like a matriarchy? Looks like a true Kingdom.

This is how it works in the animal kingdom. Now, the average feminist sees herself way above animals and nature, therefore we now explore human patriarchies. 

The success of the patriarchy

a king crowning a knight art

For the majority of the human lifespan, we have lived in patriarchies.

Apart from arranged marriages which came later, the male head of the tribe or family (patriarch) had a say in who got to mate with his daughters or the females in general.

At first, this looks like limited rights for women. This is a shortsighted view, driven by emotions. Rationally, there is a big reason that women do not get to decide who to mate with.

They suck at making decisions.

You can send your hate email here.

It always makes me chuckle when men complain that their women never choose where to eat (“What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know, you decide”) or take 2 hours to choose an outfit, or change their mind within a minute.

Yet, they ask them to make a correct assumption on a life-changing decision like who to further their genetic material with.

There is a huge cognitive dissonance at play there.

Most of it the result of years of planned indoctrination.

We know quite well that a ruler sometimes has to make decisions which are disliked by his subordinates, despite the fact they are to their own best. A simple example in the family context would be the father telling his daughter not to go out in a skimpy dress at 16 years old.

Yes, she hates that decision. Yes, it limits her freedom. Yes, it is for her best.

Only in the current society where we are liberal and don’t “want to suppress the free spirit of your children” do we see underage girls taking on three men at once in a college dorm room. This didn’t happen by accident. It happened because of the matriarchy we live in.

If you observe your closest friends, you will quickly notice how none of the fathers really ever affront their wives when it comes to decisions for the children. She usually has the last word. Which makes it a matriarchy.

And since the mother – being a woman – operates on emotions, she has a tough time being strict or limiting freedom for her children. This is a man’s job. And this job has been lacking for decades.

Applying for marriage

It was a common thing when I grew up to ask the father of the woman for the hand of his daughter. He had the last word in deciding if you get to marry your woman of choice or not.

The reason for this is blindingly obvious. You as a man are in possession of great power. You can tap out of your impulsive emotions to make rational decisions. Regardless if they work against your emotions or not.

This is vitally important when evaluating the mate for your daughter.

You are the alpha male in the animal kingdom chasing the subordinate male away.

masculinity warrior1

You don’t interfere with sexual encounters (at least I hope so). But if you see that a male is not fit for protecting, providing, and maximizing the life of your daughter and thus your family, it is your duty to chase him away.

Despite the fact your daughter will most likely hate you, as well as your wife, and even friends.

A man does what is right. Not what is liked by others.

However, in a matriarchy, the man does not get to make this decision. Therefore, the woman can marry anyone she seems fit, based on her current, full-of-love emotions, not rationally evaluating the mate.

This then is where you have the majority of women settling for weaker males where both parties end up miserable and in sexless marriages. The woman, because her man is a loser. The man, because he doesn’t get admiration and respect (rightly so).

The concealed family patriarch applied

alexander graves patriarch

For this, there is a way to ensure a proper outcome for your daughters, sisters, friends, and after all, society.

Be a family patriarch in the shadows.

Learn here how to be that.

Which means you do the task from the beginning of this post. Look in the mirror and evaluate if you would deem that man a good fit for your own daughter. Is he worth having his genetics survive another generation?

Or is it time natural selection does its job?

And if the latter is the case, my friend you got work to do.

Unchain yourself from the matriarchy. Here is your list:

This is your absolute baseline. This increases the value of your genetics tenfold, and thus you are now a good fit to contribute to humanity and the genetic imprint.

On top of that, once you are that kind of a man and start to lead your own life, you will discover how women now start to follow you on their own.

In turn, you will be able to summon patriarchal methods in your own family.

In other words, if you are a great man, you will be able to choose the mates for your daughter, despite the indoctrinations of society. You will be able to make the correct decision, despite the fact society and your family will call you an asshole.

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of his sheep.

Your decisions were based on reality, not on emotions. Therefore, it is rationally correct and in benefit of the whole of society.

Become a concealed patriarch. You don’t need to crown yourself and demand obedience. Elicit your power subtly and concealed.

Make them feel like they are in power while it isn’t actually the case.

For this, you need to overcome your childish ego and do the right thing, regardless of praise or hate. This is the mark of a leader.

Learn more about the realm of dark masculinity here or check out the Conqueror’s Forge.

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