How to Master Your Emotions

Emotions are beautiful.



Yet, they can also ruin your day, year, and life if kept unchecked.

Basically, it’s a superpower us humans have, IF we learn how to work with them. So how to master your emotions?

I am intentionally not saying “control” them because this term doesn’t apply. So let’s cover 2 things today:

  • How emotions actually are made (you do that, friend)
  • How to deal with them in heated situations

Part I – How Emotions are made

This is a great book with the same name, but it covers a lot of great detail how emotions are created.

And the most important thing you will have to realize is: they are NOT HAPPENING to you. YOU create them yourself.

According to your beliefs, mental setup, etc.

We have this false assumption that emotions just pop up randomly, but they don’t.

When a certain situation arises, your brain creates an emotion that fits this scenario.

An easy example is horniness. You see a hot girl on the street and she’s not wearing a bra, for example. Somethings pointy under that shirt.

Your brain now creates desire as an emotion. Which turns into lust, horniness, etc.

However, female breasts are actually NOT sexualized by nature. Old tribes (as well as ones still existing today) have the women walk around topless.

The men are not constantly horny because of it, are they?

So by societal conditioning and the endless amounts of images of female breasts in a sexual context online made YOU CREATE A CONNECTION in your brain that whenever you see bare female breasts, you conjure the emotion of desire.

I guess you can already see how this connection can also influence your life because it literally drives your actions, doesn’t it?

Either by approaching her or by going home and fapping to porn.

Both of which were actions you did simply because of a CREATED emotion in your mind.

The same is true for fear.

Fear is generally not something that comes natural to us. While it is one of the strongest emotions we can have, if you think of children, they aren’t really afraid of anything. They climb their bicycle and pedal headfirst down a way-too-steep hill and crash into the river.

At some point in our lives, through PAIN (which is by the way, not an emotion, but a bodily state or condition) we create pathways in our brain to connect the steep hill that made us end up in a river with fear of steep hills.

All emotions we bring up in certain scenarios are created this way.

Some of them are obviously helpful. Like the fear of steep hills helps you to survive. Or fear of dangerous animals, etc.

Some of it is also instilled by other people (like your parents telling you not to jump into the Lion’s cage. Or society telling you that you shall never quit your 9-5 because it’s the safest bet (lol, writing this line makes me chuckle)).

Even though you had to actual experience of pain there, if you hear it enough times, you start to create this emotion anytime something like that is mentioned.

This is indoctrination and/or propaganda.

But it is important to understand that YOU decide to create that emotion.

It is not something that happens externally, even if the source might be external via indoctrination.

YOU DECIDE EVERY DAY to create emotions according to your programming.

Which means in turn, you can also REPROGRAM your emotions.

Which is part 2:

Part II – How to Master Your Emotions

It’s honestly simple. It just needs awareness.

Whenever you find yourself becoming emotional.

Pull yourself out for a second and ask you which of the two base emotions is at play.

These are: love and fear.

All other emotions are derived from that.

Guilt, shame, apathy, grief, anger, desire are derived from fear.

Acceptance, courage, reason, joy, peace, are derived from love.

And if you know the map of consciousness, fear is the low vibration, love is the higher vibration (also known as 4D consciousness).

Let’s say you are engaging sexually with your girl, but you can’t get it up. This is based in fear. Fear of being judged.

Fear of not performing -> fear of being judged for not being a man -> fear of not satisfying her -> fear of losing her.

But it’s the fear that is the driving point here.

So when this happens, LEAN into the fear and ask yourself, where is this fear coming from? Where was I programmed like that?

In my old case it was due to masturbating to porn furiously every day, so when I actually engaged in sex, I was numbed, not excited enough, and since I lost my virginity “late” I also felt the judgment of my manhood.

All fears. And because of these fears I created the connection in my mind that whenever sexy time comes up, I conjure the emotion of fear of performing.

You can ONLY overcome that by leaning into that fear in that very moment and consciously realizing it is unwarranted (well, if you stopped porn I guess).

This way, you can slowly rewire your brain.

Apply this to all other things.

This way you can also rewire a fetish that was imprinted in you at a young age, since that desire, after all, was manifested due to a sexual connection you made.

Like seeing a woman with bare breasts only while you were searching for sex in Google as a child. Thus the connection was made. Even though it didn’t come naturally to you.

As you can tell, all of this is within YOU.

EVERYTHING ALWAYS starts with you. And your mind.

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