The Spiritual Nice Guy Trap

Here’s a personal story of mine of how I became the spiritual nice guy (again).

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Now, to the topic:

Anyone who is on this list for quite a while, will have realized that recently the theme of SPIRITUALITY came into the picture.

Many of you liked it (some didn’t and were pissed lol)

And I am still very grateful for it and many lessons because it made me realize how through manifestation, mental setup (As Above, So Below) I virtually create reality.

However, I fell into a trap MANY do once they find spirituality.


It’s the idea that since the heavens or the universe are all driven by positivity, and LOVE, JOY, BLISS are HIGHER on the scale of consciousness, you shouldn’t feel negative emotions.

Anger is bad. Not a high-vibe emotion.

DESIRE is bad, a low-vibe emotion, etc.

Naturally, quickly you’ll make the connection that sex is a bad thing. Or too focused on the physical, the Earthly. You need to live on higher vibrations.

So you come to semen retention, focusing less on sex, more on magick and all this.

And you wonder why your relationship isnt what it was anymore.

Why you still have these deep desires.

You SHOULD be better, right?

You also don’t like to be too dominant because, bruv, everyone deserves love. You need to FORGIVE.

I even quotes Jesus a lot, “Forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.”

(When he got nailed to the cross)

It’s true, but here’s the kicker, that doesn’t mean you can’t call them out on their bullshit.

And you SHOULD.

See, Jesus or any spiritual guru living on a Mountain in Tibet doesn’t have to deal with the feminine energy or even sex.

And by all means, if you want to go that route, do it.

But if you want to be a spiritual, positive person, while still enjoying the benefits of the Earthly world, you need to be realistic.

And you need to accept your darker side.

(If anything, Jesus went through this also. To become the man he was, and ascend so high on the realms, he certainly had many incarnations to work through his karma)

I tried to be good and nice all the time. Forgive my wife for the bs she pulled (like all women do).

Result of this? I became a Nice Guy again.

Naturally, sex dropped, respect dropped, admiration, etc. But it only really occurred to me once I saw her dressing shitty at home all day.

Then it clicked, I was like, “Hold on, where did my beautiful, feminine, sexy woman go?”

At first, OF COURSE, I felt bad for this thought, because as a spiritual man you should see past these shallow things, right?

F*** THAT lol

And I realized while researching this topic a lot, that many men fall into this trap. They want to be good, spiritual, helping people and it’s all great.

But they find themselves too much in the Astral realm. Not enough in the physical.

And as much as I hate to say it, just being positive 24/7 doesn’t work over here (yet).

Otherwise, you WILL be abused. Or nailed to a cross.

IF you want to enjoy both realms on here, then you need to act on both realms accordingly.

I reread No More Mr. Nice Guy almost by accident, and I realized I am making ALL the same mistakes again. Just under a different flag. The spiritual flag.

As with everything, you need to find the balance IN BETWEEN.

It’s totally fine to be spiritual, believe in Astrology and whatnot. But this shouldn’t stop you from ACCEPTING the nature of masculine and feminine. That you lead her, that they can be unreasonable emotional, you need to call them out, AND

YOU need to stand up for your needs.

(learn here how)

Anger might even be warranted sometimes. Just don’t get into a downward spiral.

Even in a positive, high-vibe relationship, you tell the other person if they do something wrong or not to your liking.

Just ACCEPTING everything is bs.

So don’t make my mistakes!


Take the best of both.

This is where you find true BLISS in life.

After all, love and sex are SACRED acts if done right. But this doesn’t mean you should cover your shadow. It is a part of you.


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