The Great Tragedy of Our Time

This is not as depressing as it might sound because we’re gonna talk about the great tragedy of our time.

I will give you tools in the end on how to actually change that.

If you think about how society is set up then from your very birth, especially in in school years, you are groomed to become a wage slave.
This is how society is set up.

Primary school is all fine, right? You learn languages and math and all this. It’s all cool. As soon as you get into high school, it’s a complete waste in 99% of cases because the education you get there, and especially later, also in college, unless you do hard sciences, is completely wasted because you most likely won’t need it.

Life Just Happens

And if you need it for your job later, it’s actually not your purpose in life.

You see, I would say 95% of people do not live their purpose in their life. They just coast through life. They have a job they were given. They have a partner who was just around at the time, they didn’t actually choose them. And they themselves didn’t choose them either.

Whatever is in your life sort of happened to you due to your beliefs, which were given by other people. You didn’t choose them yourself. If you’re being honest with yourself, the beliefs you have about society, yourself, other people, money, women, whatever it is, they were given to you or you came across them randomly in some movie or some documentary.

But you didn’t actually choose your own beliefs.

You didn’t choose your path in life. Even if you chose that job. If you work a somewhat great job and you, you chose to do that, it was still driven by the programming you received over 20 years growing up. So the great tragedy of our time is …

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