How to Find Your Purpose in 3 Minutes

Greetings, friends,

this email will basically be my personal journal from my experience with subs, specifically the stack I am currently running.

The combination of Revelation of Mind with Ecstacy of Gold 4 and Wanted is profound.

This stack was brought to me BY RoM itself.

Currently I am undergoing a DEEP and COMPLETE reset of my sexual beliefs, mindset, and how I perceive myself and my need for sex.

In more concrete terms: Currently I feel like there is ABSOLUTELY no need for sex.

Initially I felt weird about this thought popping up, but then I realized (or revealed) that I am letting go of the ego driven version of sex.

This ego, this part of me is currently dying.

Why is this important?

You (and my former self) would probably be afraid to read a complete lack of libido or sexual beliefs and needs.

Well, inner work (proper inner work) is ALWAYS tough.

It’s not just some goody-feely affirmations you tell yourself.

You need to look DEEPLY within.

In my case with the sex.

– WHY do I have such a need for sex, kinky stuff, and lingerie? (insecurity, validation, childhood trauma)

– WHAT do I gain from that? (external validation and a fix for my need)

– HOW to let go of it? (Killing the current self of the ego which needs these things and reinstalling a healthier one)

The last part is a key part many miss.

You don’t just kill the ego and leave a void where it was. You replace it with a better one.

The ego is nothing else but an image YOU portray outwards to people.

Who YOU THINK you should be with others.

Like in my case, the guy that has a lot of sex with his wife and therefore thinks the relationship is working.

But I consciously, in my mind, know, that this is NOT a metric for a healthy relationship.

However, the ego judges, likes, and dislikes at all times when things are not working as planned. It’s VERY neurotic.

Therefore, it needs to die because it doesn’t align with my new self of being a WANTED man who is chased for romance and intimacy (we could debate that this is also external validation, but one step at a time) and doesn’t NEED it.

Can you see how the old ego is not serving me anymore? And how the current process of killing it is EXACTLY the process the Wanted Subliminal is sending me through?

This is the beauty of Revelation of Mind in combination with any other sub, because it reveals so beautifully to yourself how your mind operates, what recon you are currently facing and what’s happening in your mind.

TMI happening:
Tonight’s dream definitely consistend of the Wanted male enhancement. Which is weird because my wife is already chokin on it and I don’t really have a “need” for this part, but in my dream my member was so HUGE it was impossible to get it in anywhere.

Like bucket size which is comically stupid but maybe that’s the lesson, that more size doesn’t do anything for me 😉

Either way, it felt nice to touch it in my dream 😀

Not ALL dreams mean something. But sometimes you can gain lessons from it. The subs specifically send a lot of information to you via dreams.

It’s sort of the interface between the subconscious and the conscious you can access visually.

I feel like in this case, it is a clear sign of extra inches will not make sex extra better.

It has a dominance factor to it to have a huge schlong, but it doesn’t do anything else outside of that.

Money beliefs.

I have been streamlining my business like a madman. You might have noticed the changes.

  • Removing videos that don’t align with my direction
  • Started my podcast
  • Created a 10,000 word free newsletter magnet (get it here)
  • Redid the entire website to funnel all to the newsletter
  • Redid my purpose course from the ground up with a template for product creation I found from an old coaching, including ALL the chakras, all money beliefs, and how to find your purpose. (get GROUNDED here)

Basically, RoM EOG4 not just revealed to me WHAT I need to do with my life, but also HOW and WHERE.

This whole process of streamlining the business is definitely a long-term thing I can tell because I first and foremost set up the initial onboarding which is mostly free products or affordable ones (pro tip, never call your products cheap, call them affordable 😉 ) which, of course, doesn’t create much revenue.

But the subs clearly told me in my mind, “Keep doing this now, it’s the setup for massive income later”
Which kept me pushing through, without much compensation.

Super powerful.

All this from just 3 minutes listening to an MP3 File…

Ain’t that crazy?

If you want to gain the same DEEP, LIFE ALTERING insight into your mind and life, but also want to have guidance along the path?

>>> Get GROUNDED with helps you to set up Revelation of Mind properly for your life.


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