Winning is For Losers

Weird title, isn’t it?

Winning is the main goal of everyone and their mother these days.

The whole of social media is based around that.

The winner’s mindset.

Succeeding everywhere on all realms.

And I am here telling you that these are all losers.

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And, no, this is not some spiritual thing about competiton is against the human spirit and all that.

I will teach you HOW to win.

By losing.

Many times over.

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How Schools Ruin Your Success

Schools groom you to become a worker slave. A wage slave.

This is by design.


The fewer mistakes you have on any given test, the better.

The more likely you are to succeed.

However, this is ONLY true for the school system and/or worker-drone-corporate-world.

And not even there.

If you want to escape this slavery, build your own business, and achieve ANYTHING in life, you need to fail.

Oscar Figueroa, an Olympic athlete, failed at the Olympics for 12 years straight, before he finally achieved the Gold Medal. And then he retired right away.

You can watch a short 1:40min clip of this here.

If he decided to drop his goals after the first failure, he would’ve never made it.

He didn’t try to be perfect, not make any mistakes.

He just wanted to succeed. The goal in mind. Nothing else.

And he cried, and was pissed. Of course.

But this does not stop you from following the goal.

In school, you are scolded for making mistakes. In online business, you are praised for doing so.

Because the latter knows that this is the way of success.


Keep this in mind. This is your mantra.

If you never even talked to a girl, do you think the first time approaching a girl, immediately will end up in her being the mother of your kids?


You need to fail. With approaching. Being rejected. Fail with relationships. Start all over.

Over and over again.

The same with sex. You don’t stop initiating after the first rejection.

You keep going for it.

The key thing is to learn your lessons.

Making the same mistakes over and over again is stupid. Not growth.

This is why journaling is so powerful. Journal your mistakes, learn from them. Iterate. Move on.

This needs a certain awareness of your own actions as well.

Can you already see how powerful making mistakes is?

I could go on. You get the picture.

How Failure Helps You to Discover Your TRUE Nature

I talked extensively about the War Room by Andrew Tate and how it almost ruined my marriage and business.

But this was one of those failures in my life (worth $3,000 and a whole year of my time) that taught me more about myself.

I discovered that THIS is absolutely NOT who I want to be.

Knowing what you DON’T want to be is just as powerful as knowing what you DO want to be.

I discovered being a dating coach, using the Red Pill and manipulation is NOT who I am.

I like to give tons of value to people (I hope this email has some value 😉 ) and then they decide to buy from me or not. The main goal is not selling. It is changing lives.

To learn that I don’t want to run such a relationship with a woman is POWERFUL, life-changing.

So this huge, expensive, massively failure of mine was NECESSARY for my own growth and discovering more of myself.

A year of misery in the War Room led to a fantastic every day joy in my life now.

After realizing the lies I told myself, the pain of going through that awakening, and discovering my true purpose.

I am not saying the mistakes and failures won’t be painful.

Oh hell they will be.

But through this pain we grow.

It’s like the story of that butterfly. I think it’s the Monarch Butterfly.

It has one of the most struggling and painful metamorphosis on this planet, going from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Scientists tried to help it by making it easier for the butterfly to get out of that cocoon.

Many of them die throughout this transition.

But when the scientists helped, the butterflies that came out couldn’t actually fly.

They were too weak to flap their own (pretty big) wings.

Same thing happened with Trees in an indoor waterpark. They constantly fell over because they weren’t used to withstand winds and storms as they would have to in nature.

The adversity, the failures, the pain, the mistakes.

THIS IS nature’s way of making us grow.

Making us BLOOM.

Making us better than we are.

Thus, the more you win, the weaker you are.

Winning is for Losers.

You need failures and mistakes.

Through that, you will become a proud butterfly.


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