The Red Pill is Actually the Blue Pill

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The Red Pill is The Blue Pill for Real Men

You guys know I was shilling the Red Pill super hard in the past.

I thought being a “tough” and “unperturbed” man is exactly what women want. Too bad I just became an emotionally dead log in the process.

And this is where I realized:

The real redpill is that what you think is redpill is actually the exact bluepill that they want you to have.

Strong men are a thread to the established order of things. This is where even the Red Pill agrees with me. However, Red Pilled guys are not strong.

They’re weak af.

So many red pilled guys I see are walking around with absurdly low self worth (you have to be HIGH VALUE to get ANY woman or to have her NOT cheat on you is what sells the red pill) or emotionally traumatized (trying to suppress their true nature because they’re afraid it might not be “alpha” enough).

They resent themselves and women also. Virtually everyone (especially me for pointing this out).

I will now quote Luther, a good friend on the subliminal journey on this:

Masculinity or what people think “Alpha Male” is all about, is not just removed. It’s also distorted so that it’s difficult to find.

If you don’t want something, you don’t just remove it. You make it more difficult for it to come back. You warp it and distort the meaning of it, so men don’t even know what to get back to.

Now people will avoid the importance of basic leadership skills, because “Oh no I’m becoming [betamale/weak/emotional/politically correct]”.

It’s the same shit with simping. Now men are afraid to express true desire for women they are attracted to because “Oh no, I don’t want to be a simp”.

Then their circlejerk group of male friends makes fun of them “stop being a simp”. This is the type of stuff that makes men even more lost.

There’s so much stuff like this.

It’s so bad, that men are living life and moderating their expression through the fear of embodying what’s not ideal. Read that twice. Maybe even thrice, lol.

They think they have the upper hand and are “redpilled” but they don’t and aren’t. There’s zero congruence.

This type of stuff happens when you get access to information without your subconscious beliefs being on board.

The bold part is key. In other words, men are AFRAID to be their true self because of an image that is portrayed of what a man should be.

You see so many guys talking about “how to be a man,” just instilling a programming within you.

You know what’s the most ALPHA thing you can do?

Be your F***ING self.

Sorry for cussing there.

You want to shower your girl with love? Do it.

You want to cry over chick flicks because you have strong emotions? Do it.

You don’t want to be BUFF AF because you couldn’t care less. Be that.

A man who is at the mercy of what other people or groups think of him, is NOT free.

Not even in the slightest sense.

And this is where the Red Pill gurus ENSLAVE THEMSELVES, because they have to live up to a perfect IDEAL of what a man should be.

Who gives a DAMN who you SHOULD be?

Who do you WANT to be?

Elliott Hulse, great guy. I very much adore him, but he recently fell into the same trap, posting shorts that “strong men don’t wear flip flops” and other shit.


THIS IS what makes a strong man? Come on.

Andrew Tate is SO AFRAID of losing his money and status because he knows, without that he is yet another (tall and jacked, I give him that) guy that is an ass towards women.

Understand, by no means am I perfect or do it all right. I certainly sometimes say things to please others or are incongruent in what I say and do.

Nobody is perfect.

But understand, that the reason the Red Pill isn’t really hunted down in a big witch hunt like other movements is because it SERVES the establishment.

It makes men insecure (not living up), weak (afraid to say the wrong things), and ruins relationships (to feed the Divorce Inc. and Onlyfans). It plays EXACTLY into what this ruined society needs. More weak men. Just from a different perspective of THINKING they have it all figured out.

So what to do? What is the real pill?

There is none.

The easiest thing to be authentic is to understand that NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU knows who you are and should be.

This is why I promise NOTHING  in my coaching , other than helping you to find your true self.

There is no one-size-fits-all-solution to your masculinity, other than being what YOU THINK a real man is.

If it is aligned with what’s in the media, on TikTok, within a group, DOES NOT matter.

That’s the REAL Red Pill.

Which is tough to swallow for many. Trust me, it was tough for me.


I hope this post didn’t come off too negative, but tough love is sometimes necessary to open eyes. I certainly needed that kick in the gut.

I still wish you a Happy Christmas 😉 And unless I find something else to rant over, a Happy New Year.

And remember, if you really want to CRUSH 2023, get Man, Mind, Meaning 75% OFF. I DO NOT tell you what to be in there. It is designed for you to see your own LIES you tell yourself.

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I see you inside,

PS: If you haven’t notice my new direction with the brand and myself (or you’re new here) well, this is it. BRUTAL HONESTY with yourself and the world. The only thing that gets you anywhere!

PPS: Enough clap trap though now, have a great Christmas! Meet with the family and enjoy your time! All the best.

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