How To Escape the Rat Race of your 9-to-5 and Start Controlling Your Destiny

If you’re reading this blog, you probably still work a shitty 9-5 job that sucks out your soul, doesn’t pay enough, you keep fighting the bills, and you need to be nice to your asshole supervisor, or he might fire you.

What a dreary life to live, isn’t it? You know you desperately need to find out how to escape the rat race, but it seems so difficult.

But society tells us that this is just “what it is”. You work your whole life towards retirement. Then what? You’re old, maybe even dead. And if you’re not, you still don’t have money to enjoy life.

Society is lying to you because they want to keep the corporate machine running. Hence why they feed you all sorts of addictions that drain your energy like porn, high-carb food, and video games or Netflix.

But you can escape the 9-5 job hell. You just need a plan. And I have one.


Everyone is different, but if you’re reading this, your day probably looks like this:

  • Wake up tired
  • Commute to work for an hour
  • Sit at that shit-ass job for 8-10 hours and enjoy the break to shit while checking your phone
  • Commute home for an hour
  • See a shitton of bills coming in again
  • Binge Netflix, rub one out, eat shitty food, or all of that
  • Go to bed too late

A wise man truly knows when he fights a battle forlorn. He does not tell himself comforting lies.

The conqueror

Thank you, great conqueror, for another great insight in our masculine psyche!

You’re stuck. And your first step is to accept that. Don’t belittle yourself. This happens to most people. Accept that you boxed yourself into a corner, and your options are very limited. Shit, that’s the situation now, let’s fix it.

Quick reality check: This is gonna be way harder than you think. But struggle is important. And it will teach an important lesson to keep your wealth and freedom, once you finally managed it.

The first step in learning how to escape the rat race is realizing that you’re in it, and that it’s not a place you want to stay.

“I don’t have time.”

This is a lie we constantly keep telling us. “I don’t have time to hit the gym.”, “I don’t have time to write that book.”, proceed to watch an hour of Netflix.

Maybe you’re a family dad. Three kids at home, mortgage, working two jobs to pay it off. Kids screaming at night, not getting enough sleep. “How do I find the time?”

Stop making excuses.

This shit is hard! Free ANY time possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s half an hour each day. And you can, for sure, 100%, at least free half an hour a day. If it means getting to bed half an hour later, so be it.

And in that 30 minutes, you will focus on your mission. Want to be an author? Write those 2-3 pages a day on your book. Want to sell a product? Work those 30 minutes on setting up your shop and sales copy. Building anything physical? Take those 30 minutes and work on it day by day.

The wise man is aware that anything of worth will take grand amounts of time to achieve.

The conqueror

This will take a while. Of course. Anything worthwhile takes a while. And if your time is that limited, obviously the finish is far away.

How to keep going?

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If you just work 30 minutes a day, you progress very slowly. How do you keep going? How do you not lose the will and momentum to proceed? Well. Take a good look at the life you have right now.

Are you gonna live like this for the next 30 years? Or 40? Whatever your age is. Only to end up half-dead without money? You are literally wasting your life away. This is your personal hell. And the escape into being an author, or selling in your shop, or whatever you want to be, is your heaven. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t ignore the hell boiling underneath you. Embrace it, and take it as motivation to never get back there, ever again.

How to come back?

Life constantly throws curveballs, right? So even though you are motivated, and trying to get shit done, stuff might happen. Your wife gets ill, or one of your kids. The economy crashes, you need a second or third job to pay, and now you literally don’t have time for your mission. Now what?

Power through it.

Remember your hell. It doesn’t move away. But so doesn’t heaven. It’s just on pause right now. And when you have some time left after it’s all over, go back to your mission. That is difficult, I know. Start small. Just say, “Alright, I’m gonna write just one paragraph today.”, “I’m gonna write a short sales copy to get back in.”

You need to rebuild your momentum. And, 99% of the time, that one paragraph ends up being a whole chapter. Because your soul needed to fly again!

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Define Milestones for yourself. Or checkpoints. If you try to go three years until your book is finished, without celebrating achievements in between, you will quickly run out of motivation.

Use anything that is definable on your journey, and which you can be held accountable for if you don’t achieve it in time. Yes, set time limits for it. Make them realistic, but not too easy. You want to embrace the struggle with it. And you don’t want to take five years to write your first book.

The wise man knows that the physical process of writing down his thoughts, will bring them into reality.

The conqueror

On the topic of writing. Also, start writing a daily journal. Write down your thoughts about your mission. Your life, your hell, the heaven you’re aiming for. Everything. The process of writing down your thoughts forms new ones and/or manifests them in your brain. I do it every day. No excuses.

I need money to do this

Sometimes you need some starting money to start something. Writing a book almost has no cost, but maybe you want a proper cover? Or you need resources to build the thing you are gonna sell.

Well, shit’s tough. Sell your fancy, leased Mercedes.



A wise man shall not base his worth on other men’s opinions. For the only uncorrupted opinion is the one of his inner soldier.

The conqueror

Of course, people are gonna be talkin. “Damn, they had to sell their car. Are they broke?”. Hell yes, you are. Embrace it. They are just as broke. They are jumping from one maxed-out credit card to another to keep that image of themselves. Which is fake, and shallow. You know it since you were exactly the same a minute ago!

Sell that damn expensive car, use the money to start something with it, which can drag you out of this 9-5 job hell. For now, you might look like the loser. But only because the real truth came to the surface. They are just as much of a loser as you are. But they’re hiding it. Don’t do it. Show it, and try to escape it.

How to escape the rat race: Plan to quit your job

A true conqueror of worlds has his battles planned out to the smallest detail.

The conqueror

So let’s sum this up again:

  • Take time out each day. Don’t lie to yourself, you can do that. Everyone can free 30 minutes of time
  • Don’t mind the slow progress, this will take time
  • Define your personal hell (which is your current life, don’t sugarcoat it, it sucks!)
  • Define your personal heaven (quitting your job, paying off the mortgage, whatever it is)
  • Set milestones; Don’t make them too easy, but also not impossible
  • Write a daily journal
  • Sell fancy shit you don’t truly need to free money
  • Bonus: Eat healthily, and take care of your bodily energy-levels. That’ll make it easier to do the extra work each day.

There we are. Fuck society and what they are telling you. It is possible. A lot of very successful people were once broke as shit. Dwayne – The Rock – Johnson said, he had $7 at some point. Now he is a multimillionaire.

Everyone can do it. So can you.

You know how to escape the rat race. I just gave you an entire plan to put into action.

But nobody is gonna help you with making that happen. This blog post is probably the biggest kick in your ass, you gonna get. So get it done! Attack it! Fix your own damn life! Everyone is busy faking theirs. Don’t expect any help.

–Alexander Graves

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