The succubus female – the demon sucking out your life force

The succubus female is an archetype you may be familiar with from your porn addiction or video games.

But they do exist in real life, they just rarely look like they do in the movies and games.

But if you want to achieve greatness, you need to be aware of the succubus and how to escape her fangs.

I will also tell you why great men don’t care so much about women.

Disclaimer: This post might come off cynical, I don’t hate women. I love them, but a great man needs to be aware of the traps and archetypes which might occur in his life.

The male life-energy

Beautiful brown haired woman eating yogurt
That white substance is pure energy.

Let’s get into biology for a second. Contrary to popular belief, women do not create life, they cultivate and nurture it.

When the sperm leaves your dick, it is already living. They already waddle around, trying to fertilize the egg. So, basically you kill millions of living beings every time you cum into your napkin and flush it down the toilet.

That process of creating life is very consuming on the body.

Studies show, that the best blood cells you currently carry are used to create the sperm. It contains as much nutrition as eight ounces of steak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons.

So it literally takes the best out of your body to make that stuff you so obliviously spill all the time. Hence why men get very tired after sex.

And some guy actually died after fapping 37x in a day. Because you literally create life. The basic laws of physics tell us that energy can not be created, it can only be changed.

So you take vital life-force out of your body to create that sperm. That does take a toll.

By the way, if you ever had any self-esteem issues, just think about it this way. You are the force that creates life. Men create. We’re gods. Don’t think so little of yourself.

The man creates life. He was built in the image of god, for what puts a great burden on his existence.

The conqueror

What is the succubus female?

The succubues comic of a hot sexy female demon
The succubus. A female demon using her female traits to seduce young men and suck out their souls. Seems familiar?

Now, the Hindu, for example, say you shouldn’t even have sex other than to reproduce. The Taoist philosophy is to not spill the seed at all.

Because every spilled drop is wasted.

Personally, I agree and disagree with those statements. Sure, you might lose life-energy when you have sex. But there are also benefits like pair-bonding with that woman, increase in confidence and testosterone, etc.

However. You shouldn’t do it too much. Yes, I am dead serious about this. There is a reason, why it is said, “that women suck the energy out of a man.” This usually is thought to be metaphorically (money, nagging), but I think it is true physically as well.

Every time you have sex with her, you lose a bit of your life-force.

You know the succubus, right? The religious image of the female who uses her ‘traits’ to suck the soul (life-force) out of men who can’t resist. Seems familiar? I am not religious, but I think those books and morals were just written by people’s experiences back then to teach younger men.

The succubus is a woman with great “female traits” i.e. great tits, nice ass, beautiful bedroom eyes, all of that. She radiates sex. Because this is her way of getting what she needs.

In other words, the succubus exploits weak men because they eagerly fall for her assets. And it is a weak man who is controlled by this.

Men who drop everything they love because they see some tits. Ditch good friends because she asked for it after sucking you. Drop their hobbies because she was wearing some nice lingerie yesterday.

Those women are obviously extreme. Most are not like that. Just be aware, that those beautiful creatures take a toll on your energy.

You need to learn to think in energies

Since men create life, we also create energy. Or rather by the laws of nature, we cannot create energy, but we can form existing energy into something else.

Women rarely can do that. They rely on other people to receive their energy from them.

This is why women wither away when they are alone. I.e. the crazy cat lady. They cannot receive energy from someone, so they slowly start dying. Externally, as well as internally.

Man can easily be “alone” his whole life because he has the means to create energy, or turn things (like working on your mission, purpose, and gadgets) into energy he can use.

A woman receives her energy mostly from love, which is another form of attention.

And the most energy-consuming act in any given moment is sex. Sure, a divorce might suck out more energy out of you, but it is over longer periods of time. Sex (or masturbation) takes a huge toll on your body and your soul in the second you do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. All men do. The difference is that I don’t care if I have it or not. Whereas the weak man actively seeks it because it makes him feel like somebody. And that is where the succubus female comes in again.

A wise man has higher things to accomplish than laying lots of women.

The conqueror

You don’t need to have sex 3x a day. You don’t even need it each week. Once a month can be totally fine. Or every two weeks. Your problem isn’t the quantity, it’s the quality.

One great romping session would be enlivening, despite the toll it takes on your body. Because it feels good. 3x a day with some lame-ass sex does nothing but steal energy.

How does the succubus female steal your energy?

Succubus female sexy woman big boobs with man
The succubus female will cling to a man to steal his energy. Because she can’t create it herself.

Now that we’ve established how energies in the sexes work, it is important to see when and how the succubus is stealing your energy.

They come in different shapes and forms, but it all ends up with this: your attention. Always.

Sex is full-forced attention. She has all your attention at that moment, you’re totally in her. Physically as well as mentally. This is positive attention.

But there’s also negative attention. Like a fight. Nagging and trying to trigger you into a fight. Emotional manipulation, crying, all of this.

Now, sometimes it is valid, because you’ve been a royal ass. But other times, see it for what it is: another form of gaining your attention.

David Deida in The Way of the Superior Man says, that this usually occurs when she doesn’t feel loved. So instead of fighting you shall just hug and kiss her and tell her it’s all gonna be fine.

This is true, but it only works with a healthy woman. The succubus isn’t done with sucking your energy. She will keep fighting. And afterward, you will have make-up sex. You think it is all fine, but in reality, she just stole even more of your energy.

Examples of the ways of the succubus

How to detect a succubus can be detrimental to your life and your personal wellbeing. Otherwise, you might end up divorced with a ton of money to pay, and no peace.

So here are some indications of a predatory female.

➡️ The high maintenance girl

This just means she will constantly be fighting over bullshit to get her energy fix. These usually are “not so hot” women.

➡️ The nymphomaniac

Women say no man can deal with a truly high-sex-drive woman. Yeah, it’s hard to deal with demons! Most of these girls are trying to get their energy from sex. Lots of sex for lots of energy.

(Yes, some safe girls like a lot of sex as well, you see the difference in how she reacts when you decline: mad -> she doesn’t get her fix -> succubus; fine -> good girl)

➡️ The Instagram thot

Considering how Instagram influences a lot of women, this is a tough one to discern. But rest assured that if you meet a woman, and she has a million followers on Instagram, she is using that energy.

And since that energy is so abundant, she will be a pain in the ass. She will hook you in with sex or other methods, and then whenever you don’t appease, she tells you she might leave and thus gain control over your energy.

➡️ The feminist

All feminists are succubi. By definition. She uses outrages, fights, and discussions to get her energy. And it’s always pointed towards men. Because we create the energy.

If they really cared about “stopping oppression” they would need to tell regular women to stop mating with “oppressive men.” But instead, they fight with said man all the time. Why? Energy. The succubus feminist is one of the more evil demons.

➡️ The incel-caller

You know these women who call you an “incel” if you say anything negative about women in general? This post for example would get a lot of “incel” calls on Twitter. And I personally have received a ton of them.

It is this notion that if you’re a man and you’re not getting pussy, you’re less of a man. Which is a ploy to keep the market value for pussy high. Mostly done by not so beautiful ladies because sex is the only way they know to keep a man. See above.

(I will keep adding to this list. If you know of any other types, let me know in the comments, and I will add them!)

Are all women hidden succubi?

lambo successpost

No. Absolutely not. There are a lot of great women out there.

But sometimes their nature shines through. And it is easily noticed when you think in energies.

They all need your energy, sure, but they aren’t predatory about it. They just enjoy it.

For example, if you have a day off from work, a woman will see this day as an open window to fill it up with shit. You finally have all day for her to receive your energy. Go to Brunch, picnic, whatever kind of “activity” they come up with.

Might even be on weekends. When you hang out each and every saturday, and suddenly you got other shit to do, she might be mad you don’t spend time with her.

Because she can’t suck your energy. This isn’t necessarily a succubus in disguise, but if this happens all the time, be careful. A healthy woman has other ways to spend time. Not just with you.

You see the difference in when they don’t need sex, they just enjoy it. Especially with you.

When they don’t like fighting too much, they rather have a good time. (Don’t confuse this with shit-tests though)

When they don’t constantly nag about the smallest bullshit, only when they have an actual reason. (Although this is a tough one to discern, because nagging is a way to tell you that you suck as a man, more here.)

When they don’t constantly take selfies and put them on Instagram, but rather have pictures with you, your kids, etc.

Constantly making selfies is a form of narcissism.

How society raises men to love the succubus female

Female goddess with hawk
How most men these days are raised. With a divine image of the female.

I’ve touched this topic a lot, but you are constantly bombarded with sex. Everywhere. So it is hard to resist the deeper urges.

Especially if sex (porn) is so quick to be achieved.

From the moment you are born, you are indoctrinated with female sexuality everywhere. And it’s always a divine picture. Women aren’t gods, even though society keeps telling you exactly that.

If you were like me, and you grew up without a father, your image of the female came from your mother. She was that saint who always took care of you.

In Kindergarten, you have females looking after you, in school most teachers are female.

So you grow up in that feminine environment, always looking up to the woman. And on top of that, they are so sexy, soft, and beautiful, and sex feels so damn good! Naturally, you would think they are some form of goddesses.

But they are just people. They have flaws and issues just like everyone else.

Also, you do not need sex. You think you need it, but it’s a fallacy.

I see a lot of guys saying, “dude, I need it every day” and I thought so myself for the longest time, after masturbating each and every single day.

If you fap to porn all day, it becomes a habit, and quickly an addiction. In this case, you really need it every day. But not biologically, you became that way. I was that guy. I feel you.

And you’re not actually searching for sex, you’re searching for accomplishment.

See, we create life. We are creators. That’s what is in our life-force or energy or whatever you wanna call it. The call of creation. We need to do things. Build things, destroy things, and rebuild them. To see how it works.

Every time you spill your seed, you get a false sense of accomplishment.

You’re not made to have sex constantly

Back in the days, sex was actually very hard to come by. You were either starving, or fighting in battle, or nowhere near a woman.

Women also didn’t have birth control of any sort, so sex was usually ending up in responsibilities for a kid. Sex just wasn’t happening as much as it is today.

You just didn’t spill your seed so much, because you couldn’t. You focused on other things.

Some say the sexual revolution was actually a good thing because women could finally be free with their sex. I touched on this topic and its drawbacks before, but it also had a negative for men as well. Because it made it easy to get that sense of accomplishment without doing much.

Because porn wouldn’t be possible if birth control wasn’t a thing.

The succubus female character probably wouldn’t even exist if birth control didn’t exist either, because she just couldn’t use her sexuality so much. Every sexual encounter could result in her being unavailable for 9 months.

That said, it has the benefits of monogamous couples to bond without the burden of kids. That’s a plus.

So, yeah, as with any tool, it depends on how you use it.

By basic nature, you cannot have sex all the time as a woman without consequences. A man can fuck around a lot, yes, but it steals your energy every time. Great men rarely did that.

Even Kings with concubines. It always looks like it in the movies. But they didn’t have parties every other day, fucking tons of women. This was a rather rare occasion.

So back then, you couldn’t just have sex or masturbate at any given moment. Which meant, you were forced to divert your life-energy into other endeavors. Which resulted in wars, sure, but also in one of the greatest things humankind has ever achieved.

Diverting energy away from the succubus woman

Succubus female sexy big boobs hot lingerie

Now I am not saying you should never have sex with your girl. Or any girl.

What I am saying is this, be aware of how strong your manly energy truly is.

It’s like a gravitational field. It can pull in a lot of women, it can also repel a lot of them. But if you pull them in, be careful not to be consumed by them.

You should definitely stop porn 100% (learn here how), you should also quit masturbating, and you should reduce sex to quality instead of quantity.

This also means, if you’re single and you’re spinning plates, this isn’t really worthwhile. How about you start building an empire instead? That’ll last way longer than fucking a bunch of women.

Any boy can seduce a lot of women. It takes a man to change the course of time.

The conqueror

This sounds hard, and who am I to tell you what to do with your dick. I don’t.

You can close this tab and rub one out for all I care. Just be aware of what you are doing. And trust me, now that you know all these benefits, how it actually works, and what you are truly made of, it will be hard to rub one out with a good feeling.

Or fuck a random thot just because you feel like it.

Sorry, not sorry, I might just have ruined it for you for all times.

You’re made for greater things though. Embrace it.

The great men of not-wankers

We know for a fact, that people like Shakespeare, Nikola Tesla or Newton were voluntary celibates. At least for parts of their lives.

And see what they created. There is definitely something to it. The most enlightened of monks are celibate. They completely restrained from these urges. There are a ton of examples.

Again, not saying you need to become a monk. I certainly am not. But I am way more aware of how important my life-energy is.

That knowledge alone improved my sex-life because it turned from “I wanna shoot on these tits” to “I wanna touch your soul”.

But more importantly, that was actually what made it possible for me to start this blog, write novels, start a business, switch jobs to a way better one, etc etc.

The life-force within me in full use! If you have a dick, you have that force.

Stop spilling it on tits!

Any man has unending power to change the world within him; It is on him to use that power wisely or let it go to waste.

The conqueror

Use it properly. The short-lived pleasure is not worth it in comparison to the big things you could achieve if you would use that energy properly.

Everyone has to decide how to go about this on their own. I am not telling you what to do, just giving you the info.

It is your life. Your energy, your force.

Decide for yourself what you are going to do with it.

–Alexander Reich

Please share your experiences in the comments below! Any other succubus female type we can add? Any personal stories?

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