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The Sex God Method Summary (How to have amazing sex)

Wherever you are in your journey of bettering yourself, the easiest way to have more sex with your woman is to just be better in bed. So it’s time to learn how to be a sex god. With the sex god method summary.

It’s simple, right? If she really enjoys the experience, she’s eager for more. It’s not rocket science.

And, most of you are complete shit in bed, because you’re afraid to be a man in bed. Afraid of your dark side. Which is the place where our girl needs it the most.

The Sex God Method book is a (huge) guide on how to be great in (fucking) women. And here I am gonna cover some principles, and try to summarize it as well as possible.

(There is also a CHEATCODE at the end of this post on how to be a Sex God easily and effortlessly in just a few weeks!)

the sex god method book cover. how to be a sex god

Remember, the sex god method book is free, you can get it here. Also, this post is a summary. I don’t cover everything in the book, and the things I cover are stripped of a lot of text. I would highly recommend reading it. It is well written.

The sex god method summary, important notes

📝 DO NOT try all of these things at once. You will learn a ton of principles, if you have them all mentally in your head while undressing, you’ll be a technician. Try one new thing, master it, proceed to the next.
I recommend writing it down, and planning on adding something new for each month, or the next 10-15 sexual intercourses.

📝 DO NOT just read the info, mentally masturbate about it, and that’s it. ACT upon it. Put them in practice. A Sex god has sex, he doesn’t think about it.

📝 Do not focus on her too much. Yes, most of these tips are to make it better for her, but you need to have fun doing so. If you don’t enjoy it, there is no point. We only make it better for her so she is eager for more and will become a submissive, obedient woman. Don’t fall into the trap of external validation because you’re so good at it.

📝 Don’t try to be perfect. Try to have fun.

📝 Be prepared, by which I mean, if you want to pick up your girl to fuck against the wall, but you can’t even lift her up, well, hit the gym!

📝 Be open-minded. You will be surprised by some of the tips in this book. That is your social conditioning. Just try it.

Common mistakes – The four principles of sexuality

The first chapter contains common mistakes most guys make in bed. Avoiding these will already improve your sex-life massively.

Daniel Rose claims that there are four principles of good sex. For the sex god method summary, I kept them short.

Psychological over physical stimulation

Most guys go into sex like a problem-solver. They see women as machines, “Hit the right buttons -> orgasm.”

The problem is, it totally neglects the psychological effect.

Women can buy hundreds of sex toys on the market, which do the same physical as any man can. Or even better. But they still go for the real deal. Why?

Women are more stimulated by words and behavior than the mechanical part down there.

A man can get from his woman what he wants just by using words. A woman get what she wants just by using her appearance.

You have to stimulate her mind. Not just her body. For women, this is ten times more important than how you thrust.

The importance of dominance

A big part of the Sex God Method Summary! Millions of years of evolution have programmed women to respond to dominant men. Your social conditioning tells you it is misogynistic, but in bed, it is one of THE most important things.

Literal quote from the book, “While women may never speak about it and may not even be conscious of it themselves, they all deeply desire to be submissive to a powerful man.

Important side note by Alexander: The powerful man. She doesn’t want to be submissive to the weak simp. She wants to be submissive to a strong, powerful, and unchained man. Hit the gym, lead yourself, lead your life, lead your wife, become a sex god. In that order.

Instinct and desire over technique

This goes back to not approaching sex like a problem to solve. A woman wants a man who is connected with his deepest animal desires in bed. Free of social conditioning.

Where she just can be a woman as designed.

Free of judgment from anyone. Moaning, bending, scratching, screaming.

Some of it is social conditioning, social stigmas, some of it is insecurities. My woman was never very “open” in how she dressed. A sweet summerchild. Once I opened her sexually with these tools, she does things you wouldn’t believe.

Note by Alex: He says that achieving sexual mastery isn’t so much about learning, it’s a matter of unlearning wrong behaviors. You are trying too hard to be gentle and do the right things. Here’s something for you: Just FUCKING FUCK HER! Go CONAN on her ass! Unleash your inner beast and ravish her!

Sex is the Ultimate Method of Attraction

Beautiful woman big blue eyes looking in camera
Nothing keeps a woman attracted you like having good sex.

During and after sex, you can access the deepest of a woman’s emotions. Hence why nothing on this earth will bind a woman as well to you, as fucking her really good. If you want to have an obedient woman that tattoos your name on her body (if you want that), you achieve this through sex.

You will realize why that is once we get to the DEVI method, and why emotion is important in sex.

There is nothing that binds the masculine and the feminine more together than leaving the realm of reality by connecting their bodies and souls.

If you’re the best lover she ever had, she literally has no need to test-drive other dicks. You’re already giving her all she needs, why switch? (Same goes for men by the way).

The four archetypes of sexual failure

In the book, he outlined that there are four general types of men these days. He created archetypes to make it more visually understanding what they do wrong. The names should explain themselves, for the sex god method summary I kept them short:

  • The perpetual lovemaker. He is basically the socially conditioned weakling, who respects women so much, he doesn’t FUCK them, he makes love to them. Which leaves his girl searching for Chad.
  • The emotionless robot. He says this applies to a lot of PUA guys. They know the tricks. But they don’t really care about the sex, they just care about getting the sex. It’s validation. They just do what they know, and that’s how it goes. He is actually afraid to open up to a woman emotionally.
  • The monotonous plodder. He does everything right. Knows exactly how to get her off. Aaand, that’s it. He does the same thing over and over. Thinking, doing what worked before, will do it again. Big mistake.
  • The bedroom technician. This guy knows everything about sex. He has a perfect dissected mental image of a clitoris in his head, and he knows where to touch it. Sex is a matter of angles, inches, and textbook stimulation. He thinks too much about sex instead of just having it.

How to be a sex god? DEVI!

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

Each one of these archetypes lacks one of the four important elements of go(o)d sex. Daniel Rose called it the DEVI Method. A lot of guys lack in one or more elements of the four. This is why you came to this Sex God Method Summary. DEVI!

These days, dominance is probably the most lacking.

If you manage to keep them all at the same high (!) level, you’ve achieved the sex god state and will get anything from your woman. DEVI stands for:

  • Dominance
  • Emotion
  • Variety
  • Immersion


To be dominated by an alpha male is one of the deepest desires of a woman.

Just like having a truly submissive woman is one of the deepest desires of a man. Having dominant sex is what gives you a massive “Alpha Bonus” and unleashes her submissive nature.

Daniel also states that dominance is the base level. If this one isn’t set in place, you won’t have success with the other three elements. So whatever you do, just be more fucking dominant in bed! Ignore the rest of this Sex God Method Summary. Understand this one first! Re-read it if need be.

A dominant man is a desired man.

Dominance is best displayed psychologically. You don’t need to be The Rock, who is physically intimidating (although it helps).

What you need is to have the mentality of what it means to be a man.

You need to internalize that as a male you are inherently dominant over women. Women would never verbalize it, but as always, listen to their actions, not their words.

So here are a few ways. Remember, don’t do all of them at once. Introduce them sequentially into your sex god method.

How to be more Dominant in Bed like a Sex God?

Lead. My favorite part of this Sex God Method Summary. Lead, be dominant. As a man should!

You should almost always be leading what’s happening. You don’t ask which position to do. You don’t even need to tell her, you move her into the position you want. Or if you tell her (which works as well) do it dominantly.

Not, “Can we do Doggystyle?”
You say, “Turn around and show me your hot, sexy ass!”

Quick and direct statements. For this, you obviously need a proper frame, more on that here.

Another big thing in dominance is leading without words. You just tell her what to do by moving her. A sex god gets what he wants either way.

a man pushing down a hot woman to give him a blowjob. How to be a sex god

Dirty Talk. This sort of ties together with leading. Even if you’re not talking dirty, at least be vocal!

What is sexier for you? A woman moaning and screaming? Or a dead corpse making zero noise? She feels the same.

Don’t be afraid to voice your feelings. Grunt when you enter her, moan when you fuck her. Let your manly passion thrive.

Then you can go into talking dirty. Your voice should be deep, or at least the deepest you have. At first, you start with calling her a dirty little girl, or how much you enjoy her wet pussy, stuff like that.

Don’t call her a fucking bitch the first time. Grow into this. Start with this, once you mastered that, read the book (click here) and the section about dirty talk for more advanced stuff.

Pain. This gets more difficult later, but to begin with, easy pain can make her feel a lot more.

Start with spanking her ass, facefucking her easily, pulling her hair, pinning her down, stuff like that. Don’t go crazy. Ease into this, as too much pain is a turn-off. This is a small path to tread.

My wife once told me, “You can slap my ass harder. No need to hesitate.” Your woman should never need to say this.

Also, when it comes to fucking, “harder” does not mean “faster.”

Manhandling. Fucking manhandle her. This is where the gym comes in again. You need to be able to handle your woman.

If she stands against a door, grab her, and slam her against the door. Not too crazy, so it hurts, but to make the statement clear who is the dominant force.

image of a couple kissing against a wall. how to be a sex god

There are more ways on how to be dominant in bed, but this should get you started.


“A woman will never be truly satisfied with emotionless sex.”

Most men don’t want to be bothered “with that emotional crap,” and that is fine. But God created emotions, so a sex god needs to work with it.

If you don’t, then your sex-life will always be shallow. If that’s enough for you, close this tab. If you want to establish long-term hot, wet sex, you need to make life with your women emotional. Yes, life. Daniel states, one of the best ways to create emotion is outside the bedroom.

The feminine revels in emotion. It is your gate to her soul.

High-value man. If you are a high-value man, you automatically create emotion in her. Or attraction rather, which is the pathway to emotion.

If she FEELS something being around you, because you can show her all the things, that’s great. And no, you don’t need to be a millionaire. Just have fun with her. Go on fun dates. Chase her around the house, kid her funnily, tickle her, make her FEEL.

Also, make her work for you. Great sex with you isn’t easy to come by.

We only value things highly that are scarce and require effort. So don’t give great sex if she doesn’t put in the effort (i.e. lingerie, etc). Same with deep conversations. She needs to work for that. This also means that sometimes you don’t want sex, even if she wants. Flip the switch. You are in control of sex. This might be weird in the beginning, but the benefits are powerful. You control when and where. Not her.

After sex. I know you don’t like cuddling. But spend ten minutes after sex, and cuddle her, tell her how much she means to you. In exchange for great sex next time? Seems like an easy deal. This is also a great time for emotional talk.

Emotional talk. After a rough romping session, your girl will be very open (pun intended). This is the time to have truly deep conversations. That’ll help her connect!

However, don’t become more emotional than her, that ruins your domination and makes you needy. Level this to her. “Baby, I like when I am inside you and you’re all mine” is emotional, but also dominant. Try stuff like that. The possession part is especially well working.

Also, women try to hide their emotions towards you, because it might turn you away and come off clingy and attached.

But if you tell her that you know how strong she feels towards you, especially if you cover it sexually, that provides emotion and dominance. For example, if you say, “I can really tell how much you are into me when your pussy is so dripping wet!” with a smirk and a kiss on her forehead.

Teasing. Generally, it doesn’t matter what kind of emotions your woman feels DURING sex (not outside the bedroom) as long as they are INTENSE.

So if you tease her during foreplay or sex, the negative emotions just make her want it more.

However, be careful with this, it might backfire. What works for me often is, pushing her against the wall, making out crazily, and then just fucking walk away and do something else. She’ll HATE it and REALLY wants to fuck you then.

However, this depends on the girl. Try it out. See what works. Also, remember VARIETY which we will come to next. Don’t do it too much or it loses its value.

Also, there is SO MUCH more in the book in this section, like forbidden stuff like public fucking and all that, which adds to emotion, dominance, and variety. Definitely read the book.


This should be self-explanatory. You don’t like to get starfish sex over and over, right? It’s boring. Well, buddy, your girl doesn’t like it, either. But she’s not the dominant one, so it is on you to take care of variety.

Yes, it’s that simple. You want different positions and places? Do it! You’d be surprised how open she will be to it.

Physical variety. Just never do the same things each sex session. Have long foreplay, then not so much.

Finger her one time, eat her out the next. Both the third. Fuck her hard one time, slow and sensual the next. Different positions, etc. Just mix it up. Daniel says, “Never make sex predictable.”

Psychological variety. Daniel says you should become a Shapeshifter. You mix up emotional talk with dirty talk. This schizophrenic type confuses her, which is great because she never knows what’s up.

But even that shouldn’t be done too much in itself. Sometimes just be fully in love, sometimes ravish her like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes both.

The point of variety explains itself pretty much. Boredom is a killer in bed. Don’t be boring. Mix it all up.


We’ve been through Dominance, Emotion, and Variety. Now it’s time to talk about part four of the DEVI Method in this Sex God Method Summary: Immersion.

Immersion is the absence of distracting thoughts and fears. The state of being totally in the moment. There is this “joke” in pop-culture that women are making shopping lists while you’re inside them.

Well, this doesn’t happen to a sex god. If you’re doing it right, she can’t think of anything else.

Daniel Rose says, “All thoughts in bed are manifestations of insecurities.”

Therefore, he claims it is best to have no thoughts at all. Not even positive thoughts. Because even if you think “I am the sex god” you are still thinking.

But sex isn’t about thinking. You should quit all thoughts. Not even planning thoughts like, “Alright, now I need to pin her down” or similar. No thinking in bed!

I know this is hard to turn off, the best way (in my opinion) thus is to reprogram your subconscious so none of these thoughts pop up. You can do so here.

This is a bit counterintuitive to the sex god method summary and the book itself. Because we arm you with so much knowledge about how to fuck, you will probably be thinking a lot. That’s why I said in the beginning, you should try to master these things one by one.

And ONLY one new technique per sex, until it flows on its own. Otherwise, you’re paralyzed.

The feminine is persuaded with words, the masculine is persuaded with visuals.

The best thing to start as the only thought is this: Psychological over physical. From now on, you will focus on stimulating her psychologically, over physically. And once this flows on its own, you can try more advanced tactics.

Meditation helps to relax in bed

Meditation is generally a great act to embrace, but it also helps with sex. With meditation, you train your mind to be fine with stillness. With quietness in your mind.

How to be fully relaxed, which also helps you last longer.

This will help you in bed next time. Start to meditate each day. More info on that, here.

Sensual elegant woman brunette with long hair in bed
If you’re fully relaxed, she can fully relax and let herself go.


If your body is fidgeting, your heart racing, you won’t have relaxation and confidence in bed. The easiest way to calm your body is by breathing properly.

If you’re feeling uneasy, breathe slowly. Consciously make a long inhale through your nose, and a long, slow exhale through your mouth.

Even better, try to breathe through your diaphragm. Your belly needs to expand when you inhale and come back when you exhale. If your shoulders move up while inhaling, you’re breathing wrongly.

Don’t try too hard to please her

A big part of immersion is being who you are and enjoying yourself.

Most men are too focused trying to get her off constantly, make her scream and all that.

Paradoxically, you will get the best results if you just don’t care. If you fully detach yourself from her, love, sex, and the outcome of it. I know it sounds backward, but you need to stop worrying if she likes this or not. Part of the confidence and dominance that makes her so attracted to you is the fact that you enjoy yourself.

A wise man knows, trying too hard to please others will ruin their pleasure.

Remember, women are pleasers. For her, it’s much better if you enjoy yourself ravaging her. She might not voice that, but her biology and her deeper femininity will make her like it. So stop with the thoughts, and just fuck her.

Eliminating limiting beliefs

Strong muscular man boxing
Time to crush some limiting beliefs. Everyone can be a sex god. Even you.

The next part of the sex god method summary are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

Daniel Rose says there are a ton of limiting beliefs man has been told for ages, either by other women, or society about what’s important in bed or not. Let’s get over them.

Is my penis too small?

This is the most widespread and bullshit belief there is. Size doesn’t matter. Unless you are hung like a horse (which is bad), or you have a micropenis, your size is irrelevant. Seriously.

You have been conditioned by years of porn, dick jokes, and women making fun of it because men are so insecure about it, that you think, the bigger the better.

Remember, the ladies in porn just act. A lot of them say in interviews that the huge sizes kill the feeling, they just act for the camera. Some even have literally too much pain.

If you look at the Dildos and vibrators that sell the most, they are average-sized. Very rarely do women go for the “Destructor” because, well, it’s painful.

Note by Alexander: As someone who has a “decent size,” not only have I been conditioned to think it is small because of porn, but also I was shit in bed the first time, because a) I thought a big dick is enough, which it isn’t, and b) I just plowed in although she wasn’t really ready.

While a big dick has a dominance effect, it can also be a hindrance to your sex-life. Not every woman can take it. So stop caring about your size. If your average, that’s best for you.

Do women really like to be dominated?

The patriarchy, right? A woman would like to finally be equal to you because she isn’t all day. So she likes to dominate you in bed as much as you like dominating her. Utter bullshit.

This societal conditioning is so ingrained in men, and even women, that sometimes the ladies can’t even verbalize themselves.

That they like to be taken, spanked and fucked properly because it just feels wrong if you hear the contrary every day.

Even though, deep down you would enjoy it.

The dark feminine desire craves to be forced to submit just like the dark masculine desire craves to force to submit.

But then why are women so hot for the dominant, dangerous men over the stable “Nice Guy?”

Why do they like good-looking convicted murders, and get all wet about them, but rarely admit this publicly?

Why was 50 Shades of Grey so successful? Where there literally is a somewhat dickish millionaire who is into BDSM? Dominance.

Just start noticing it outside the bedroom. In real-life.

See how many women voluntarily submit to men.

When a group asks where to go for eating, the women always let the men choose. Only if they’re forced. If you want to see a movie, the woman always lets you choose. She might not like the choice, but she won’t give an idea on her own unless you force her to.

Why would that be different in the bedroom? It will be a leap of faith at first to dominate your woman in bed. I know, I’ve been there.

Just try it with this: Pin her hands down, spank her ass, or if she is blowing you, lay your hand on the back of her head and move it a bit. Don’t be too hesitant. Try it, and see for yourself.

Do women like sex as much as men?

This sums it up. And that’s probably why you are here on the sex god method summary.

If you are bad in bed, obviously your girl doesn’t want more of it. Would you want more of a mediocre meal? Or do you want more of the insanely tasteful, mindblowing, awesome meal? Best every day? Exactly.

Women are immensely sexual creatures.

They think about sex a whole lot. They have crazy fantasies, some of which they would never want to live out in real life, but they do think about it.

You can be the guy she tries them out with. This sex god method summary gets you there. I know, your somewhat bourgeois woman doesn’t look like she would absolutely love to take a load to the face on a public hiking trip. But I guarantee you, she has thought about it.

Think about how women act through sex. Do you scream your lungs out? Bend your whole body? Do you have multiple orgasms? Clawed your nails into her back? They are very sexual.

It is another social conditioning you need to get rid of. Once you dominate her properly and stimulate her psychologically, she will do almost anything for you.

Remember, women are very careful about social stigmas. They try to avoid being called a slut as much as possible (at least, decent girls). So they cannot voice these things.

How to get more blowjobs?

Is that why you are on the sex god method summary? More sucking dick? Most men could have a blowjob each and every day, it never gets boring. And especially after a while in the relationship, this tends to drop.

To keep it up (pun intended), you need to remind yourself of the classic difference in the sexes: the feminine grows with praise, the masculine grows with challenge.

You absolutely need to tell her how good she is at sucking dick.

(Or do it subconsciously without being afraid of saying the wrong thing here)

And I don’t mean you buy her flowers afterward or screaming while she does it. You just call her a good girl. Or a bad girl, whatever you like. TALK TO HER! While she does it.

Remember, psychological stimulation. Tell her what you like, tell her what she should be doing, tell her you like the feeling of your cock in her wet mouth. Tell her to spit on it, etc.

A man needs to lead. No matter the action he is currently involved upon, he must always lead.

She might have limiting beliefs about drooling all over you, comfort her. Tell her you want her spit to drool all over your cock.

Tell her to use her tongue. Just TELL HER what you like. Talk to her, move her head with your hand, etc. Be dominant! Tell her to look at you, which improves immersion and emotion. Stuff like that.

And when she does what you say, praise her how well she does it. It will only encourage her to do it more.

Preparation and initiation

Obviously, if you’re fat and sweaty, going down on you isn’t very nice. So keep your body and hygiene in check.

Hit the damn gym, develop a proper body, so she gladly licks it! Make sure your dick is clean! You wouldn’t want to go down on her when she smells like fish, right?

Initiating the blowjob comes down to dominance again. You don’t ask for it. That’s some weak shit. You tell her to do it. Either with words or with your hand. I posted this gif earlier, but it works here again.

how to be good in bed? direct her without words

This leaves no room for interpretation. Push her down, whip your dick out.

When your in bed, and she is jerking you, just get up and put your dick to her mouth. Make it clear what your intention is without saying anything. She will definitely do as you suggest.

The funny thing is this, this is your primal nature. You don’t actually need the sex god method summary for this. You know it inherently. So, next time, just listen to your inner beast.

And remember to always praise her. Tell her she’s a good girl for gagging over your cock. Don’t go crazy about this. Stay calm. Manly, masculine. Just directly tell her you enjoy her doing it, and how good of a girl you chose. Remember your frame.

How to last longer in bed?

Another great issue for any man. You want to enjoy the experience as much as possible, but after a few minutes you are already making it fly, right?

By the way, this is the same problem as someone having soft erections or none at all. Both are down to your mind.

There are rare medical conditions, and a big factor of Erectile dysfunction is porn. Which you should definitely stop watching and even stop masturbating. Click those links and read why it’s so important.

But if you don’t fap to porn, and you’re healthy, your problem is in your mind.

Did you ever have a romping session while blind drunk? You lasted for hours, right? While part of it is desensitizing in the dick, a big factor is that you were totally immersed in the act. You didn’t think about anything happening outside of it.

That IS the issue. Immersion. You are thinking about other things, are you doing this and that right? Will somebody see us? How long did I last so far? Where will I come in the end? The reason for this are predators.

If you want a quick solution to this, click here.

Cum quick, survive

Back in the days, when a man was mating with a female, he was vulnerable. That erection is quite in the way of fighting or fleeing properly.

So whenever you encountered in sex, you needed to be aware of your surroundings, either to lose the erection quick if a predator comes or to ejaculate quickly, and end the sex this way.

These days, you’re the only predator in the bedroom, but this instinct is still within you. So whenever you are thinking about stuff, looking around, checking the time, thinking about the next position, you’re pulling your mind out of the sex act, and therefore increasing your awareness of a potential predator in your lizard brain.

Which will either make your dick soft or make you cum quickly. When you don’t think, and just keep your mind in the act, you will last longer. I noticed this myself. But how?

Techniques to last longer

Focus on relaxation over arousal. Don’t focus on how hot she is, focus on how her body makes you more relaxed.

Be conscious of your breathing. I told you how to breathe before. Breathe slowly through your diaphragm, focus on that while you thrust in her.

Slow down. Don’t rush things. Enjoy the slow build-up. Remember dominance, you are in charge of the pace. Obviously, almost falling asleep isn’t the way. Make it slow and deep. Pull out slowly, thrust in deep and hard. That’ll give her a great immersion.

Be conscious of tension in your body. When you feel nervous or uncomfortable, your body tensions. This tension hinders your erection and stamina.

It clenches the muscles in your Urethra which makes you shoot faster.

You can consciously loosen your body. Not easy, but it can work. Combine with breathing.

Fix Your Subconscious Issues Regarding Sex. With the Subliminal Messaging Program “Sex Mastery X” you can overcome Premature Ejaculation, Limp Dick, Syndrome, everything easily by just listening to a MP3 File… yes! I tried it!

Eliminate all thoughts. This is not easy, I know. The best thing at first is to focus on the physical stimulation. As you pull your cock out, focus on the wetness and warmth of her pussy.

When you thrust in her, focus on her reaction, hear her gasp. Focus your mind on these things, so it doesn’t wander off into other realms.

Don’t try harder. The harder you try to stop yourself from cumming, the more you are thinking about it, and in turn, increasing it.

Switch positions to something less stimulating. Switch to eating her out to give you breathing room. Go slower, etc. Just don’t focus on NOT cumming, because that’s exactly backward.

Use more foreplay. Even a blowjob, or her jerking you off can increase your stamina. You are immersed better because of it. Paradoxically, I tend to last longer when my wife blew me before. This is the immersion part. You’re already aroused and in it.

Be comfortable with shooting early. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just cum too quickly. So what? DO NOT APOLOGIZE! Under no circumstance, ever!

This is who you are, sometimes it’s over quick, and that’s fine. You are fine with yourself. As soon as you stopped using sex as external validation, this comes on its own. Next time you will likely last longer.

Also, have sex more often with which this summary should help you. The more you have it, the easier it is to last longer.

The Sex god method summary. Did it help?

I hope this question has been answered. The Sex God Method book contains even more content. With this post, we only covered about 60% of the book. There is actionable advice, and a lot of stories in there. It is considered the only really good red pill sex-book for men that actually works. For good reason.

And it is free. Rejoice! You can find it on my servers here.

Definitely read it, remember the DEVI Method, but most importantly, don’t do it all at once. Shutting off your thoughts and being more dominant are the most important parts.

If you have those covered, you will already be drowning in (your girls) pussy.

Still lost?

Alright, let me help you directly.

The Cheatcode to become a Sex God EASILY in a few weeks

Removing limiting beliefs out of your mind (and especially your subconscious which creates your aura and your automatic mechanisms) takes time. A lot of time.

What if there was a way to RESHAPE your subconscious in just a few weeks without much effort (just listening to a MP3) and get the following bonuses without even thinking about it?

  • Control your orgasms, last as long as you want
  • Harder erections
  • Absolute sexual mastery, so she won’t even know what’s happening
  • Creating an Aura of sex and dominance
  • Building unlimited confidence so you never question yourself, ever

This is why we have created Subliminal Messaging (<- click here to learn more about the technology). Dive into the title called Sex Mastery X.

It reshaped EVERYTHING about my life.

For just $34, by listening to an MP3 File…

sex mastery subliminal program
Want to become a SEX GOD in weeks effortless? Check out Sex Mastery X!

Sex Mastery is the most potent tool (pun intended) to get your dick superhard, get her superwet, and make her fall DEEPLY for you because she just wants more of it. All the time. Everywhere.

Or watch my experience with their subs here:

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I am a Dad, sharing his experiences and solutions to Escape the 9-5 Slavery via Online Business and Subliminal Messaging.

Here's How I Can Help You:

EZ Life Planner

Stop coasting through life and DESIGN it. With this Template, you get an every day butler to drive you to success with light speed. 100% FREE!

Inner Circle Community

Nobody does what we do. Everything you were ever told was a lie.
In this group, we De-Program lies from society, establish powerful self-beliefs and more.
With cutting edge technology tools like Subliminal Messaging.

Subconscious Purpose

Find Your Meaning in Life. THE ONLY course that works because it uses SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING.

So far, you’ve been running on 5% capacity. Your subconscious drives 95% of your daily decisions. Genuinely, start winning today.

The $1 Million Dad Letter

Curated and hand-picked lessons and experiences on my path to $1m/y as a family man.