The Selfconquering Trifecta 1/3 – Who Are You?

Do you want to know EXACTLY who you are? What your life path is? What you are supposed to do? Who Are You?

How to get everything from life?

Because if I learned ONE thing, then that token lines to say, and certain behavior patterns one should be phazed in do NOT help at all.

It makes you an actor.

But if you are your TRUE self, you will get everything you want.

THIS is the key they won’t tell you.

“B uRsElF” they say and make jokes about it, not realizing how important it is.

Throughout my coaching and all the questions I receive from you guys and everyone that follows me I distilled it down to 3 main Pillars every man needs to work through to unravel his soul. His true self. To see who he really is.

Today we start with number ONE of the SELFCONQUERING Trifecta:


The pillar is actually called “Brutal honesty and openness / love” but that’s a bit long.

However, you first need to be brutally honest with yourself, with your partner, with everyone else before you can do anything. This is THE foundation.

Stop with the lies you tell yourself.

“My wife is just not that into sex”

“I really don’t need much money” (well, you don’t. But if you don’t have at least, idk, 20k lying on the side to pay for random bills, then you DO need more money!)

“If I get to rail her from behind, our relationship will be much better” (you know very well, it won’t. That’s just a bandaid because you’re missing love)

Now, I’ve been there, and rest assured, I still have lies I tell myself. I cannot tell you if you will ever be “cured” from this thing our mind does there, but it certainly helps to move into the right direction.

That is part one.

Look at the STORIES in your mind, you tell yourself about other people. I mentioned it in an earlier mail and in the free video you received initially that your stories are most likely false.

Like Garrett J. White said when his wife told him “I want to WANT you” but she couldn’t. That shattered his belief about her being a frigid bitch.

I had a similar revelation when people told me my books changed their life. Before that, I was like, “Meh. It’s not really something new I am writing there, why would it do anything to anyone?”

A story I told myself due to insecurities.

Don’t cut it short!

This doesn’t stop with sex, business, money.

LOVE is the key thing you likely aren’t brutally honest about.

You think showing your love openly to your wife/gf is “weak” and “gay.” THIS belief is truly “gay.” Because you are AFRAID of what she might think of it, thus you repress a part of yourself.

You want to SHOWER her with love and gifts. You even WANT to cuddle (I am big on cuddling, bro, I don’t always need to stick it in), then BE THAT MAN.


But you are afraid.

Of judgment.

Of losing her.

Due to societal indoctrination. One of which is the Red Pill that teaches you that all women want Alpha Chad Thundercock that destroys their cervix each time they have sex.

Is that so?

Then where do all these stories of lovemaking, cuddly sex come from you see in the fiction section written by women?


The reality is there is NO one-size-fits-all solution. For women and for men. Some women like to be railed like man (although, this is just a display of THEIR emotional baggage, they are afraid to truly open up to love (just like you) so they rather just do the pornstyle stuff. Everyone can do that).

Other like it relaxed, sensual, and loving.

I’d say, ANY person likes the latter, but there is a lot of emotional blockages to go through before you get there, but I am getting carried away here…

How to be Brutally honest?

You’re probably thinking “alright, Alex, but HOW do I do all this?”

When it comes to the love part, you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

Sit back and ponder for a few minutes. Do you actually LOVE that woman? Or do you just like her company? Introspect, reflect, dive into your heart. What do you FEEL. Not THINK. 


This is how you do ALL the brutal honesty.


Now, most men are emotionally crippled and have no idea how to feel their feelz. Especially since society portrays a real man like the “stoic” rock-hard guy.

Reality is this, it’s most likely all the feels you don’t WANT to feel.

Sadness, grief, anger, resentment, love, guilt, shame.

You suppress all of them, but they have a reason.

They are there to tell you something.

Simple example: If you still masturbate to porn a lot, but you rationalize it in your mind as “a high sex-drive and relief,” then this is THINKING. However, while you are doing it you don’t want to be caught, this is SHAME. You also feel GUILTY after you did it.

Focus on that.

THIS is brutal honesty.

And it tells you what you have been neglecting. Where you are treading the wrong path.

This is the first step.

Once that is covered, you can also be brutally honest with other people. For example, the love with your wife.

And this is done by realizing that nothing really matters. Read “Between Death & Life” to understand that even if you fail in this life, it doesn’t matter. You learned a lesson. Be better next time.

You and me, we have hundreds of these lifetimes. It’s all covered in the book. Death is nothing to be feared. It’s like breathing. Just another thing we all do.

But if you’re not being OPEN, HONEST, and SHOWING YOUR LOVE in this lifetime, you’re living a fake life.

This is not you.

Your REAL you.

And you are missing out on the lessons you are supposed to learn here and now.

90-ish years WASTED because you put on an act. That’s 32850 days.

Over 30k days WASTED!!

Think about it.

Stop wasting your days, and start LIVING TRUE to yourself.

Whoever you ARE.

The next Pillar will be about SHADOW WORK. This is a tough one, many men are – yet again – afraid to go through. But you can NEVER outrun your shadow, can you?

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