What is Shadow Work?

I recently asked all the fine gentlemen on my email list what topics you want me to cover of that list. What is Shadow Work and how to do it was a big one, but there’s much more.

Thanks again for the replies!

Such great people on here!

You! And You! And You! 😉

It boiled down to these topics (in no order):

To say the least, it was eye opening how many of you are interested in the higher realms and not just “get her to do sloppy BJ’s!”

And OF COURSE, I LOVE to provide on these realms.

It’s also something I’ve been pondering about lately, to shift the topics, videos, and products more towards these.


What is Shadow Work in Easy Words

Today I want to cover Shadow Work because I think it is a integral part of being a man.

Let’s first remove the veil of confusion what it actually is:

“Shadow-work is the project of re-integrating aspects of ourselves that have been exiled and cast out. Taking responsibility for these parts of ourselves allows us to have a unified kingdom, rather than a kingdom that is subject to unpredictable eruptions of chaos from within. The cost of this, however, is relinquishing some of our cherished notions of who we are. We will need to include some parts that seem ugly, repugnant, or disappointing.”

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

In other words, the Shadow is the part of our psyche we don’t like, or try to avoid even thinking about.

But unless you accepted this part of yourself and integrated it (which does NOT mean acting on it), it will lash out in the weirdest scenarios or when you don’t expect it.

This is when nice husbands think they could NOT ever hurt anyone, lest their own wife/children.

Until a scenario happens where they are super stressed, sexually frustrated, lost their job, bills everywhere, and the kid is screaming for no reason and the father then beats it.

This was the Shadow NOT being integrated.

He did not accept that he has a violent side. That he can be physical.

Why Shadow Work is the Key to a Happy Life

In contrast, if you are fully aware of your darker sides and who you are, you can easily notice those scenarios where your darker side would come up. You are in the scenario, and you know, “right now I’d like to fucking beat that kid” but because this thought is in your conscious mind, you do NOT act on it.

You DECIDE to accept this part of yourself, but don’t act upon it.

As you can tell, this is knowledge and power most people lost these days, because the majority of people virtually act out all their feelings all the time.

Which explains the success of Onlyfans. For example.

What Shadow Work really comes down to is facing your deepest self. The things you do NOT want to accept about yourself.

It could also have a less violent picture.

I consider myself spiritual.

And any spiritual person is aware how shallow and meaningless money is. However, part of me likes the grandeur of having cool things and buying new things.

This is my Shadow.

It doesn’t hurt anyone, but it is part of my psyche I don’t like too much.

I went into deep introspection and sat with myself to accept this part.

It gives me security to have a lot of money (not there yet, but yknow).

I integrated this with being spiritual, but still enjoying the physical realm.

On another note, the Shadow of a super successful, asshole-ish businessman who lays off people without issue is probably his good side. Being a nice person underneath.

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

But he doesn’t like that part of him because this isn’t what helps him to be successful.

So it’s not always evil and edgy stuff.

But this is what you MUST do.

Sit with yourself and ponder.

Everything about you you don’t like.

Find a way to accept it and integrate it (and of course, we’ll cover this in future emails and videos).

And I am currently writing a book about this all, so no worries, we cover it.

For now, try to figure out yourself who you are.




It might open your mind.

Oh and, if you want the easy route to do this,  click this link  and it unfolds on its own.

See you around,

Next Steps

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