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How to Be Your True Self?

TRULY being yourself is frightening, isn’t it?

Most people don’t know who you truly are.

They know the facades. The masks.

From Instagram, from other people’s stories.

But also the story you tell yourself, because you don’t want to be your true self.

This is especially rampant in the Manosphere these days. Red Pill, etc.

Men play the SUPERHARD emotionally dead rocks because Sir Rollo told them to.

Completely neglecting their own needs in the process.

All they might get from it is external validation from getting their dick wet.

But they don’t find true happiness in themselves.

In their every day life.

In what they do.

This is my biggest issue with the Red Pill these days.

It sells you a bandaid for a flesh wound.

You cover your real issues, you never work through them, to get a quick pleasure from actually getting sex or her to be somewhat obedient.

Sure, it works for a second and the sex might even help to bond for a second.

But in the long-run. Tough shit. Makes it all worse.

You CANNOT escape the necessity to be your TRUE nature.

How you were born. Who you truly are.

You might find it through Astrology (as I mentioned), or you might find it by going into the woods for 2 weeks, cutting out all (social) media.

Either way, as soon as you stop being afraid of who you truly are, and radiate that outwardly, confident and unashamed, unapologetic, your life will begin to change for the better on ALL realms.

However, being unapologetic does not just mean to admit that you like blowjobs like marble men on Twitter will tell you.

It means to be FINE with liking Star Wars. To like reading Tarot Cards, or to like watching Netflix every now and then.

Integrating your shadow does not mean STOPPING all the bad habits of your “evil” self. It means ACCEPTING them, integrating them into your life.

Feeding the beast every now and then so it’s calm. If it never gets any food, it will lash out any second without you knowing what’s up.

Being yourself is being in tune with your PRIMAL nature.

THROUGH shadow work (and much more).

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