The mind is your most important asset. And the mindset is the toolset. We’re all born pretty similar, maybe a bit taller, a bit stronger, some better, some lesser genes. But in the end, everything you do, what you look like, what you achieve is directed by your mind. Master your mind, master your life.

subliminal messaging brain illustration

What is Subliminal Messaging?

With (positive) subliminal messaging you can reshape your whole life, personality, and even the people in your life within months. Unlimited sex, wealth, confidence, and power. It is the closest we ever had to a cheat code for life. And I, personally, believe that this technology will reshape humanity on a large scale. What is …

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Man with VR glasses playing a videogame

How To Change Your Life Easily With The Videogame Mindset

If you imagine yourself like a videogame character you control, you can achieve anything in life. “How to find happiness despite the suffering of life?”“How to change your life to meet your expectations?”“How to develop a resilient mindset to the shit life is constantly throwing?” These are the questions I constantly get from you guys. …

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