How to Escape the Matrix

Greetings, friend.

ever since I learned that the Matrix movies are actually an Illuminati Movie, I am having a tough time using this term.

Much like the Red Pill.

Still, you know what it means, so it makes sense to use that.

Escaping the Matrix for your Mind, Wage Slavery, and Sex are different things, most guys get mixed up.

And, yes, your need for sex IS part of being in the Matrix.

I am specifically talking about the need for just the shallow level of sex. Surface level. Now, if you want to go down a REALLY deep rabbit hole of why sex exists the way it does, and what it is meant for, you can do so here.

But for most, getting rid of it as a solution for:

  • feeling bad
  • dopamine rush
  • external validation
  • a gauge for “how well” your relationship runs
  • feeling like a real man
  • etc etc

is the first step to freedom.

Once you ascend these, and use it as a tool to connect deeper, or to make your partner satisfied, entirely removing your own need for it, just focusing on the other person,

THEN you escaped the fangs of this.

The fangs of the feminine figure that currently still has control over you, doesn’t it?

How to do that?

With this tool here.

I know it says “more” sex and all this, but it actually solves your issues around it.

And more sex is not a bad thing. The KIND of sex is what matters. So be careful with this.

How to Escape the Slavery of Your Mind?

First, with the physical.

Detoxing Your Body comes before Detoxing Your Mind.


  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Fluoride
  • Heavy Metals
  • High Processed food
  • Aluminium (Proper deodorant)
  • Supplement with good stuff (Bio Multivitamin, Magnesium, Vitamin D) the complete LACK of minerals in our food these days

Instead, do Meditation.

Benefits of Meditation, you ask?

  • lowers stress levels
  • enhances immune function
  • Grows gray matter of your brain
  • Provides better focus and regulates attention
  • Improves regulation of emotions
  • Heightens self-awareness
  • Slows down brain wave patterns
  • Strengthens discipline and self control
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Increases compassion
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces physical pain (yes, seriously)
  • Enhances creativity
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Elevates mood

That’s a lot just by sitting in silence alone, right?

And forget ANY meditation apps.

You can do this yourself.

There are different forms of meditation, but to start with, the best is to let all thoughts pop up. Let the mind wander.

Don’t judge it.

Don’t take any thought for gospel.

Remember, you are NOT your thoughts. You experience them.

Like sitting next to a river.

THEN, once you established this basic, simple practice, detoxing the mind comes along:

  • Quitting porn
  • Quitting social media (any, expect mine of course 😉 )
  • In seriousness, CLEANSE your social media, only high value, high vibe stuff, remove the noise
  • Quitting news
  • Removing toxic friends
  • Quitting video games (or one hour a week WITH a friend, PHYSICALLY PRESENT, no online bs)
  • Shadow Work to remove emotional baggage

And then, the masterclass is, understanding the dark side of reality, accepting it, knowing that it all is part of you (Non-Duality), and then figuring a way out.

Of course, there are more advanced levels after this. But do you have all of this in place?

Hell, I don’t 😀

Self Improvement is a life long journey. Accept it.

How to Escape Wage Slavery?

This kinda starts WHILE you are detoxing your mind, LATEST after you’ve been through the material in ALC, understand the slavery that is set up for you.

Then you MUST escape lol

There is just no other way for you after you know the Truth.

Capital T there.

Income Tax is illegal, for example. Most of you passports and IDs are illegal. These kinda things.

And, yes, I have proof of all this. By law, these are illegal.


I know you focus on money mostly.

That is done by not caring about money.

Money Neutrality is the key to making money.

Think about rich people.


Do they think about money that much? Unlikely.

They think about their product, their business, how to create value, impact, emotion, etc.

Money is just the byproduct of it.

So you have to move away from “Making money” to “Creating value.”

Move away from “money is always tight for me” to solving that issue if it exists by

  • switching jobs
  • reducing spending (btw, I pay about $50-100 per month on Selfconquering… the lean entrepreneur is your goal. You don’t need all that software, and most of what you need is free anyway (I should make a video on this))
  • paying off debt (getting money from the fam instead of paying interest to the bank etc)
  • Get a second job to pay of smaller debts
  • Solving your addictions and inner traumas that make you spend money on BS or “needing” that Lambo…

Whatever it is.

You need to get out of that rut and develop a balanced, healthy, not-caring-on-a-daily-basis mindset around money.

As long as it is on your mind all day, you will not be free.

Financial freedom is gained once money doesn’t matter.

But you can start this today.

As soon as you’re in a surplus and don’t need fancy things anymore, you are already financially free.

If you want subconscious guidance on this, get this. Specifically Stage 1, run it for 6 months. Solved.

The end goal is quitting the 9-5, and making money on autopilot.

For this, you don’t need fancy courses and books and all that.

You need the mindset.

The vibe.

The soul.

That understands, it’s all just noise.

And none of it matters.

Freedom is ready to be grasped at your fingertips.

It doesn’t take much.

See you soon,

PS: The fuck is ALC? A VERY affordable community of mine with DEEP, DARK, TOUGH stuff for you to know the REAL Truth, and THEN build a positive life from there.

Yes, it reshapes your entire being.

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