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How Coaches Scam You

This is not to sell.

This is for transparency and a business lesson, plus a bit of FUCKED UP SOCIETY talk…

You might not be aware that I also coach people and have done so successfully for a while.

Here’s how the coaching funnels of ANY coach work these days:

  1. Have a page that talks about coaching with all your results and all that, but no price on the page (important)
  2. Offer a free initial call
  3. On the call, dive deep into people’s issues, traumas, and problems. Discover the MAIN problem, and position yourself to have the perfect solution if they just buy your coaching for $5k.

This works perfectly well, because almost nobody buys a $5k coaching straight from a landing page.

But if you KNOW their problems, you can use emotions.

And with emotions, we do all sorts of things.

This is the difference between “cold traffic” and “warm traffic” or “warming up clients” which you do via the call.

And I have done this in the past.

And I also was on the receiving end of this.

Now, mind you, most people are NOT aware that they NEED the coaching, and helping them to overcome the money barrier via this method actually helps them to get coached.


big “however” there…

To me, this still feels fishy.

And I never felt good doing this. ALL my clients very much enjoyed the coaching and it helped them a ton.

Lots of testimonials.

STILL, I didn’t feel good doing this.

Especially when people ask you in DMs “how much is your coaching?” and you just say, “let’s hop on a call first” avoiding the question.

This is just shady and manipulative.

But such is the game these days.

Maybe you were on the receiving end of this already.

But I decided to come clean on this and will clearly tell you on the page and here: my coaching is $3k for 8 weeks. Formerly $5k for 12 weeks, but I had a bunch of guys who were already where they wanted to be before the 12 weeks, so I cut it down.

I think this has a much better transparency and customer relationship.

The first call is STILL free, because it is designed to figure out IF we will work together at all or IF I can help you at all.

So I am setting a new benchmark here imo, where I am honest and open upfront.

I am well aware I will lose some clients, maybe even you, that would’ve joined the coaching by using the established method, but it’s hypocritical to preach honesty and then do this.

What do we do on the coaching? Shadow Work. Trauma and emotional blockage release.

Basically, healing.

Because this IS the foundation of all your problems.

It is called SOULCONQUERING because I will help you unravel your soul, who you truly are, etc.

If you ARE interested and you have $3k to spare, click here and get more info and testimonials.

If you don’t, you might be interested in joining my personal group for $5/month that covers these topics also, with DM contact with me, but of course, not DIRECT, tailored advice as I would do in the coaching.

Still, for this price, UNBEATABLE.

Logo ALC 1

I personally think that society will move there.

“Social proof” (meaning testimonials from people to see that your stuff works) as a mandatory “selling point” became necessary over recent years.

Because you and me, and everyone gets scammed a lot (hell, I paid over $3,000 for the War Room and $1,000 in courses for their satanic rituals lol)

But marketers just learned to hide their scams better…

So I think transparency is the new way in business.

Honest about yourself, your products, your prices.

If you run a business, keep this in mind.

As a result. No customers.

But happy, successful, friends.

See you around,

PS: If something is free, you are the product. You get my Notion Template for “free,” you pay with your email address which ended in you receiving this email, which might end in $3k for coaching.

See how this works?

Still, a deal can only work if both parties win. You get coached and results, I get money. Never forget, you need to DELIVER on your products.

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