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Is time an illusion?

I am debating myself why I formulate the thoughts if I should ever hit that “send” button or not, but meh.

​If you are reading these lines, I did. So here’s what popped into my mind. A deep question. Is time an illusion?

Maybe you’re familiar with Tej Dosa, also known as @ComedicBizman on Twitter. Since I found him on Twitter, and especially his “How I Manifest $33k each month with ease” thread, my life changed completely.

But not because of money.

Quite the contrary, I don’t give a fuck about money anymore. It’s a store of energy, I don’t have negative thoughts about it, but I don’t care.

​Due to what he says, and my thoughts on top of it.

​Because I realized, that time, and our very existence is really just an illusion. It’s not real. We’re already dead. The past is the present and the future. It all just depends on your mindset.

Let me explain…

You are god

all is mind, man forges himself

​Tej uses the “God awareness” method. But God is just a label there.

What it really does is reshape your mindset.

​Think about this.

​Your body is just a character you’re playing. YOU, the “you” which is reading this is an entity in the Universe. A consciousness that controls this character on Earth. You can try this by virtually mentally pulling out of your body.

​You can do it.

​You’re currently reading this post, but you can move out of your body in your mind and perceive the character reading it.

​If this is mentally possible, maybe it is generally possible?

​Just a WHAT IF.

​Let’s run the hypothesis. WHAT IF this is the case?

​Then the feelings your body has are irrelevant. Because they aren’t yours. They are the feelings of your body and your character. You can decide not to act on them. That’s exactly how I operate now personally.

​Whenever I have a feeling of anger, frustration, tiredness, I move myself out of my body and DECIDE not to act on that feeling. I go into deeper detail in this post.

​So far, we’re still on Tej’s idea of the god awareness.

​Being aware of what you are, and being aware of what is happening.

​Let’s take it further. Why are we on Earth then?

Is anything real?

​Tej says, Earth is like a school. The entity in the universe, the “you” is vibing on a frequency. And to vibe higher, you need to level up your character. Because what he learns, you learn. That’s why you’re on Earth.

Good idea.

​And would make sense.

​I like a different approach. What if EVERYTHING is literally just imagination?

​What if everything you do is created by your mind. Your consciousness.

​What if nothing really exists? Your entity is just making it up.

Now, this is called solipsism, and is a common stage when waking up to spirituality, to realise later it’s wishful thinking. However, it has its merits, so let’s dive deeper.

Think about it. When it rains, you are more likely to feel depressed. When the sun is shining and it’s warm, you’re happy and feeling good.

​Which one is the causation though?

​Do you feel happy because of the sun? Or does the sun shine because you feel happy today?

​Good question.

​But the next question is, if that’s true, then what’s the point in all this?

​Why is your consciousness creating this?

​What’s there to gain?

​And why?

​And even if it is true, then how can you not consciously change reality DIRECTLY at will? As in, making the sun shine RIGHT NOW. Well, that’s simple. That would kill the whole illusion that Earth is real.

​You CAN change the course of your life completely. We know this. But it takes time. This helps to keep the illusion up.

​So that’s settled.

​But that still leaves us with the question why.

​Why would your consciousness create this reality in your mind?

​Well, I haven’t tapped deeply enough into my entity (if that is even possible) to get the answer.

​All I know is that once I started with affirmations, a positive outlook on life, and a general completely different mindset towards life itself, that very life changed completely.

So, either my entity consciousness creates reality by shifting my mindset, or through shifting the mindset I begged God to do it? Or the universe itself?

​Who knows?

​What I noticed though is that time is an illusion.

​Is time an illusion?

ascension subliminal program banner

Let’s say you are applying for a job.

​You dress up, you go to 100 interviews, and at the end of it, you’re rejected by all of them. Which means the person you are now is still the same as before.

You might be more mentally resilient, and experienced seemingly some interviews. But you’re still the unemployed person.

​Did time really move then?

Or just your mind?

​The present you is virtually the same as the new you.

​You’re still unemployed.

​Only when you finally get the job, probably because you behaved differently in the interview, or learned a new skill, does time move forward. But did time really move then?

Or did your mindset move?

​Because you leveled up?

​Is there even a difference? And if there is NO difference, then you’re already dead. Because time doesn’t exist, your death has already happened.

Maybe even multiple times.

​I don’t know.

​But I’ll let you know when I find out.

What to gain from this?

​Quite simple.

Take life A WHOLE LOT easier my friend.

​Nothing really matters. Time is not real, you’re not real, and you’re dead. 

​Tough shit!

​This isn’t as depressing as it may sound. Because it means you have UNLIMITED potential to do whatever the fuck you want.

​Nobody knows if this is true.

​But seriously, nobody is gonna stop me from believing that.

​So why not take a stance on life that gives you a much better outlook?

​Your choice.

​For now I leave you with much more questions than answers.

​You might find out something yourself.

​Let me know!

​–Alexander being weird.

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