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The Magic Secret to Achieving Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness, Enlightenment, God-Consciousness. Whatever you want to call it, it is this soothing thing to people everyone wants to achieve. Pure bliss, joy, and abundance in life.

Most people seem to seek this as a sort of club they can join to learn how to control their life. To gain power.

And this is exactly the reason why they won’t achieve it. 

I am by no means a spiritual master guru, but my consciousness definitely reached higher states over my journey of conquering myself. This is why I decided to lay out my experience with higher consciousness and how you can achieve the same.

What is Higher Consciousness?

man in yoga pose zen meditation for higher consciousness

Before we try to achieve anything, we need to define what it actually is. With something as fluid and fleeting as consciousness, and nobody really understanding it, this is a tough task.

Wikipedia has the following to say:
Higher consciousness is the consciousness of a god or “the part of the human mind that is capable of transcending animal instincts”.

And this is what most people seek, the consciousness of a god. In other words power and control. Luckily for us, this is the reason they don’t achieve it, otherwise, we’d likely live in a dystopia.

The key part is “transcending animal instincts.”

This is how Friedrich Schleiermacher called it, the distinction between lower and (higher) self-consciousness. Thus, the lower consciousness, where most (3D) people reside is run by animal instincts. Impulses, desires, emotions. The realm where most women operate at all times and which explains our feminized society.

The higher consciousness is still mostly run by emotions, but they are positive and positive to your life with a side of rationale to it. It is joy, acceptance, peace. It is elevating above your animal instincts (which, for example, starts with Nofap) and aiming for higher goals than a quick lay. Reshaping society, carving your name into the halls of history, helping people achieve higher consciousness.

The Manosphere has this issue with being afraid of emotions. I have always been teaching against that. Your subconscious runs fully on emotions, thus suppressing your emotions steals you the possibility to get access to the part of your brain that effortlessly directs your life. Once you get a full hold of your subconscious mind and understand it properly, everything will come easily into your life. This is what the manosphere gets completely wrong.

A man’s emotions are very important. You shouldn’t suppress them, you need to understand and parse them properly. Accept that they happen and where they come from and then decide to act or not to act on them. This is an advanced methodology that will be very important later when we talk about 5D Consciousness and how to achieve it.

The Waves of Consciousness

doorway through waves of consciousness
Our consciousness doesn’t gradually increase. It happens in huge waves. (Photo by Kevin Carden here)

If you haven’t read the book “Prometheus Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson, you are still living in the dark. It will not only explain your own behavior, but also how humans came to be how we are right now, and everyone else’s behavior towards you.

In it, he explains the so-called Toffler Waves which describe the waves of Consciousness “upgrades” humanity went through over our existence on this planet. So far, we’ve been through the following waves:

  • The First Wave (took millennia to occur): Transformation from the Tribal Stage to Agricultural Stage
  • The Second Wave (only took centuries): Transformation into the Industrial Age
  • The Third Wave (only took decades): Transformation into the Information Age

Each wave came faster by a factor of 10 and each wave was more drastic in how it changed humans and society.

If you look at the technological advancements humans have made in the last decade, you can see how this keeps accelerating.

The question then is, will there “soon” be another wave where the collective of humanity reaches another higher consciousness state? Personally, I think so, for two reasons:

  1. The Misconception about Human Time

You potentially came in contact with the following idea:

If you put the whole human evolution into a 24-hour timeframe, beginning at midnight, life itself doesn’t occur until a little before noon. And all of human history (from clubbing ourselves to death up to creating the A.I.) happens in the last half of the last second before midnight strikes and the 24 hours are over.

This, however, has a big flaw. It plays with the idea that the present timeframe is the “end” of that 24-hour model. But if you look at the lifespan of the Sun and the Earth going forward, there are about 10 to 15 BILLION more years for our solar system. If we map this to the 24-hour model, this means it is now around eight in the morning. Life has been mostly unconscious until now. We’re just at the beginning of human consciousness.

Signs of human consciousness and the Awakening of people only appeared in the last few seconds of this mental model. If we accept this model, we only just begun to develop. And see what we already achieved in this short timeframe.

  1. One unbelievable potent tool we developed to reprogram our subconscious minds: Subliminal Messaging.

With it we have the Master-Key to reshape our beliefs at will, to reform our physical body by mental will, and even manifest things we desire (even people (a hot woman?)) in our reality. It sounds like magic, but each time we reached a new level of consciousness, the people living in the old level looked at it as something either Divine or done by the Devil. In other words, magic.

“We call things magic we don’t understand.”

You find more info about Subliminal Messaging here, and I will go into detail about what it has to do with higher consciousness at the end of this article. For now, let’s get back to what higher consciousness actually is and how to achieve it (outside of subliminal messaging).

Higher Consciousness people

high consciousness people
Is the term “genius” just a description for people who had access to the next consciousness wave before anyone else?

According to Robert Anton Wilson from the book I mentioned above (Prometheus Rising), there were multiple people in the past who had access to the next stage of the consciousness wave, or even to a much further one.

We also call them geniuses, prophets, or God’s. I talk about people like Jesus, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and if you know the Kybalion, one of the earliest men who seemed to have the biggest access to a higher consciousness was Hermes Trismegistus. He was also turned into a God by the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks and apparently lived 300 years. Each consciousness wave had these kinds of people who seemingly just knew much more than anyone else.

A connection to the Divine. I would argue these people just had the ability (for whatever reason) to tap into a higher consciousness than the current collective consciousness. Tap into the universe.

This is how they had such crazy inventions, rewrote physical laws, and thus created huge changes for mankind. Hermes Trismegistus, for example, invented Alchemy (which is the precursor to Chemistry), Astrology (which is the precursor to Astronomy), and mystic psychology (which is the precursor to today’s psychology).

Who is it these days, you ask? We don’t know and we can’t. Because we cannot know the details of the next consciousness wave, it could be someone like Elon Musk, or it could be the hippie taking DMT and leaving reality all the time somewhere at the Burning Man Festival. We just don’t know.

The Higher Consciousness Levels

ascension subliminal program banner

If you know me, you are aware that I don‘t like labels very much. Alpha male, beta male, 3D or 5D consciousness. Any label is a cage for your mind. A predefined frame you put yourself into which narrows your self-expression and individuality.

Still, since everyone uses these labels I am aware it helps people to grasp concepts and ideas.

However, be aware that your form of higher consciousness could be different than mine. Or not align with these labels at all. That is fine. These labels I use are – if anything – just a guideline.

3D Consciousness

the sheep herd on the lower consciousness
Most people live like sheep without even realizing it. The lowest form of consciousness. Merely existing. Not living.

This means living fully in external validation. If other people are weak, you are strong. 

Sadly, this is how most people in our current society operate. They call out successful people for cheating or “being lucky” or similar low-consciousness things because if they pull others down to their level, this makes them feel better about themselves.

This is a very detrimental mindset because it doesn’t help them achieve anything in their life and makes it worse for mankind as a whole.

It is rooted in fear. The fear of other people being better than you. The fear of other people pulling something on you at any minute. The fear of not being an Unchained Man like others.

You will now be surprised if I tell you that most Red Pill guys operate in this consciousness. “It’s just your turn, bro” is a defeatist mindset rooted in fear. The fear that they can never reach the high state of women. They virtually give women the power by saying this but are then bitter about what they do.

This is also the consciousness where you try to control everything. You try to control outcomes of your life, sex, money, friends, society. But no control is ever enough. It can’t be. This is the fundamental flaw in which the 3D consciousness yields its issues. Not understanding that you cannot control external circumstances. Life. You can give it directions to some degree. But full control is virtually impossible.

This realization is then where you shift into 4D Consciousness. By understanding that you cannot control others, but you can control yourself and what you do.

100% responsibility for your own life and actions.

4D Consciousness

one man stepping out of the crowd into 4d consciousness
The first hurdle is to be different than the sheep around you. Self-improvement. Fixing your life. Maximizing it.

You could also call this consciousness level the self-improvement journey. When you wake up one day, realizing life isn’t what you want, so you take measures into your own hands.

You find SELFCONQUERING or other great websites to fix your life and then keep building on it.

It is the confidence in your own abilities to withstand adversity.

It is the detaching yourself from external control. Literally and metaphorically. You detach yourself from society’s control as much as possible (a 9-5 just doesn’t cut it anymore for you so you make money online), you stop believing the lies, etc.

But it also means you stop trying to control others. You are fine with what they do. It doesn’t bother you or shake your emotions. You control your life and your actions and you surrender to the outcomes.

Simply because you know, whatever happens, you can handle it.

4D Consciousness thus is an unshattered belief in yourself and your capacity for greatness as a human being (if you look at what we already achieved, you should be proud).

This however means, you are also not defined by external circumstances anymore. You stop caring what other people think of you. You grow indifferent to hate. You realize that other people imposing their emotions and issues on you is their problem. You don’t need to deal with that. External validation is gone completely. You only fight against your self (this is not a typo).

As good as this sounds, even the 4D Consciousness has a flaw.

You are still fighting and testing yourself to grow. But this means there is still an attachment to YOUR perception of yourself. If you fail something or still have issues with some adversities in your life, your balance might be off again.

Once you understand this step, you will shift into 5D Consciousness.

5D Consciousness

man stepping into the door to the universe
The next level of consciousness is the step into the power of the universe. Giving your life to it.

This level of higher consciousness is the full and complete surrender to life.

You start to understand that if things don’t go your way, this isn’t because you weren’t strong or resilient enough, you realize that this is a necessary step towards a greater outcome. Anything bad that happens is a good thing. Yes, even the death of a loved one or your business crashing, a war breaking out. You understand it is all just the current step on the stairway to greatness.

Any “negative” things or fallback into “old habits” is a stepping stone towards something greater. You fully accept everything that happens because you are completely detached from everything. Even death.

This is a tough stage for many for obvious reasons. And they will (and do) look at you weird when you tell them that you are completely detached from your loved ones. I, for example, would still be fine if my wife left me and took the house and the kids. It doesn’t mean I want it to happen, but I am fully detached, that 

a) through 4D consciousness I know I’ll be fine regardless, and 
b) through 5D consciousness I know if that were to happen it’s actually good and a step towards something better.

At this point, you finally achieve true freedom.

This is also why, as long as you are attached to money, you will never attain this freedom. Many rich people fear losing their wealth. Still rooted in fear.

I don’t care about money. I only care about running my business. My Iron Purpose.

True freedom is being free of any attachment. I create things through pure self-expression. Not with the goal to make money. If someone is mad at me or what I do, it’s not just that I am indifferent to his hate, it’s that I understand it and smile about it.

I don’t need to “pass shit-tests” by women because I am not attached to any woman anyway. I do not care what or how she tests me and if I “pass it” or not. There is no passing. I am me. If I don’t pass her tests, she is free to leave.

In 5D consciousness you literally let yourself go. Which is tough because you were so focused on building that in 4D. 

I am, by no means, fully in the 5D consciousness sphere. I still have some attachments, but I understand the process. The thing that helped me the most achieve the 5D consciousness or even touch it closely is a Subliminal Messaging Tool called Khan. I don’t recommend running this as your first ever subliminal because it will fuck you up. Which is necessary to let your ego go.

5D Consciousness is a letting go of every attachment. This is why you see these spiritual gurus not caring about their beards, or wearing “fancy” outfits. Because they completely let go of external validation, which is weird to 3D people.

And as you can tell by my videos where I wear suits all the time, I am not fully aligned in 5D, yet. But I just love those suits and watches… attachment!

However, it could also mean you just enjoy these kinds of things. Hard to reconcile! Maybe you have the solution to this, friend!

Higher Consciousness experiences

spiritualism 4552237 1920
You already had a grasp on a different form of consciousness without even realizing it. This is the first step.

Most people (me included) get their first experience with a higher consciousness randomly or by accident. There are a bunch of things that can happen to people to realize there is more than this physical realm and more to life than being externally validated. Here is a list of things that have to do with higher consciousness:

  • modified states of consciousness, for example through meditation which makes you more aware of your surroundings and the things your brain filters at any given moment (for example the birds chirping)
  • optimal experience and the “flow” state (you can “force” this here)
  • euphoria of a runner (exercise high (the pump))
  • lucid dreaming
  • out-of-body experience 
  • near-death experience
  • mystical experience

All these experiences or “happenings” will reshape your entire belief system in a second and make you realize that there is more. Some are stronger than others. Obviously, an Out-Of-Body-Experience (which I had) sent me on a different journey than getting a pump at the gym.

But all of them make you realize there is more than just the physical plane to life.

How to achieve higher consciousness

the future of humanity
Ascending to a higher consciousness starts very simple. But the end goal is magnificent.

Leaving the 3D sphere is pretty simple (and literally ANYONE reading this should do it). You are conquering yourself. Self-improvement. You stop being externally validated (<- Click link to find out how).

You are fine with yourself. You build resilience and power by doing things for yourself and only you.

You stop believing the lies of society (this Youtube Playlist about the Dark Reality will help with that) and you put your focus from the external world into the internal. You stop changing others (unless they want it themselves, hence my brand) and you fully focus on fixing your own life. Achieving higher goals, creating a legacy, and achieving fulfillment.

In theory, it sounds very simple. In practice, it’s quite tough to make the first step, because society is set up against you.

You will need to fight all the external methods to keep you a slave. News, oversexualization everywhere, most food you get anywhere. It’s tough.

A dark reality many men don’t realize is that from your childhood you’ve been trained daily to be an obedient slave. Remember school? Raise your hand, “can I go to the toilet?” “Can I answer this question?” “Can I do this and that?”

You always needed to ask a teacher or an “authority figure” (most of which are female… hint) to give you acceptance to do what you wanted to do. You never acted on your own or towards your own intentions. All you did was asking to act to please others.

This is the 3D Consciousness state of most men these days. Does this sound like higher consciousness to you? 

Thus the first step is to stop obeying to other people. Especially women, but also anyone who tries to impose on you. Be your own man. Your own consciousness. You are an individual. Stop identifying with any “-ism.” Stop needing permission first to do anything. This is YOUR life. And only yours.

However, you still need to be aware of hierarchies. You can stop “obeying” to your boss at work, but it has implications you need to be aware of.

If you stop obeying to your wife’s/girlfriend’s bullshit, implications might be that she leaves you (this isn’t an issue if you aren’t emotionally attached, you see?). In most cases, however, she will actually love you more for standing up for yourself, because you reached a higher consciousness. You suddenly became powerful without striving for it, and this is very attractive to anyone.

We always look up to leaders (even if 3D People never admit that).

Aim for 4D Consciousness first by getting your shit in order (if you want guidance on this, join our brotherhood of awakened men). This will be your foundation, and then you can later look into 5D once you accepted reality for what it is.

How to achieve 5D Consciousness

milky way tree with man silhouette
The paradox of the universe is that you will achieve the 5D stage of consciousness once you stop trying to achieve it.

If you understood what I wrote in the 5D consciousness explanation, you might make the connection that this headline doesn’t really make sense.

Because if you want to achieve a higher consciousness, you are attached to the outcome. This is the paradox that confuses so many people. This is what brings me full circle to the beginning of this post.

Most people try to get into the “5D Club” for the wrong reasons. To attain godly power. But this means, there is the attachment of attaining these powers involved which is exactly why it doesn’t work. It is the same principle I keep telling men with sex and their women. As long as you chase the sex, it will elude you. It makes you needy. Major turn-off.

Everything you chase will elude you.

(Do you realize how this whole blog post is a contradiction in and of itself? Weird, I know).

Thus achieving higher consciousness means not trying to achieve it. Letting go of everything means not trying to let go.

It’s an UNDERSTANDING of reality. You are not trying to let go, you understand, you grasp that nothing really matters. None of your and my everyday issues really matter in the long run. Matter on a higher scale. Just question it yourself, does it really matter what you’re fighting about with your girl? Is the issue you currently have with your parents really a big issue? Does it matter if XYZ doesn’t work properly?

Does any of it matter at a grand scale of humanity?

This is what I always ask myself. Everything I do I try to align with the wellbeing and progression of mankind. It is this selfless idea of higher consciousness where you put the best of everyone above the best of yourself.

You don’t neglect yourself in the process because you know you can only be the best for everyone if you are at your own best. A lesson you might have already learned from me for your relationships. If you set yourself on fire to keep your family warm, this fails miserably in the long run.

If you are selfish and focus on yourself for a while to become a great man, you are of more value to your family. Don’t tell them about it, since they won’t understand. But sometimes you’ll need to neglect them for their own good. The mark of a patriarch. The mark of a higher consciousness man who understands how to truly help people.

If you want to achieve divine consciousness, divine mastery of life, you need to surrender yourself to divine power. I’m choosing the word divine intentionally here over “God.” Whatever you believe in is your choice, but you need to fully let go and let life do its thing.

It is actually quite arrogant to think you know better than life.

Diluting time via higher consciousness

magic crystal ball a display of diluting time with higher consciousness
The biggest benefit of achieving higher consciousness lies in slowing down time and finally living life.

One of the things you quickly notice once you achieve a higher consciousness is how time is very, very subjective. It wholly depends on your mindset how quickly time moves.

This has to do with you chasing goals in the future instead of living in the moment.

One of the biggest benefits I got from letting go of everything was that I now fully live in the present. I don’t care about the outcome of a specific moment. I live it. I don’t take selfies with my phone to capture the moment, I fully enjoy it.

This slows down time immensely. 

When I was chasing monetary goals and constantly thinking about my dream life which I didn’t have (and still don’t by the way, I just let go of that dream and live in the present now) time was moving very fast. This is because every moment I was living was just a necessary, almost tedious moment I had to “get through” until I finally reach my dream.

This stole a bunch of years from me. Precious lifetime just gone with chasing things.

Think about your own journey. You have a dream idea of your life in your mind, right? And current life is not that. This means, any moment in your current life is “unnecessary” and “annoying” until you finally reach that state. Isn’t that an absolutely dismal way to live?

Ever since I started to live fully in the present due to higher consciousness, time slowed down massively. Years aren’t zooming by anymore. Days and months go slowly because I fill them with life, joy, and great things.

This doesn’t mean I gave up on all my dreams and just live the YOLO lifestyle, spending money left and right. I still give my life intentions and directions by the actions I take every day. But how I get the result is not up to me. If ever.

Even if it doesn’t work out, I enjoyed the moment of doing it. I write these lines while I sit on the terrace of my house on my laptop. In the sun, with a coffee. I am not rich yet. But I enjoy this moment of writing these lines. Putting out my thoughts, helping others achieve the same. This is my conquest. This is my purpose.

Find yours and you will achieve higher consciousness very quickly, without even thinking about it.

Give your life intentions of where you want to go, but let it do the job and surrender to whatever happens. Enjoy the ride!

Life is meant to be LIVED.

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