What are Manly hobbies – A list on how to hobby

In this what are manly hobbies list, I will explain to you why it is important to have hobbies as a man. A list of possible hobbies, and how to actually go about it. It’s weird that one has to tell you this, but this is the society we find ourselves in.

We live in an age of convenience. You can find anything online. Like this very post. So like the domesticated dog we must invent play that simulates the challenges of more primal enterprises and stimulates our survival and creative capacities.

The caveman hunted, built things, coordinated networks with other tribes, and invented things to make those things easier. These tasks are no longer necessary. However, to get a similar benefit out of what the old cavemen did, we need to replace our useless, lazy, Netflix activities with ones that mimic the Primal ones from the past. Makes sense so far? Good, so let’s get it.

How to hobby as a man

You MUST have hobbies. (lifting, playing video games, socializing at the bar, and reading are not hobbies.) Some of them are necessities to function as a human, like lifting, but not really a hobby (unless you become a bodybuilder or fighter, etc)

I will give you a list later in this post, but let’s first go over definitions and tips on how to do it yourself and why.

  • Pick a hobby because YOU like it.
    Don’t pick a hobby because you think your wife will think it makes you manly, but you don’t like it. If you don’t like hunting animals, don’t fucking do it just because it’s a primal thing.
    If you want to pick up oil painting because you like the creative nature of the process, then you fucking own your desire and go buy some canvas. To hell with what the world thinks.

    First Step: figure out what YOU really like. Many of the things we “think” we like are actually based in what others say about us. Our parents, friends, even our women. When your wife says you’ve always been good with fixing shit that might be her perception, but it might not be something you enjoy as a hobby.
    Tip: If you don’t know what you like, think about something you would do if you were single and money wouldn’t exist. What would give you joy if nobody would be watching?
  • Pick a hobby that produces something, even if it’s mere knowledge.
    You are a man. A creator. A sculptor. Men DO things. We CREATE. This is our nature. Which is why playing video games, for example, is not really a manly pursuit. It creates nothing. If anything it creates fine motor skills, and you gain meaningless virtual “achievements.”
    Build or rebuild old cars or motorcycles, go hunting, learn another language (creating a new skill), do rock-climbing (actual achievement in the real world).
    The most important part about a hobby is standing back and looking at what you’ve created.
  • Pick hobbies that make you well-rounded.
    Like a Renaissance Man you are to explore the complex depth and breadth of your capabilities and possibilities as a man.
    Either find a hobby that incorporates all of the following, or have multiple. You should so something active, a sporty hobby, something artistic that uses your creativity, something close to your personality, like something nerdy, and maybe something a bit “tough,” like just doing the Spartan Race once a year or something idk.
    Jack of all trades, but master of none, is actually pretty useful in real life. Because for most things you don’t need the absolute deep knowledge. Broad knowledge on many things reigns supreme.
  • Have social and solo hobbies.
    One of the reasons I am going to accept as “doing it because of someone else” is because you want to use your hobby as an escape sometimes when your wife is just being a bitch. And you just need to leave the house super quick.
    However, if you solely have hobbies that need planning with other people and/or places to rent, etc, then this falls flat.
    You need one or two hobbies that work immediately, where you can go to every time. This is where the gym – although not really a hobby – always works. But it’s better to have something else also. Preferably choose something that pushes your comfort zone.
  • Bonus for dads: Have at least one hobby that involves your kids, especially if you have Sons.
    Imagine the fun for your little boys to hang out with dad, hunting, fishing, or just having fun, without mommy being worried about everything all the time?
    Many of us have never experienced that because we were all raised by weak(-ish) fathers or none at all (like in my case). Men, however, bond over action. Over things we do together with other men, bouncing back and forth the masculine energy, without trying to impress a random female by peacocking.
    Not a hobby, but also include them in house work. Like remodelling, building new stuff on the house, fixing the car, etc. He needs to see you when you’re awesome and succeeding, doing things!
    More on Dads and Kids about this whole topic at the end of the post.

With that said, let’s finally get into the list. As I said, I got this list from MRP, however I added a bunch. If you have more ideas, post em in the comments.

What are manly hobbies?

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  • Sports Leagues
  • Join the Mason’s
  • Start/Join a cigar club at a local lounge
  • Golf
  • Join a shooting club
  • Hunting/Join hunting club/Bow Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Geocaching
  • Martial Arts
  • Sword fighting
  • Blacksmith/Forging Metal
  • Get Pilot’s License
  • Poker night
  • Night classes (language, butchering, career improvement)
  • Cars/Auto Racing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Road Biking
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
  • Motorcycles/Street/Dirt/Track Racing
  • Welding classes
  • Learn a musical instrument/Music lessons
  • Rock climbing
  • White Water Rafting/Kayaking
  • Beer Brewing/Alone or in a club
  • Woodshop class
  • Photography/Filmmaking
  • Scuba Training
  • Roller blading
  • Drone flying
  • Ice Skating
  • Sporting Events
  • Watching horse racing
  • Horse riding
  • Astronomy/Astrology
  • Animal/Dog Training
  • Archery
  • Start/Join a No More Mr. Nice Guy group
  • Fencing
  • Guys night out (Gym, Dinner Movie, Drinks, Dancing, Uber Cab)
  • Chess/Game/RPG/D&D club
  • Local Militia Group (watch out for the supremacists of any stripe and look for a group that works with local law enforcement)
  • Volunteer Security/Fireman *Coaching prep and peewee sports
  • Becoming active in a political party
  • Skydiving
  • Sprint triathalons
  • Local hobby meet ups
  • Hobby programming
  • Hobby electronics
  • Hobby radio
  • Bungee jumping
  • Join a hackerspace
  • Gliding
  • hang gliding
  • Paragliding
  • Learn hypnosis
  • Dancing lessons (mumba, rumba, salsa, Waltz)
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Barbecue Club/Lessons/Teaching
  • Yoga
  • Start a spiritual club/Join one/Group Meditations, etc
  • Ritual Magick
  • Book clubs
  • Philosophy clubs
  • Craft wine clubs

If none of these resonate, then that is because you don’t know yourself. The best way to find out is to just try things. Pick 3 that seem the least “boring” to you and do them for a few months. You’ll quickly notice which ones you like.

Take the fuckin kids away as a hobby

Many men make the mistake of assuming that once they have kids they are virtually bound to their woman. This is false on many layers, but specifically regarding the kids it’s a big misconception. Because you can use them for your hobbies and getting away from your wife perfectly.

Take your kids to the park, and don’t just stand there like a lazy fuck; play tag, kick a ball around, make up and play silly games, engage with them.

Remember, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. So if the weather sucks, either do something outside still, or move them in the house, far away from your wife and wrestle with them, play catch, etc. Make fun, be physical, challenge them. Bring the fun, so Daddy Time is a great thing for them they look forward to!

You really should be doing something active and fun with your kids EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least an hour … so that they don’t become fat fucks like you (were).

Take the infant away from your wife

If your kid is still in the baby stage, it’s even MORE important to take it away from your wife for at least 30 minutes ever day to stop that constant libido-killing oxytocin drip from being around that baby.

When a woman breastfeeds or just is with or around an infant, there are constant mommy-hormones being produced. But absolutely ZERO “I want to suck dick-hormones.” So if you want to salvage your relationship, it is vital that she is a woman sometimes throughout the day, and not just a mother.

It also conditions her to stop worrying about the baby for 30 minutes a day (which is also powerful when you want to have sex, get it?)

After the baby is fed, take YOUR baby away from her arms for Daddy Time. Take them away. Go outside, out of ear and sight of her. So she is with herself, BEING herself for a few minutes a day. Carry the baby around while you chase the older kids and/or play with them. CREATE an environment where she is fully without children and can be just her for a few minutes.

Reasons for this:

  • You further create a life APART from your wife. You even create a life for your kids apart from your wife. As mentioned above the benefit is obvious.
  • When kids want to play with you alone, this creates a bit of indirect dread, because it shows that you are fine without her. Plus it takes away the additional validation from the kids.
    She’s not the irreplaceable special mommy snowflake because the kids sometimes just want to be with YOU.
  • You ARE fine without her, you are totally capable of taking care of the kids because you’re a grown man and not the third child she needs to take care of in the household.
  • Daily practice of building and holding frame with the kids (they test you as well, friend, but there is no sex at stake, makes it easier to practice it)..

Just remember, you have to disappear for the dread, so playing with your kids in the living room while she scrolls facebook doesn’t help. Take your kids away … and have fun!

Now this isn’t really a hobby in the traditional sense but it has the same effect which is why I included it here. Because while it shouldn’t be your main driving factor to start hobbies so some woman sucks you off, I know it works well as a motivation until the hobbies are established in your own soul.

So get to hobby!


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