How To Build An Indestructible Mind?

Everything in your life is driven by your mind. Not just your body and what you look like. Success, money, fame, women, peace. The mind controls it all. And you can control reality much more than you think. Maybe we're living in a simulation...

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The human eye with the image of the brain in the pupil. Concept of artificial intelligence

How To Set Up Your Subconscious for Success

“Whatever we plant into our subconscious and seed with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.” –Earl Nightingale Your subconscious has supreme power over

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Shirtless man bodybuilder flipping heavy tire due to relentless discipline

How To Develop Discipline with 5 Easy Tools

To develop discipline is very important if you want to achieve anything in life. Be it with your business, with women, or conquering yourself. Especially

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Are We Living In a Simulation? 4 Strong Reasons Why It Might Be True

The famous Elon Musk said there are a few arguments for the fact that we are living in a simulation. So did Scott Adams in

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Why Boredom Is Necessary for Health and Success

When the China Virus hit the world, I saw this lady on Twitter who tweeted that the quarantine made her realize she has no hobbies

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Man with VR glasses playing a videogame

How To Change Your Life Easily With The Mighty Videogame Mindset

If you imagine yourself like a videogame character you control, you can achieve anything in life. “How to find happiness despite the suffering of life?”

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The ridiculously easy declutter your life checklist

A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your life. You wouldn’t be here,

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