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​Everything in your life is driven by your mind. Not just your body and what you look like. Success, money, fame, women, sex, peace. The mind controls it all. So naturally it would be great to control it yourself!

Gaining control over your mind and directing it consciously is the killer technique that helps people become more than they are.

The majority of truly successful people have gained control over their mind. They direct it consciously and thus invite success, money, sex, inner peace, and beauty into their life. 

Learn here how to do that yourself.


A guided approach to increase your masculinity, with a plan!

With this book you will receive anything you need to get your masculinity in check, your marriage, and success. If that is what you wish. This book will make out of you whatever you want.

  • Make your wife hot for you again (or any woman)
  • Fix your finances, become wealthy
  • Build indestructible confidence in yourself
  • And much, much more!


A declutter your life checklist is truly the easiest, most efficient, and quick way to gain back control over your life. You wouldn’t be here, if you didn’t feel the need to get control over the mess your life currently is. Don’t worry, I am here to help. This checklist will bring order back into

Doesn’t matter if you start an online business or a personal transformation, most people will try to be perfect at what they set out to do. Some more, some less, but you try to get the best thing possible. And that’s a fallacy. Trying to be perfect is actually a drawback. Perfection is the enemy

You probably came across that term of “binaural beats” when scrolling Youtube while you’ve been procrastinating. Or if you were searching for meditative music. However, the term is often misused. Find out what binaural beats really are, and how I biohack my brain to be productive with the brain.fm app. Important note: At the end

We all are driven by our ego to do things. But if you truly want to be happy and successful in life, you need to kill your ego. Technically, you will never fully kill it, you need to kill the wrong part of it. Because that ego is the enemy of your own happiness. What

You probably came across this book a bunch of times on my blog. Yes, I am an affiliate for it. Which means I get a commission when you buy it, no, this isn’t a sales pitch. This post will solely be a review of the book and my journey with it. Hence why I attached

If you are a creative person or if you want to make money with creative endeavors, you are probably running into this age-old fallacy. You’re waiting for inspiration to strike you. To give you that ground-breaking idea. But you have it exactly backward. You’re not creative Maybe you are not aware, but I not only

Resentment is a powerful emotion. But not a good one. Resentment will eat you alive over time, and a lot of you guys, when you unplug from this societies lies, build up a lot of resentment. Just like I did. And like Darth Vader did. Wait, what? You can see my newest Youtube clip about

There is a lot of talk about confidence. How to gain it, what it really is, and quite frankly in this weak-ass society we talk about, if you even need it? What a stupid question. But anyway, there are differences between self-love, self-respect, and confidence. So let’s tackle that first. Differences in confidence Self-love and

You might have already realized that I have a bunch of issues with this society and how things are portrayed. But one of my biggest pet-peeves is the fact that everyone always only strives for happiness. Be happy everywhere! You need money to be happy. That you need tons of sex to be happy. You