The Power of Resentment and Anakin Skywalker

The power of resentment is often overlooked. It’s a truly powerful emotion. But not a good one. Resentment will eat you alive over time, and a lot of you guys, when you unplug from this societies lies, build up a lot of resentment. Just like I did. And like Darth Vader did.

Wait, what?

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I remember after reading the Rational Male I fell into the Abyss. A phenomenon that Rollo Tomassi actually talks a lot about. You realize you’ve been lied to all your life, so you end up being bitter and angry.

It is paramount that you overcome this abyss to live a healthy life. Something that Lord Vader didn’t manage until the very end. Right before his death. That’s how much is behind the power of resentment, and how big of a hold it can really get on a person.

Anakin grows up as a slave. A literal slave, unlike you. But similarities are there. From his very beginnings, he isn’t allowed to do what he wants. To act like he wants, to think what he wants. Through his podracing he realizes that he has great potential, and a power stronger than other humans. But his mother, obviously doesn’t like it, because it is dangerous.

But these things are manly. We like doing dangerous stuff, it gives us the feeling of being alive. We need to do that. And a boy will need to engage in dangerous plays if he wants to grow into a real man. He needs to test his body and his skills as soon as possible.

Motherly love

Now, obviously the mother doesn’t have bad intentions. She is just very caring and anxious about her boy. But any mother will have to learn to let go at some point. To let her boy become a man. Back in the days, some tribes actually kidnapped the young boys at some point from their mothers. The boys had to become real men. They needed to fight their way back into the tribe. You and I lacked such a training.

Hidden slavery

In the case of Anakin Skywalker, he just jumps from one slavery into the next. Being a literal slave before, he now is a slave of the dogmatic life of the Jedi. While they arm him with great fighting skills, and power. He never gets to do what he likes. And it was all a lie. The second he is lifted into the Jedi Council without actually being promoted to a Jedi Master, he realizes that this society doesn’t trust him.

They are afraid of his powers. But by denying him what he worked for so hard, they make him very angry. This is one of the key moments where Anakin builds resentment within him. He realizes, that this is just another slavery. He cannot be who he truly wants to. Despite the teachings and knowledge he gained, he still isn’t free to do what he wants.

On top of that, Jedi aren’t allowed to engage in loving relationships. But he had his ONEitis for Padme from the very beginning. You may be familiar with that. The crush from your high school, you never forgot. Who feeds your thoughts, even though there are millions of other women.

You ignore the rules of society, and everyone around you. You ditch everything to get that one woman. But it has a price. You lose your focus.

Blinding resentment

The resentment you build up against societies’ structures blinds your actions. You know very well that you are the smith of your own life. And disobeying the rules (I.e. being with the woman) will have consequences.

Until one day, you meet a new master. The Rational Male. He tells you that you were right all along. The feeling you had inside you were right. The things you wanted to do were actually correct. He blows your mind with the truth. And you believe him. But at this point, the realization that you have been lied to by literally everyone, including your crush, is too much. That resentment turns into anger, and it explodes out of you.

Hurting your closest friends and family. And even your love. You fall into that dark hole. You stop caring about everything, you follow the lead of the dark man without realizing, that, again, you exchanged one slavery for the other. But this time, you’re a slave to your anger. You’re not thinking clearly. Yes, life is tough, and it sucks. And you could never use your powers properly so far, they been used by everyone. From the very beginning.

So I understand your hate. But this gets you nowhere. It hurts your soul and your body. You come out as someone who doesn’t go along with anyone. You end up alone and bitter.

Overcoming the anger

Anakin finally overcomes his hatred when the Imperator is trying to kill his very son. Fatherly love if you will, but at this point he realizes that he has been used again. The dark man just used his powers for his needs (not shitting on Rational male here, haha). You overcome the hatred of the Red Pill. You never forget the teachings, but you’re not bitter anymore, you see society for what it is. You see all the people living in it, but you stop looking down on them.

You use your powers to reach higher spheres. To be one with your soul. This is the stage that Anakin achieved in death. Or right before it. I wish you to reach this stage way sooner. Overcome the hatred against women, blue pilled society and whatnot. Be aware of the red pill teachings, but stop hating women for their biological desires.

Use it to your advantage. Use those powers. Do not abuse them.

Be a great man. Be one with your soul, living with powers others can only dream of.

–Alexander Graves

Here is a short 2 minute tribute I made about that truly great character.

Darth Vader suffering youtube video

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