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Why living in big cities is the root of all evil

Look at that image below. Don’t rush over this post. You never see this in big cities. Let it get to you for a second.

A man with a lantern under the stars in the sky
Looking at the sky teaches us a lot about the important things in life.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Each and every single one of those white dots is another star system like our solar system. One star, and a bunch of planets. Potentially holding life.

Now I know, not a lot of people share my love and the deep curiosity for the universe. But there is something to seeing the stars at night, that moves every person.

It tells you how insignificant your daily problems actually are.

It tells you, that feminism, SJW’s, and political correctness are all bullshit.

Triggered? Good.

Literal real life

We lost our understanding of the universe we live in. Because we’re walled from it. We live in huge fucking cities.

And you can never see the stars there due to light pollution. All you see is a dark sky. IF you ever manage to look up since your vision is constantly distracted.

This is only one of many reasons, why living in big cities is not only truly unhealthy but also the root of a lot of your problems these days.

People get outraged so easily because they can post it on social media, and suck up the dopamine-rushes for the likes. They forget how irrelevant most of this truly is. The likes itself, and the reason they got “outraged”.

We’re all stardust

The pale blue dot image taken by the voyager spacecraft, 3.7 billion miles away from earth.
The earth from the Voyager spacecraft, 3.7 billion miles away.

Look at this image. This is the pale blue dot (also the name of the great book by Carl Sagan), otherwise known as earth. Taken from the voyager spacecraft 3.7 billion miles away.

Everything humanity has ever done. Every king, emperor, conqueror (!), president, every killer, murderer; every saint, every woman, every man, every point in human history was done on this little fleck in the vast universe.

A man who does not gaze upon the stars and embraces his insignificance within the vast universe is of no use.

The conqueror

So why does it matter, if The Joker movie was actually a male lead, and how this is misogynistic? Why do we bother with such nonsense? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of the universe?

The reason

Obviously, people forgot what truly matters. Which is using this very short blip of our lifetime we have on this pale blue dot. And why did they forget? Because they live here:

The City of Barcelona, Spain. One of the densest populated places on Earth.
The city of Barcelona, Spain. One of the densest populated cities in the world.

Looking at this image alone gives me anxiety. How can anyone even breath in such an environment? Not only are there almost no trees, no nature, no earth. Everything looks the same. Everyone just lives in the same box.

And even worse, nobody knows anyone.

You think you live together with 10 million people, but you don’t. You merely exist next to each other. And you don’t know 99% of these people.

So even though we live even more connected than we ever did, we are more alone than we ever were.

There is no connection to other humans. And if it is, it is shallow. Because you can’t be your true self these days.

You need to keep the mask you portray on Instagram. That’s who you are now. Which is another big factor for the outrage culture.

You’re never yourself in big cities

You can never truly be one with your soul if you are constantly monitored by other people around you.

There is no way 10 million people can really know who you are. That takes years, decades. But these people are around you. And they are judging if you are in tune with your social media profiles because that is where they know you from.

As someone who hasn’t been in tune with his self for the longest time, I know the implications of that: resentment.

Your soul starts to hate you, for the fake person you portray. You hate yourself. For you can never truly be yourself. And that’s when you start to lash out.

See, those social justice warriors, feminazis, and radical leftists aren’t mad at you for being a bigot or whatever. They are mad at themselves.

For that they cannot be themselves. But this isn’t an issue of society as a whole. It’s an issue of the environment.

There are no SJW’s living in the countryside.

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The great misconception

Media has us believe that everyone on earth shares their views. That’s complete bullshit. They are a loud minority.

The silent majority of people don’t give a fuck about Transgender, or feminist rights. They live their life as man and woman, married, traditionally.

And most people, actually rather want to live in the countryside. They want peace and quietness. People say out loud, that it is healthier for their children.

It’s just that the media is constantly feeding us this nonsense, that you need to live in big cities because you can connect better.

Where? On Facebook? It’s all shallow and meaningless. You should aim to get a few real connections, over hundreds of worthless ones.

You need to detox from this shit. It’s all noise, without depth. Just like the light polluting the sky and blocking the awesome view of the universe. So is all the outrage nonsense blocking your view on the greatness of life.

A true king can differ between the citizens focusing on the progression of society and the ones focusing on their own success.

The conqueror

You merely exist a millisecond in the timespan of this universe. We all have so little time on this planet. Don’t waste it on this trash.

Hence why I recommend you move out into the countryside. Get your finances in order, so you don’t have to work for one of these soulless huge companies in big cities, and move out.

Out there, you’ll be able to see reality. The true life we have. And you can concern yourself with real problems. And maybe you can change the world for good.

Because you finally saw the real issues we face.

Instead of made-up ones.

Be a light in the darkness.

–Alexander Graves

Do you have similar thoughts and feelings about society and living in big cities? Let me know in the comments!

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