How To Be A Man? – Congruence

Everyone talks about how to be a man everywhere online.

But nobody really knows that there are 2 sides you need to work with.

Your external display, and your internal mindset.

Also known as Congruence.

​What is Congruence?

When you are NOT congruent in your masculinity, all the tools and skills will fall flat.

This is why the Red Pill doesn’t work for many of you.

The Red Pill is nothing but skillsets with a side-dish of mindset.

But it’s mostly “do X so your girl does Y”

But here’s the kicker:

When you display the rock-hard alpha externally, but internally you are still afraid of her rejecting you, this dissonance will show in your energy.

You will radiate that outward.

And women pick this up RIGHT AWAY.

I specifically noticed this with subliminal messaging, which sometimes is the other way round.

When your internal mindset was changed so quickly, that your conscious mind doesn’t understand what’s happening.

As in, your girl comes suddenly in in lingerie, DTF, wet as hell, and it doesn’t fit your current conscious belief system about her being a frigid bitch.

CONGRUENCE is the key to success.

This is why shadow work, internal work, healing your trauma is SO IMPORTANT. Because you know ALL the skills and tools externally,

but you fully neglected building your internal man.

Healing your soul.

Your masculinity.

So whenever reality doesn’t align with your thoughts or your thoughts don’t make sense to what’s happening in front of you, realize the issue is

as always


You’re not congruent with who you are.

Subs will help you solve your internal issues (find them here for example), masculinity gurus and the Red Pill will help you externally (not really, but that’s a deeper topic).

The COMBINATION of both is the holy grail.

Luckily for you, I have JUST the tool for you that DOES combine both 😉

What a coincidence, is it not?

>>> Solve your internal AND external issues here and become CONGRUENT.

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