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“Not Everyone Can Handle the Red Pill”

I received this comment on Youtube recently about my War Room Review (which you can find here):

@Alexander Graves also when u say abusive do you mean emotionally or physically? Because emotional “abuse” can be left up to interpretation. Also I think it may have been a bad idea for Tate to teach men how to “pimp” women. There is an expression in the pimp game that says “trying to explain the game to a square is like trying to explain colors to a blind man”. The basis of what Tate teaches on male female dynamics is good but most men can’t handle having that much control over a women in a relationship, if we are being honest most men don’t have high character, if they get a women to submit to them most men will abuse them, just the reality of the world, only certain men can weld that kind of power and still be noble. Seems like you’ve found a healthy balance in your relationship so I’ll commend u for that.

Quite bold statement, isn’t it?

Reality is, this man, like many others (or even these pimps) don’t realize that THEY create the reality they find themselves in.

Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

If you truly believe AWALT and all women are hypergamous bitches, then ALL the women in your life DO NEED the strong Iron Fist ruling over them.

If you are together with a regular, well-raised woman, you don’t need that much force to keep them “behaving.” Because they love you and don’t want to give you shit all the time to “test” you.

If you pimp women, naturally you are with women who sell their bodies for money. They are damaged anyway. Might not be their fault, but logically, they are having tough times giving love to the masculine just cause. Probably afraid to be abused, so they need the strong hand.

​The Red Pill Is For Losers

So, reality check right here:

It’s not that most men can’t handle red pill truths. It’s rather that only Red Pill guys NEED that knowledge to control these damaged women.

It’s not even a sign of high character. It’s a sign of weakness.

Because it shows YOU haven’t even dealt with your own bullshit, so you need to FORCE other people into submission, because you’re afraid they might not and thus your masculinity, or your manhood is questioned.

See, a big driving force for these guys (and my former self, hence why I know) to control people is to make sure they don’t lash out and thus make you seem like a weak man who doesn’t have his woman under control.

So it’s not even driven by the woman’s interested because “she needs that,” it’s because you are AFRAID of how other people label you.

That reeks of real insecurity, doesn’t it?

So, regardless of how strong you think these gurus are, THEY are the real weak people.

Tough shit, isn’t it?

They haven’t dealt with their insecurities, but think because they are so “strong” in dealing with women, they are real man.

Funny, eh?

It would be, if it weren’t so sad.

If you TRULY see through these guys, you see the pain. The fear. The anxiety. All the external validation, and losing all of it.

That is their drive in life.


Painful to see, honestly, but there we are.

So how do you lead from STRENGTH and POSITIVITY, so your wife just loves you and gives you things without anything in return. Without you needing to control her?

Well, you face your own shit, and learn to let go.

As confucious already said thousands of years ago, “What you love, let go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever.”

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