The Nothingness of Money

You know this already.

Nothing surpasses the Wall of Death.

When you die, you take nothing with you. Your dollars, your Bitcoin, your car, your house. Not even the amount of hotties you laid.

It all vanishes.

Even though we know this consciously, we still want more money all the time.

Either to keep up with the Joneses, or to “buy” freedom.

Which is a fallacy, because you can have freedom right now. It’s just not what the Media and Instagram will tell you.

However, the paradox of human existence is the necessity of money, while it’s also irrelevant.

We need to money to survive. To feed ourselves, our family.

To go on vacations.

To see the world.

It is a necessity while simultaneously being completely irrelevant, because as soon as we die it is all gone.

Only the things we experienced. The time we spent with our family and friends, memories – stay with us.

Do you need money for this?

Not really.

As a child, you had the most fun with your friends with wooden sticks, imagining things.

You don’t need to shoot actual guns and be on actual Yachts somewhere.

It’s a veil of deception that has been laid over your perception.

Finding spirituality is usually where people realize how irrelevant money really is.

Only to realize later that they still need it to survive.

As you notice by this very email.

It’s a back and forth.

There is no clear yes and no answer.

The best answer I CAN give you is to not hate it. It’s not evil. If you make money WHILE enjoying your life. Living your purpose, awesome. By all means, keep going.

But if your only goal is to make money for the sake of money, you will likely live a bad life.

You might THINK it is a great life with all the things you have.

Until you lose everyone and everything at the wall of death and have a rough awakening, right before you close your eyes forever.

You could say, “whatever I lived nicely until then.”

But did you really?

Did all that external validation really make you happy inside?

Or did you put on a fake smile because the fleeting pleasure felt nice for a second?

Ask yourself.

This is not for me to judge.

This is your own decision.

I just want you to be aware of this fact. That you don’t waste your life chasing money and MISSING the great life in between.

Chasing money makes you lose the years until you reach that point.

Enjoy life NOW, while working towards your goals.

That’s a much better approach, isn’t it?

This is part of shadow workYour shadow has you chasing these things. The ego that was built over decades to chase things you don’t ACTUALLY need.

If you want to get rid of that shadow and FINALLY live a FREE life. TRULY free of consumerism, chasing things you don’t need and find peace within your mind while living in the modern world, then you need to work with me.

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